Operation Condor 2.0

There is a new Operation Condor, not unlike the old one that resulted in the murder and disappearance of thousands of people across Latin America. The original Condor began in 1975 with the cooperation of rightwing dictatorships in the Southern Cone--Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay. This was a direct attack on South Americans opposed to neoliberal rule. It was nominally intended to eradicate communism, but much of the effort was directed at opponents of ruling rightwing regimes, be they labor unions, academics, and ordinary citizens. Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil were also involved in Operation Condor. The new version of Condor seeks to destroy multipolarity and return Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba back to the neoliberal fold. A move toward multipolarity by Latin American governments is considered a declaration of war by the ruling financial elite. Its claim, cloaked in the myth of Manifest Destiny, is that the United States government owns all of the Western Hemisphere and it will decide what transnational corporations are permitted to exploit the continent in Neo-colonialist fashion. Events unfolding now and the call by the president’s national security adviser to subvert and overthrow governments in not only Venezuela, but Nicaragua and Cuba as well, signal that the covert brutality of Condor may ultimately resurface. The truth about what is really happening in Latin America is ignored by the corporate media. Only Newsbud and a handful of real alternative media websites provide the flip side to the neoliberal script bouncing around in the echo chamber of corporate propaganda. The alternate analysis we offer in response to official narratives needs your support. Please consider supporting Newsbud so we can continue to counter the lies and psychological operations of the propaganda media. Our success depends on you.

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Show Notes

Capitão Bolsonaro, a história esquecida

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa Warns of New Operation Condor

Predatory States: Operation Condor and Covert War in Latin America

Hidden Terrors: The Truth About U.S. Police Operations in Latin America

Operation Condor on Trial: Legal Proceedings on Latin American Rendition and Assassination Program Open in Buenos Aires

Kissinger cable heightens suspicions about 1976 Operation Condor killings

The Condor Case [Operation Condor]: The human costs of militarization in Latin America

Venezuela Civilian Militias To Double In Size To One Million

Leftist Collectives Keep the Peace, Raise Fears in Caracas Barrio

VENEZUELA: Neocons Ready for a South American Vietnam

Hopeless in Honduras?

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