The Latest Blinking Red Geopolitical Hot Spot Terrorism Indicators to Keep an Eye on … Now

This is Sibel Edmonds with Newsbud reporting on the ground from Turkey. This will be another quick video for those of you with a keen eye and critical mind for geopolitical indicators, games and warning signs.

I am going to provide you with the most important 5 indicators telling me, as a geopolitical analyst with over two-decades expertise on the region, what we must keep a close eye on, especially now, and in the coming days.

Here we go, the hottest indicators popping up in the last 10 days that are “blinking Red”!

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  1. jeff anderson says:

    i love it great reporting!!!

  2. NZ Deputy PM Winston PETERS is scheduled to Turkey to attend a special ministerial of the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation.

    He needs to know what you know.

  3. He won’t be the only one.
    But reflective of the greater purpose of this ChCh false flag. The target is one way or the other, Islam. To foment war between ChCh and Islam. Just as 911 was and is. Erdogan will know that.

  4. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors . . . and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” Karl ROVE.

    Working hypothesis to date.
    -The week prior, a major gun event/alert/arrest requiring ChCh Police to ‘Arm-up’ and carry weapons very publicly.
    – John (#14 ‘The Fish) PODESTA arrives in NZ – on and about the 10th March – ‘to warn of an imminent “major” cyber-attack’ memed around Russia/collusion/hacking/elections//#bad Trump’.
    – 13th – 14th Facebook ‘suffers unprecedented and major breakdown – over all platforms – “Facebook, “the biggest social network in the world’, ‘suffered widespread outage affecting all of Facebook’s assorted properties, from Facebook itself to Messenger and Instagram, caused “by a “server configuration change,” –
    -DURING this Period, “massive” Armed Offender Squad DRILLS are Reported in ChCh, (NEWSTALK ZB “…just through a quirky stroke of timing there has been a massive Armed Offenders Squad training exercise taking place in Christchurch this week including today(15th))…”
    It is now conjectured, DRILL ‘Go-Pro’s’ are made during these training exercises in the city. One iphone clip of staging at the 2nd mosque is now available corroborates some staging did take place. Coincidentally, the weapons filmed ‘in use’, have drawn on them among other symbols, #14 and ‘The FISH’.

    Drills go LIVE on Friday 15th. Ides of March.. Dead and wounded are Real time dead and wounded.

    -Frame by frame analysis of Go-pro terror footage by Cody Snodgrass/Scott Bennett/Ole Dammegard/Jason Goodman establish this as FLAWED and requiring detailed forensic examination by experts in a court of LAW. Due Diligence of this source material is absolutely essential to restore faith in Police and Authority System. And in any truely just society, this dissection would take place in the public domain arguing WHY and HOW we should regard the footage as authentic weaponry being fired in enclosed spaces and down empty streets ! We are after all, well enured to mayhem and grotesque violence every DAY in the news/movie.TV and internet realm. To properly resolve this major tragedy at its core would seem natural.
    Instead, the OCT shuts it down and makes illegal the viewing of it.
    Lone-gunman announced by Police..
    So, as with 911, evidential contest of key elements are relegated unimportant to the overall ‘public good.’. In light of this travesty of justice, It is REASONABLE to argue that this terror footage is in fact DRILL Video inserted as “LIVE” and in conjunction with the major social network coming back online after ‘widespread outage’
    -footage fed into social networks [the Public-Brain] in real-time and to an audience hungry for their newsfeed but in conjunction with the actual murder (drill goes live scenario) of 51 souls taking place .
    Where is NEWSGUARD® when we need it ?
    Hundreds of thousands of devices receive this material ‘free of charge’ when they log on. No red-herrings at FB//HQ. Imagery completely captures the dread unfolding in ’so called live’ go-pro’ which we are reliably informed, Facebook could stop in minutes. Instead an 18 year old is going to be publicly destroyed in court for SHARING a live-feed FB could have taken down immediately .’
    After maximum effect, video is pulled..warnings are immediate not to share or imbed. Threats of 14 year Jail sentences are made

    Two ‘trauma’ data sets in competition at the same moment = cognitive disfunction=Truth/Lie dichotomy.
    One half true
    one half lie.
    presented in the same moment.
    Strategy of Tension.

    Great outpourings of public grief allow for Gun Law and internet freedom ‘reforms’ . (Don’t let a good crISIS go to waste. Rahm Emmanuel)
    The Al Noor mosque reopens to worshippers Saturday, 23rd.

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