The Lone Gladio- A Fiction to Tell the Truth: Operation Gladio B

During times of deceit and censorship, fiction becomes one of very few effective ways to expose the truth and illuminate real dark places. Here’s how and why my second book, “The Lone Gladio”, came to life: as a book- posing as fiction. If you haven’t read “The Lone Gladio”, I strongly encourage you to pick up a hard copy or e-version, and read it. Maybe more than once. Especially if you’re interested in Operation Gladio B. Here are the links:

The Lone Gladio Paperback:
The Lone Gladio ebook:
Classified Woman Paperback:
Classified Woman ebook:

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  1. jchesky says:

    I have read both of your books; I was shocked by the behavior by the FBI, and I understood why you became the Classified Woman. The Lone Gladio made me sad as I became aware of the complete sinister nature of the CIA. Only in fiction can you tell this truth, and only in fiction make us aware of the deceit by which these people live.
    Both are important books and I am happy to own them and recommend them.

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