“Target Iran” Operations on Pause- Here’s Why

This is Sibel Edmonds, reporting on the ground from Turkey. Last year I began publishing back-to-back reports on Iran based on increased covert and overt activities in the region. My reports were all based on my travels in the region, my first-hand sources, extensive research and analyses. In this episode I provide the overview of circumstances and factors that led to the pause in US-Israel “Target Iran” Operations.

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  1. Hi Sibel,
    Thank you for reporting on Iran again. (BTW, that’s actually the reason why I renewed my membership. :-D).
    Speaking about Iran, I’d like to raise the issue of the entire IRGC / Sepah now being designated as a terrorist organization by the US, hoping that you can shed some light there.
    First of all, this makes Iran the only country where one can be drafted to do the mandatory military service inside a terrorist organization. Crazy, isn’t it?
    Second, if my statistics are correct, there should be thousands of Iranian-Americans that did their military service in IRGC/Sepah. Are they now considered terrorists? What will happen to them?
    Furthermore there must be many more that have family relations to (former or current) IRGC members back in Iran. If they gave them money, helped them with travel arrangements, etc. does that make them supporters of terrorism? That would probably affect tens if not hundreds of thousands of people living in the US alone…

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