Obituary: Rafi Eitan

Rafi Eitan died Saturday in Tel Aviv at the age of 92. Eitan was most famous for his role in capturing the Nazi Adolf Eichmann in Argentina.

One of the founders of Israeli terrorism, Eitan helped refine Shin Bet’s operations and was an early proponent of deepening cooperation across Israeli civilian and military intelligence agencies.

In 1926 Eitan was born on a kibbutz in Palestine, which was then under British rule. Eitan’s parents were Russian. Eitan soon joined the Zionist terror group Palmach. These terrorists killed Brits and Palestinians alike. Eitan fought hard in the war of 1947-1948, and garnered many accolades for his contribution to the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

His career in espionage demonstrates how Israel ultimately cares for Israel and only Israel.

In the 1960s, Eitan helped steal uranium from the Nuclear Materials & Equipment Corporation (NUMEC) in Pennsylvania. In the 1980s, Eitan played a role in the smuggling of nuclear triggers out of the United States.

In the same decade Eitan and Mossad units assisted the U.K. government in its onslaught against Irish self-determination, culminating in the murder of members of the Irish Republican Army. This operation reflects a long-standing Israeli policy: doing the dirty work of Western intelligence agencies in exchange for political support of Israeli brutality against Arab countries.

Eitan’s primary focus in the 1980s was a man named Jonathan Pollard. Eitan recruited, cultivated, and ran Pollard, a U.S. military intelligence analyst. Appealing to Jewish sense of identity is a common practice within Mossad and the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate. It is one of the reasons why these organizations are able to operate such a lean bureaucracy compared to other international intelligence agencies.

Pollard’s access to a broad range of classified material was very appealing to the Israeli intelligence establishment. Over the years, Pollard handed over thousands of files to Israel. The U.S. government eventually caught on to Pollard’s activities and arrested him in 1985.

It took years before Israel acknowledged its ties to Pollard.

The Israelis gave some of Pollard’s Top Secret documents to the Russians in exchange for Moscow expediting Jewish emigration to Israel. The Zionist Entity granted Pollard citizenship in 1995.

In autumn 2015, U.S. authorities caved to Zionist pressure and released Pollard from prison. As far as the public record goes, Pollard remains in New York City under round-the-clock surveillance. Many within the so-called U.S. Intelligence Community believe Pollard will flee to Israel in violation of his parole if given the opportunity.

Eitan was the embodiment of Israel in many ways: a cultivator of Western politicians, a killer of Arabs, and an unapologetic advocate of Zionist terrorism.

The Israeli political class is grieving. Israeli Prime Minister and serial racist Benjamin Netanyahu called Eitan a “close personal friend.” Eitan leaves behind three children and his wife, Miriam.

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Christian Sorensen, Newsbud Author & Analyst, is an independent journalist. His work focuses on the U.S. war industry.

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  1. James Williamson says:

    Let’s hope that Pollard has NOT been allowed to slip over to Israel permanently, as I heard he had, since I also heard that he was given automatic citizenship there for his betrayal to the US. As for Eitan, good riddance.

  2. Steven Hobbs says:

    Hey Christian,
    Weave us some more “dots.” Did not know the background story of Pollard, or the first Zionist violence against IRA, let alone about the culprits in the theft of nuclear materials and triggers. Or, the reasons for exchanging secrets with the Soviet Union. Most informative short obituary!

  3. Patroklos says:

    You don’t make this Rafi very nice at all, Christian, and perhaps he wasn’t, but your approach leads me to question the intent with which you have lobbed this little home-made explosive over the fence. You have adopted the form of an obituary – frequently a short, unreferenced text reflecting on the life of deceased person – but you use this form to vent your personal feelings about zionism and blow off a little Israel-hating steam. There is some potentially interesting information here about Israeli security service activities in other western countries, but without development this is not interesting as journalism.

  4. fazal khan says:

    Great post. F.. eitan.

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