Thinking of Becoming an Expat? Here’s Why Turkey: A Top Expat Destination!

Turkey has been rapidly moving up on the “Hot Expat Destinations” list for over two decades. Especially in the past five years there has been an increasing trend of people moving to Turkey. The top three nationalities moving to Turkey are US Americans, British and Dutch. Here’s why Turkey as a top destination:

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  1. Ulf Wärmlöv says:

    Very interesting! I didn’t find the small city you are in – were exactly was this intervju filmed?
    Best, /Ulf

  2. Ulf Wärmlöv says:

    Hi Sibel,
    Thank you so very much!

  3. Kathy Wittig says:

    I’ve been an expat in waiting for 2 decades. I like listening to you babbling unedited, great way to get to know you a little better. I’ve always wanted to visit Turkey. I am passionate about all cultures, and understanding how others live. I go off the beaten path as much as I can. Another great post, Sibel.

  4. robert durham says:

    Hello Sibel,

    Keep up the good work. Can’t wait for October.

    Robert Durham

  5. Mark Ribbit says:

    Lovely interview of your guests Sibel!
    I wish I could have sampled the food you were eating. 🙂
    One question. The water looks pristine, a pure turquoise color.
    Is that really the case everywhere in Turkey, or just in certain locations?
    Turkey certainly looks like a great choice for a potential expat.

  6. Bo Nilsson says:

    Turkey is nice. When I ask how agriculture was in the past I get the impression that soil is not as good any more. Same story in the whole of the Mediterranean in my opinion. Bad soils will hit harder than weapons, my young lady.
    It is my bat in the fight for human dignity.


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