The New Zealand Psyop

The recent shooting at Christchurch in New Zealand follows a distinct pattern. Like the Synagogue shooting in Pennsylvania a few weeks before, this incident involves what the state and its media call white nationalism. This term has been conflated and affixed to alternative right political ideology that doesn’t advocate racism or white separatism, but instead runs up against various government narratives. These shootings represent psychological operations designed to neutralize opposition to a corporate state and also move gun confiscation forward. In fact, the latter began in New Zealand soon after the shooting. If alternative analysis and commentary are to survive as totalitarian control increases, it needs popular support. The so-called Silicon Valley liberal elite and the state, in this instance Democrats, have engineered algorithms to delist websites on searches, shadow ban accounts on social media, and mess with metrics, deny advertising, and numerous other stratagems to lower our visibility. Short of outright censorship, the financial elite can’t touch us if we have a supportive base. That’s why I’m asking you to either donate or subscribe to Newsbud. Without your support, there will soon no longer be a Newsbud or any other alternative voice.

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Show Notes

Brenton Tarrant: The 'ordinary white man' turned mass murderer

New Zealand mosque suspect Brenton Tarrant 'an ordinary white man' inspired by Anders Breivik

Sheriff: Did Las Vegas Shooter Get Radicalized?

New evidence may suggest Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was not alone in hotel room

The Pentagon plan to ‘divide and rule’ the Muslim world

Hal Turner is a “National Security Intelligence” Asset

Brenton Tarrant: Suspected New Zealand attacker ‘met extreme right-wing groups’ during Europe visit, according to security sources

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  1. Amber Sayman says:

    There is a confusing grammatical inconsistency in your otherwise brilliant video essay.

    See 13:34:
    “The current strategy [“attention”? “of tension”? (word unclear)] would have you believe those in Europe opposed to unchecked immigration from the Arab Middle East and Africa, the obvious withering of Western Civilization – including Christianity – and ruled* by a monolithic government commanded by a global elite are fascists on par with Hitler and the Nazis.”

    The sentence is confusing because of the verb tense. They are opposed to unchecked immigration, the withering of Western Civ, and RULE by a monolithic gov’t…” would make more sense.

    Thank you, Kurt. 🙂

  2. Mark Ribbit says:

    Great summary of what’s really going on with these false flag attacks. Thanks Kurt!

  3. It’s psyop alright. A cyber psyop feeding probable armed offender drill footage into a fractured social digital network just back on line and sucking it up, unsolicited, in video game format.
    While murdering “in the real” 51 souls, ‘in camera’.
    Such a clever trick. To piggy back an Anomalous video data stream into the cyberspaces created by massive outages in social networks, just restored, traumatising the nation and creating the narrative,
    then ban the study of that CENTRAL evidential dataset by anyone anywhere.

    Until that ‘Go-Pro’ is first tried in an open court of law with full adjudication to contest the ANOMALIES and contradictions within it, we go nowhere. And it ain’t gonna happen mate.
    We now run toward the trial foregone conclusion. of the ‘lone nut’

    Meantime I’d go 100/1 no volley of 28 live military rounds were shot down the Dean’s ave footpath he filmed himself firing because I walked it 3 times last week up and back looking for evidence of it.
    Of the DOZENS of intrusions into that firing line: letterboxes, lampposts, Sign posts, signs, utility boxes fences and a car yard at the final impossible to miss ‘targets’ end; 770 slightly above average paces from the shooters stance ;ALL intruding on that clear trajectory; of all those steadily escalating probables
    none were hit.
    Now that is quite a FEAT don’t cha think!? To miss every single possible collateral object in a 28 bullet volley from that particular weapon fired in that one particular direction?
    And I don’t know what they put in these high velocity military rounds these days But It ain’t enough to exit a head shot at six feet, twice. Because I had a good long look at the exact spot those kill shots were recorded on the street and NOTHING touched that road breaking in any manner the patina of surface.
    6′ from a high powered military rifle doesn’t exit a head shot twice in quick succession? Okay. What don’t I get if I buy it?

  4. Meanwhile, back in the next paddock, our heads down and the gate closed behind us, the two essential -quintissential- elements of this successful psyop…..Dissection and contest of the primary source dataset -anomalies identified in the ‘go-pro’..AND how a ‘lone nut’ managed to piggy-back massive social network outages, streaming unsolicited ‘shock and awe for MAXIMUM impact on the public brain
    Are not in the ‘royal commission ‘ remit.

  5. Steven Hobbs says:

    Hey Kurt — I agree with you and Remo– maybe not — a “lone wolf.”

    The historical reportage and visuals are poignant. Seems your thesis is “Right” vs “Left” obfuscates inquiry and evidence. An excellent point, however, the closing of this piece regresses to in group/out group mindset as well. Thus, falling prey to the same groupthink, previously abhorred. The inclusion of historical references and figures is one of the reasons I return to your work Kurt. Please, if it is not too much trouble, provide some links to original material.

    To comment on this topic: Those on the ‘right’ objectify “the left” and those on the ‘left’ objectify “the right,” and say something like “fascists,” “authoritarians,” “communists,” “socialists,” “anarchists,” “libertines,” “racists,” and whatever. Mostly without any understanding of the fundamental meanings of what they are saying. This dynamic in our media challenges each person to label friend/foe by direction of hidden ‘reasoned’ bias – to divide. Maybe we do better to just talk?

    Just today reviewed a little of two influential ideologues, Dinesh D’Souza and Jonah Goldberg who used nativist rhetoric to evoke fear and popularize confusion between socialism with fascism to weaponize “socialism” with self-aggrandizing intent. It was quite a lucrative gig for both, apparently. They are not the first to conflate political philosophies for public relations purposes. Expect more of this to be said of “socialism,” undefined. Check out D’Souza’s and Goldberg’s political gaslighting in popular media.

    At @ 13:07 “Nationalist parties (GR, SW, EU) are described as authoritarian, but this must be reserved for EU & unrelenting bureaucrats.” These terms are best defined if a rational debate is sought. Don’t remember you clarifying these demarcations. As I remember bureaucrats come in multiple fashions from apparatchiks to groupies. Editorializing will often dilute more substantial arguments on evidence.

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