Transcript- Turkey Elections: All Eyes Are on These Sizzling Four Fronts

Hello everyone. This is Sibel Edmonds reporting from Turkey, after living through my first Turkish elections in 32 years. These were the tensest local elections in Turkey’s history, closely watched by the entire world.

Let’s quickly sum up the facts and political make-up pertaining to the elections: [READ MORE]

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  1. sevim Tavlan says:

    why did you move to turkey sibel?

    • Sevim, So many reasons- personal and work related. I have lived all over the place: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia, Vietnam, US, New Zealand, Australia … The last time I moved away was in 2005: I lived in AU, and then moved to Vietnam for 1.5 yr. I want to raise my daughter internationally as well. I want her to speak at least 4 languages fluently by age 18.

      For my book 2 in The Lone Gladio series (Trilogy) I have several countries in the plot(s)- Chiba, Turkey And Cape Verde. For my books I do travel and get real info for places/people.

      For my journalism work: Iran & Turkey as the hot spots for the next 2-to-4 years, are tremendously important. I get to travel and meet my sources in person- there is no other way nowadays with emails and phones tapped.

      I could cite dozens of more reasons of course- but this should suffice by now. We love it here so far, but probably in another year or two there will be other destinations.

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