Mueller and the Failed Soft Coup

Robert Mueller’s failed coup demonstrates how far the state is willing to go in order to evict a democratically elected president. It also shows that all previous presidents since the establishment of the national security state at the end of the second world war were vetted and handpicked by the elite and their political class. The only exception was John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated for attempting to shut down the Vietnam War before it began. In this episode of the Geopolitical Report, I take a look at the Deep State effort to undermine Trump, an effort already partially successful with the appointment of a raft of neocons and war criminals to his administration. The effort to take down Trump is related to the effort to muzzle and silence the alternative media. Only Newsbud and a handful of other media sources free from corporate influence and government manipulation are capable of providing information and commentary beyond the stranglehold of corporate and government propaganda. It’s imperative we support alternative media. That’s why I’m asking you to subscribe or donate to Newsbud. The alternative is a hermetically sealed echo chamber of propaganda, lies, distortions, and fake news.

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Show Notes

DOJ: Trump campaign didn’t collude with Russians

Pelosi says impeaching Trump 'just not worth it'

Reminder: Liberal hero Robert Mueller lied about Iraq’s non-existent WMDs

Mueller’s report found no Russia collusion, but vindication remains elusive for Trump

The Pentagon plan to ‘divide and rule’ the Muslim world

Trump’s Policy Is Clear: Civilian Casualties Don’t Matter in the War on Terror

NATO's 'Marketing Arm' Partners With Facebook to Crack Down on Alternative Media

US planning to keep 1,000 troops in Syria despite Trump’s withdrawal call

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  1. John Phillips says:

    Still stuck on Russia-gate. You’re as bad as MSNBC and Maddow. The only country that STRONGLY influences our Government is the Zionist Israel who DICATETES to our president and past presidents, and to congress. Our government just swore a duel-allegiance oath to Israel and AIPAC and you are still talking about Russia. WTF

  2. Mark Ribbit says:

    On the contrary John.
    Kurt has done an excellent job with his video in summarizing everything that has occurred since Trump took office and the important history
    of the CIA, NSA, FBI etc. since the 50’s.
    Russi-gate actually got relatively little lip-service by Kurt.
    He emphasized, rightly so, that Trump is little more than a figurehead, a puppet.
    Kudos to you Kurt!
    This video was rich in substance.

  3. John Phillips says:

    Yes; however, weigh the affect on our government between the two efforts to affect our Nation. Russia v Israel.

    Does Russia influence Trump? Yes of course. If anything it is the Russian mafia who bailed Trump out that has him by the nads. But to the point….

    Putin didn’t walk into Congress and berate the President of the United States and tell our Congress “how it is” as BiBi did. Russia doesn’t spend tens of millions of dollars on PACs and on congressional member as AIPAC does. Russia doesn’t send our congressional members on vacation junkets as Israel does. There isn’t a litmus test of loyalty for our elected officials as AIPAC requires. Russia doesn’t have an AIPAC conference every year where our elected officials are expected to attend as a sign of their loyalty. Russia doesn’t deserve BDS as Israel does.

    If you look at the influence over our President…who has the most influence….it is BiBi and AIPAC, it is NOT Russia. Our President didn’t decide to move our Embassy to Jerusalem, BiBi told him to. Russia isn’t bragging about telling Trump to move that Embassy as BiBi does. Trump seems to be willing to do anything that Putin would NOT want. Where is the affect if Putin controls Trump. Look at Trump’s family!

    Yes, Kurk does a great job of redirecting the argument to a lessor of two evils. But he isn’t even on the correct page. Kirk is misdirecting us (you) away form the most influential entity on our Government….Israel! Russiagate is a smoke screen cover for the truly influential. No, he’s not much better than Maddow.

    All our Presidents are puppets, but controlled by whom? Israel.

    PS: There is a BIG difference between anti-sematic and anti-Zionist and I am definitely anti-Zionist!

    • Robert Diggins says:

      Little respect, maybe? Here’s a question. What can falsify your hypothesis, that Israel runs the show?

      Another: Do you imagine incompetence is at the root of the Israel’s inability to hide your alleged fact, that they run the show?

      One more: When was the last time you learned something substantial, that changed the way you look at reality/geopolitics/anything substantial?

      Optional 4th question: If you can’t readily remember learning anything substantial recently, do you think that is because of a lack of new things, pertaining to your outlook and views, existing?

      Bonus question: if you’re driving down the road, in your canoe, and your tire pops, how many pancakes does it take to build a house?
      (Hint: Remember, icecream doesn’t have bones.)

  4. Kurt Nimmo says:

    In response to John Phillips: First of all, I’m not certain if you pay attention to details, beginning with my first name. As for Israel, I have consistently criticized Zionism for over thirty years. However, this paranoid “Jews control everything” nonsense obfuscates the real issue: the presence of Zionists in government and the influence of Israel on foreign policy reveal more of a dovetail in philosophy between elite financial and political groups than evil Jews sacrificing goyim babies and following instructions spelled out in the Torah. The Zionist agenda is fully compatible with the larger neoliberal project of theft, war, and the destruction of targeted societies. The Zionist neocons are fully integrated within government and are pushing the neolib project in areas not specifically crucial to Israel, most obviously Venezuela. Your simplistic “it’s the Jews!” critique misses the point and does us a disservice: it ignores or at best minimizes the real enemy—a largely hidden global elite that is primarily gentile, not Jewish. For the ruling elite, religion is simply another control mechanism. You need to focus on the larger picture and stop blaming one particular group—it demonstrates intellectual laziness. Do some research on the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, and think tanks sponsored by transnational corporations and international banks. They don’t subscribe to Judaism or Zionism. They are globalists pushing for a one-world government.

  5. William Field says:

    My theory/suspicion is, follow “the agenda/money” back to “a” Rothschild… & perhaps also “a” Rockefeller who was right in there with it all too,…. & also ask/consider who has backed Kissinger, Murdoch & their ilk for decades?…also ask, are they Zionists?..& War Profiteers?… & Bilderberg? Trilateral? CFR? MOGALS/KINGS?…these links go on for pages…….I’ll bet they don’t like these types of reports as stealth & deceit & “In Club” are the MO ..& name of the game…Great report Kirk, I think one of the best! Big Cheers from me.

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