The Ministry of Fake News

On this episode of the Geopolitical Report, I take a look at the growing threat facing alternative media, or media that either doesn’t subscribe to official narratives and worse dismantles and debunks those narratives. The effort to silence us began with social media, but will eventually spread to the larger internet, as it is now doing in Europe and, case in point, New Zealand after a suspicious terrorist attack. Criticizing the state and its policies now makes one either a conspiracy theorist or white nationalist, never mind the simplistic and easily disputed illogic. Social media is now a dead zone for many of us, but with your support we will continue to bring you alternative information and analysis despite the ever widening crackdown on intellectual freedom. It’s obvious now more than ever we must support the real alternative media or sit idly by and watch it disappear. Please do your part by supporting Newsbud. Your contribution is crucial to our survival. Short of funding and support, the alternative media will be designated as information warfare and eventually—with the Russia-gate fairy tale—as treason in collusion with evil foreigners who hate us for our freedom. If we refuse to take action and support the truth tellers, the only other option will be narratives issued by the state.

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Show Notes

MOCKINGBIRD: The Subversion Of The Corporate Media By The CIA

The Campaign Against The Underground Press

West Counters Sputnik, RT by Accusing Moscow of Hacking - Russian Official

Hillary Clinton Vows To Shut Down Alternative Media

Democrats, the Media, and the Big Lie

The State Department's Fumbled Fight Against Russian Propaganda

H.R. 5181 (114th): Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016

Internet of things: the greatest mass surveillance infrastructure ever?

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  1. i really appreciate your views Mr. Nimmo.
    it’s like a lifeboat on a sea of lies. not having to drown in all the propaganda is such a Godsend.
    i keep seeing people i trusted drowning or even spreading the lies of manipulation & deep state plots as if it’s manna from Heaven. trust the plan…
    what is it going to take to wake them up? meanwhile, most of us are busying just trying to pay bills & make a living. it’s hard to keep up with even a minutia of the issues. so thanks for making it easier.

  2. William Field says:

    Great work & big thanks…a trouble shared is a burden lightened….my 10c worth is what choice do the Cooperates have?…I suspect if they don’t compromise with “Big Brother” he has the “6 Ways from Sunday” to whack them…..One might posit they have have resisted fairly well for a while now & we ought be grateful for that….I am also wondering how they can possibly continue Global Trade & Communications without some “good debate” slipping through Censorship “The net”….I suppose they will aim to impose massive fines on cooperates for “wrong” content & get them to politically enforce…go Kurt!

  3. It feels quickened, now…the push down the ramps toward the yards where we are told not to look left or right., just straight ahead… all will be fine in that next paddock
    where the grass grows green and the sun shines.
    Thanks to Ammonia Urea and Monsanto/Bayer.
    In the narratives, the terror algorithms are inserted into the compromised platforms, time stamped, then with same immediacy removed once the trauma is done. Removed and made illegal to refer to. Whole Culture Shifts are programmed into that dataset. Our intellectual elite respond to the command/control/shift Policeman, in a shuffle . He knows whats right and wrong. He told us so. He has the red team on his side. …

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