The “Real” Gulen Deal in Turkey & RT Documentary Series- The Rise and Fall of the House of Gulen!

It’s been almost three years since the attempted coup in Turkey, yet many questions still remain: Was it real? Was it carried out by the CIA’s Gulen network?

Those of you who have followed me (and my case) know that I was the first person to expose CIA’s Gulen and his over twenty-billion-dollar network in the United States. In the early 2000s, during the period when the current administration in Turkey was in a very intimate partnership with Gulen, when no one in the West had even heard the name Gulen, and despite the US government-imposed punishments and gag orders, I was talking and writing about Fethullah Gulen. The record is there- just run a simple internet search and you’ll find hundreds of articles, interviews and video programs with me screaming “Gulen.”

Many of you also know that I was one of the first and most outspoken journalists out there, in the States, supporting Turkey’s resistance and battle against Gulen during and immediately after the attempted coup in July 2016.

Now, after eight months on the ground, in Turkey, and having a chance to examine this entire Gulen saga from the inside, I have to say, I have more questions than answers, and more doubts than convictions on the “Real Deal” when it comes to the current Gulen and Turkey deal. Many questions still remain. In fact, there are far more eye-brow-raising questions now compared to the period during and immediately after the attempted coup.

With the current sorry state of the media and journalism in Turkey- the lowest and worst point it’s been historically, don’t even look at anything being churned out from Turkish media for answers. Strangely, the media here is actually censoring the real explosive facts and exposés on Gulen and his network. A good example is the Turkish government and media’s treatment of Mark Hall’s documentary film Killing Ed, exposing Gulen’s network, its twenty-plus-billion-dollar empire and money-laundering corruption scheme. They’ve done everything to make sure that no one really knows about or sees this one-of-a-kind damning exposé. Why?

Another good example is the Turkish media’s censorship and blackout of anything I have written or produced exposing the “Real” Gulen network and operations. You’d think, whether by honest or nefarious intent, they’d use the material and witnesses in their supposed fight against Gulen and his extradition from the US back to Turkey. No? Well, from what I have gathered, that is not the real intent. Why? [READ MORE]

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