Maduro Should Protect Guaidó Against Desperate Atlanticist Provocations

The coup attempt obviously failed against the Maduro government in Venezuela last week, but you knew that.  What’s worth knowing further is that the regime change agent Juan Guaidó, who was touted for months as the future leader of Venezuela, is now potentially rendered as “expendable”.  I.E. He may be more valuable to his foreign sponsors & handlers as either jailed, maimed, or outright martyred.  The latter two options would require yet another false flag attack, however, because Caracas has shrewdly displayed its ability to circumvent Atlanticist expectations for a state arrest – or worse – of Guaidó by the Chavista government.  Maduro’s security forces even protected Guaidó last month as he rode through Caracas in an SUV that was being pelted & kicked by Maduro’s street supporters.

Now, whether Maduro’s people arrived at such defensive chess moves on their own, or with the help of their Eurasian and/or Latin American allies, is unknown.  Yet we’ll help a bit further here by urging continuing protection of this, their “prodigal son” so as to signal to the rest of the world that Venezuela’s fully arrived on the major global player scene while also showing the US & its allies that they must not take their belligerence any further, because, indeed, Caracas certainly isn’t politically isolated.

Our 45th episode of “Money & Fear” will explore some of these ‘what next’ aspects after the failed Venezuelan coup, which in certain ways is a reprise of Turkey’s failed coup attempt of three years ago, with expectedly similar geopolitical yields, or lack thereof, depending upon which hemisphere of the planet you’re sitting on right now.  Unsolicited yet nonetheless sober advice to Washington, London & their ilk will be served up as well, so do tune in for the entire show episode while peaking at the listed foot notes.

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Show Notes

It seemed like Maduro’s ouster from Venezuela was imminent. What went wrong?

US Terror Attack on Venezuela Imminent

Exclusive - Blackwater founder’s latest sales pitch: mercenaries for Venezuela

Guaidó Says Imprisoning Him Could Be Maduro's Final Move

Guaidó Is The Most-Hated Man In Venezuela

Juan Guaidó defies arrest to stage dramatic return to Caracas

Reviled Guaidó’s Car Attacked in Caracas

Venezuela Has by Far the Largest Oil Reserves in the World - No More Explanation Needed

Russian intelligence saved Erdogan from overthrow – media reports

Venezuela - Guaidó Got Snookered - White House Starts Beating War Drums

Trump threatens ‘complete embargo’ and ‘highest-level sanctions’ against Cuba over Venezuela

Maduro’s Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López’s Twitter announcement refusing the coup

Venezuelan opposition leader seeks refuge in Spanish embassy

Russia 'warned Erdogan about coup' moments before assassination attempt

Putin is a big winner of the failed coup in Turkey

Interview: Turkey eyes closer trade cooperation with China to deal with economic difficulties: party head

How FDR Charmed a Saudi King and Won U.S. Access to Oil

Who was behind the polonium poisoning of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko?

Breaking news: FALSE FLAG IN MOSCOW!

Who really did kill Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya?

I was poisoned and Russia’s political enemies were surely behind it

Gaidar family suspects poisoning

Unlikely that Vladimir Putin behind Skripal poisoning

IMF’s ‘Substitution Fund’ to kick-start SDR as new global currency?

Forget Bitcoin. Have You Heard of IMFcoin?

IMF Chief Suggests IMFCoin Cryptocurrency as Possibility


The Godfather - Vito Corleone Funeral – “It’s the smart move.”

John D Rockefeller, Sr. – “Competition is a sin”


Missionary Capitalist: Nelson Rockefeller in Venezuela by Darlene Rivas

The Hidden Hand of American Hegemony: Petrodollar Recycling and International Markets by David E. Spiro

Petrodollar Warfare: Oil, Iraq and the Future of the Dollar by William R. Clark

The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures by Richard Duncan

By Way of Deception: The Making of a Mossad officer by Victor Ostrovsky

*For additional footnotes and links refer to the Newsbud article link above

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  1. William Field says:

    Yes, great report Ian. Cheers

  2. Mark Ribbit says:

    Thanks very much Pye for this great summary of where we are today in Venezuela.
    I sure hope Maduro pays heed to your recommendation and protects Guaidó for
    as long as needed.

  3. Washington DC seems to think that their alleged backyard is the same all over. Not the Vatican nor the Incas were able to conquer this vast continent. What goes in Colombia might not work in Venezuela, false flags in Argentina may not be noticed at all in Peru. Money talks and when the USD loses its strength Latin America will be liberated.

  4. Steven Hobbs says:

    Hey Pye,
    It is great to have your thoughts and insights. Seems the subtext is that although there are other ways for atlanticists to attempt to maintain dominance via commercial competition, they are unlikely to follow that path. One could conjure so many reasons that may be the case aside from the fact that expecting rationality (even in regards to self interest) is unlikely, but also it would require a confidence on the part of atlanticists that acceptable success may be achieved in ways other than subterfuge and conflict.

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