Exclusive- Turkey-Syria-Russia: Finish Line & Turning Point

It’s been more than two weeks since my breaking article on Russia-Turkey-Syria and the contentious S-400 deal. I still consider the article breaking. In fact, I have left it as my pinned thread on Twitter. Some of you may wonder how a news article can be considered breaking after 17 days. Well, it can. If the events and developments giving credence to it keep unfolding since its publication, and if no other media outlets dare provide any information or real coverage on it (on purpose), then, the article’s status remain as breaking. I am not sure if this principle is covered in journalism guidelines, but it is in my guideline. With that I am going to provide you with highlights of the most important developments since.

Syria: Arriving at the Finish Line

A lot has been taking place in Northwest Syria- Idlib region. Three days after my piece, on May 10, Turkey asked Russia to stop its airstrike operations in Idlib:

Turkey has asked Russia to stop bombing Syria's northwestern province of Idlib. The province has been under attack by Russian-backed Syrian regime troops for about 2 weeks. The news was given by Anadolu, which quoted diplomatic sources as saying that the request had been made in a telephone call between Turkish Foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov.

Lavrov, the sources said, had assured Cavusoglu that the bombing would be halted on Friday morning. An agreement in September between Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, to create a de-escalation zone in Idlib was never fully implemented.

Although the government-controlled media in Turkey kept reporting on Russia assuring Turkey that these operations were going to get scaled down, and that they were even declaring a ceasefire, the assurances and promises never materialized. In fact, the operations actually intensified and escalated.

One interesting fact to be noted on the Turkish media’s reporting on these Idlib-Syria developments is how they have been refraining from mentioning the word “Russia”. I have to say it is not only interesting but also a glaring censorship based on directives coming from above. While international media outlets paired up “Russian and Syrian Forces” in their reports and headlines on the intensifying Idlib airstrikes, Turkish media made sure that only the “Syrian Regime” was used as the perpetrators of these operations - highlights below:

As the Syrian regime bombs Idlib, millions face a humanitarian disaster

Syrian medical workers reel under regime bombardment in Idlib

Regime air strikes kill 23 civilians in Syria's Idlib

Monitoring this discrepancy between the world media and Turkish media in each report, even those copy-pasted from Reuters’ and such, seeing how the media here removed the word Russia and let “Syria Regime” stand alone, has been almost a surreal experience. Of course, you can see why- during this Yo-Yo stage between Russia and the United States, while playing the S-400 card as a life-line, at least until a final side is chosen, or forced to be chosen, Turkey does not want to alienate Russia. But still, it has gotten to a comical point.

While all the flowery media reports in Turkey have been trying hard to depict Russia as not a party in Idlib-related developments, Russia has been ramping up its joint operations with the Syrian government in the battle on the final front in Syria- right in Turkey’s Syria-Safe-Zone backyard:

Syrian regime hits area near Turkish observation point

Syria's Bashar al-Assad regime carried out an artillery attack near Turkish observation point in Idlib de-escalation zone on May 12, according to Anadolu Agency correspondents on the ground. This was the third attack of regime forces near the observation point in two weeks. Similar attacks near the observation point were carried out on April 29 and May 4.    

Even with this incident Turkish media was careful to not provide factual coverage while Turkey’s S-400 poker game with the U.S. remained in the final blinking-stage status:

Close call: Russian Air Force bombs jihadist forces near Turkish military post

The Russian Air Force unleashed a new round of airstrikes over the northwestern countryside of the Hama Governorate this evening, targeting the positions of the jihadist and Turkish-backed rebels.

The source said the Russian airstrikes hit the militant positions near the Turkish Army’s observation post along the Hama-Idlib axis.

The externally-imposed war in Syria is reaching its final stage- the finish line in the battle for Idlib. A very good indicator of this is the latest no-longer-effective propaganda by the crying wolf USA- Assad chemical attack in Syria!

Idlib is the final battle in ending the Syria war for the Assad-Russia alliance- a fact that has been accepted by the West in the past year. Turkey, on the other hand, appears to be in the no-man camp currently. Turkey was foolishly dragged into US operations against Syria in 2011- I reported this in 2011, almost two years before Syria became the headlines. It has been left behind by the defeated U.S. camp in the last two years or so. And while getting a bit closer to Russia lately, it still remains in the enemy-camp, when it comes to Syria. With that the following piece of news I found today seems to take on a much more significant meaning:

Turkey's AK Party says nothing wrong with intelligence meetings with Syria despite tensions

The AK Party of President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday there was nothing wrong with Turkey's intelligence agency meeting Syrian counterparts to prevent conflict - even though Ankara has backed rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad. The AKP was responding to a Turkish media report of high-level contact between senior Turkish and Syrian representatives.

Is this a desperate attempt by Turkey to officially switch camps at this final stage of the Syria War? Maybe. On the other hand, the following development seems to indicate otherwise:

Turkey-backed fighters join forces with HTS rebels in Idlib

Turkey-backed rebels poured fighters onto the front line in northeastern Syria, joining forces with a rival armed group to beat back government troops from a town they had recaptured earlier this month.

Hay'et Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) seized the town of Kfar Nabuda in Idlib province on Tuesday with the help of the National Liberation Front (NLF), a conglomeration of rebel groups supported by Ankara. The town had been retaken by the Syrian government in its recent assault.

Whether Turkey assumes a tough stand with Russia on Syria or not depends on one, only one, factor: USA. Currently all sorts of behind-closed-doors negotiations and deal-making attempts are taking place between the two. And everything I’ve seen so far, digging in front of and behind-the-scenes, supports my previous breaking news piece indicating the coming camp-switching from Russia to the USA, using Syria-Idlib as a pretext. Let’s quickly highlight these indicators:

Turkey Readily Complies with U.S. Iran Sanctions

Despite all the rhetoric and tough talk Turkey readily accepted, and has already began implementing U.S. sanctions on neighboring country Iran:

Despite rhetoric, Turkey complies with U.S. oil sanctions on Iran

Turkey has closed its ports to Iranian oil, fully complying with U.S. sanctions against its main supplier, despite Ankara publicly criticizing the United States’ move to end import waivers and warning of a struggle to tap alternative producers.

Four days after the waiver ended, a tanker carrying 130,000 tons of Iranian crude was midway across the Mediterranean Sea to Turkey when it changed course and turned off its tracker, Refinitiv oil analyst Ehsan ul-Haq said. Analysts, citing satellite imagery, said it likely unloaded instead at the Syrian port of Banias. The data shows that Turkey began trimming its Iranian imports as early as march. Analysts said it has replaced the oil from its neighbor with oil from Iraq, Russia and Kazakhstan.

As many of you know, these types of sanctions are intentionally geared to create black-markets (even if some may call it different shades of gray) making some entities rich. Nonetheless, Turkey is complying with the ill-intentioned U.S. sanctions on Iran. And this earns Brownie Points for Turkey from the USA. It is a concession. Period.

US Rewards Turkey with Tariff Cuts & Turkey Immediately Reciprocates

On May 16, The U.S. government trimmed tariffs on steel imports from Turkey to 25% after having raised the duty to 50% last year. A few days later Turkey halved tariffs on at least 22 US import goods in order to reciprocate Washington’s move.

You see, when the tensions with the U.S. are real this has no way of happening. Only when things are going according to U.S. wishes goodwill tariff reductions like this take place. Period.

CNN-Turkey Take Sides with the AKP Government

CNN's Turkish channel, CNN-Turk intentionally cut short an interview with the opposition candidate for Istanbul mayor in favor of the current government party’s mayoral candidate.

Social media users lashed out at CNN Turk after it stopped Monday night's interview with Ekrem Imamoglu of the Republican People's Party (CHP) half an hour ahead of schedule.

Imamoglu was interrupted by the CNN Turk anchor as he began to talk about the lavish spending in Istanbul municipality which he said he discovered during his brief 18-day stint as mayor.

This prompted the anchorman, Ahmet Hakan, first to interrupt him for a commercial break and then to end the program entirely when Imamoglu insisted on talking about the finances. Imamoglu countered that the interview was supposed to last 30 minutes more, but was told time was up.

You may think CNN-Turk as a media outlet abided by Turkish government rules. But that’s not the case. This is a U.S.-based mainstream media outlet openly supporting the current government’s party candidate. In CNN-Turk the emphasis, and the lead, is on CNN- An American Mega Corporation Media Outlet. Period.

USA Gives Turkey A Specific & Shortened Timeline Ultimatum on S-400

On May 21, two days ago, the United States gave Turkey a two-week ultimatum to cancel a messy multibillion-dollar Russian S-400 arms deal … or face “very” harsh US penalties:

The United States on Wednesday warned that Turkey will have to face "very real and very negative consequences" if Ankara finalizes the purchase of Russian S-400 surface-to-air missile defence systems.

Just a take from my experience- when timetables given by the U.S. get specific like this (two weeks!), and language gets overtly tough like this (very real and negative consequences- emphasis on “very”), then you know that the turning point is near- very near. As with any logical math equation when we add:

Russia-Syria operations reaching the Finish Line, to, Turkey buckling on U.S. Iran sanctions, to, mutual trade and tariff improvements between Turkey and the U.S., to, American Mega Corporation Mainstream Media openly supporting the current government party in Turkey, to, definitive short deadlines and ultimatum given by the U.S., you get: A Turning Point. In this case, as I had reported in my previous article, it will be about a Turkey-Russia relations set back and backing out of the S-400 deal.

Russia-Syria Idlib operations definitely provide Turkey with the needed excuse (aka justification) while maintaining face- to a certain degree. The face-saving (for the public here in Turkey) can also be bolstered by how it is worded. In this case it will be something like: Turkey postpones the delivery and installation of S-400 for XX period of time until YY issues are addressed, resolved. Postponing the announcement until after the coming mayoral election on June 23, per coordination with the U.S., is another likely possibility on the timing. Meanwhile, during this entire coming period, even before the post-elections announcement, one must keep an eye on the economy, especially the Turkish currency and its sudden recovery without any sensible explanation to go along with it.

# # # #

Sibel Edmonds is editor and publisher of Newsbud, founder and president of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), and author of the acclaimed book Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story, and The Lone Gladio, a Political Spy Thriller. She has appeared on national radio and TV as a commentator on matters related to whistleblowers, national security, and excessive secrecy & classification. She is the recipient of the 2006 PEN/Newman’s Own First Amendment Award. Ms. Edmonds is a certified linguist, fluent in four languages, and has an MA in public policy from George Mason University and a BA in criminal justice and psychology from George Washington University.

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  1. Robert Diggins says:

    Well, I my comment disappeared while I was writing, so I must be more careful. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for the updates, Sibel, and paste a short interview with VIPSer, John “Forgive me, but I think this is complete nonsense” Kiriakou.

    It seems like we have a real WB Hero still trying to affect public opinion and educate the people of Turkey, during these days of tension and confusion about the real motivations of democracy-loving, innocent, but influential powers. Finally, a voice of (t)reason. Kind of reminds me of Snowden. Blowing the whistle on something none of us had any idea was happening.

    Challenge #1 for the Newsbud Community:
    See if you can find any contradictions and/or incompetence theories being promoted by “Johnny Stechinno”.

    Challenge #2:
    Can you find any genuine, accurate statements?


    Ocak Medya
    CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou: “I worked with the Turkish government against the PKK presence in Greece…”
    Hasan Mesut Önder Hasan Mesut Önder
    2 days ago

    John Kiriakou was a CIA officer for more than 14 years (1990-2004) serving mostly in Europe and the Middle East. He was the chief architect of CIA’s anti-terror operations in Pakistan after 9/11 (2001). When he became a whistleblower to disclose that CIA used torture as a means to get information in interrogations, he paid for this action by serving time in prison.

    We discussed with Mr. Kiriakou about his time in CIA, CIA’s interrogation techniques as well as his country’s policy towards the Middle East and Turkey.

    CIA and its use of torture in interrogations
    Hasan Mesut Önder (HMÖ)- You have been in prison for a time because you have explained that the CIA’s strengthened interrogation techniques are torture. Who was the architect of the CIA and what is the role of the current service director, Gina Haspel?

    John Kiriakou (JK)- The architects of the torture program were two contract psychologists named Mitchell and Jessen. But the program was overseen by the Director of the CIA’s Counterterrorism Center, Jose Rodriguez and approved by the CIA Director, George Tenet.

    HMÖ- In healthy intelligence systems, torture and oppression are not correct. Because if you don’t have enough to ask the right question, you can’t get the appropriate answer. The CIA’s strengthened query program suggests that it could be an improved method of taking revenge on militants. In this context, what about the psychological profiles of the executives in the 7th Floor of the CIA and the names involved in the torture program?

    JK- I am not a psychologist, but I have argued for many years that one of the factors behind the torture program was the feeling of revenge.
    Remember, the September 11 attacks were the greatest intelligence failure in American history. Two thousand Americans were murdered that day. Everybody in the CIA wanted revenge. On the one hand, CIA officers wanted to collect information from prisoners. On the other hand, many CIA officers wanted to hurt those same prisoners.

    HMÖ- How occupations, tortures and US regional policies have affected the CIA’s efforts to create qualified human resources within terrorist organizations or organizations you target? I mean, how do you convince people who hate America?

    JK- The torture program really had no effect on the ability to recruit sources. Most people allow themselves to be recruited by the CIA for money, not for ideology. We paid huge rewards for people like Khalid Sheikh Muhammad and Abu Zubaydah. That has never stopped.

    HMÖ- How will the “secular and antidemocratic elites”, supported by the US in the Arab Spring process and against the democratic transformation in the region, serve or will servet o the US’ national interests?

    JK- I disagree with your assumption here. The US was very pragmatic in its approach to the Arab Spring. The US supported democratic forces in Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya, and then switched sides in Egypt. The US opposed those same forces in Bahrain. Every country, not just the US, acts in its own national interests.

    HMÖ- There’s a party coming to power by democratic and transparent elections in Turkey… What would you say about the importance of the present Turkish government and the United States foreign policy towards Turkey? Also in the Turkish public opinion, there’s a strong perception that the United States have infiltrated the government and all the levels, on July 15, 2016 for the attempts to overthrow the government in Turkey through a terrorist organization with Islamic motifs. In fact, it is said that a clique into CIA have played a role in this coup. One of these names is the former agent of the CIA, Graham Fuller. What can you say about these issues?

    JK- Forgive me, but I think this is complete nonsense. Graham Fuller left the CIA in the mid-1990s. He’s not a part of a “CIA clique” and he’s as much a coup plotter as I am. There is a strong perception in the US public opinion that the Turkish government is anti-democratic and has a poor record on human rights. The Turkish government certainly did not help its cause when President Erdogan came to Washington and his bodyguards viciously beat demonstrators in front of the Turkish Embassy in Washington.

    The USA and Turkey
    HMÖ- I want to ask a speculative question. If the democratic transformation in the region had been realized as the result of the Arab Spring, how the relations with this new government of Turkey would be? Some analysts have some assessments such as these developments would trigger the conversion of hope in the region because of the experiences of Islamist actors in Turkey and that Turkey is a model country in this region. What would you say about these two issues?

    JK- The US and Turkey have had a very, very long and good relationship. It is difficult for Americans to understand why the Turkish people do not like Americans and why Turks always seem to believe that we are trying to overthrow their government. Nothing could be further from the truth. The US and Turkey will always have in common an understanding of the danger of Islamism. We can and should continue to work together to make sure that this radicalism does not spread, especially into Europe.

    HMÖ- Taking into consideration Turkey’s geopolitical position, how must be the course of Turkish-American relations? How do you interpret the American deep state’s support to the organizations such as the PKK-PYD, that Turkey considers as enemies? In addition is there any difference between the perceptions of Pentagon and CIA towards Turkey? If there are differences, than which of these institutions’ policies are considered to be applied? What would you say about this?

    JK- I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that the “deep state” does not support the PKK or PYD and never has. Indeed, when I was stationed in Greece one of my main jobs was to work with the Turkish government against the PKK presence there.

    HMÖ- What should be the relationship between the administrator and the resources in human intelligence? THow should be established the relationship by administrator in order to avoid the betrayal by the resource. A source in Al Qaeda used by the CIA in 2010 organized a suicide attack and killed 7 CIA officials in Afghanistan. Can you give brief information about how unreliable resources and processes related to managing double agents work?

    JK- All sources and potential sources must be extensively vetted through the use of operational testing, polygraph exams, and other methods. The story you cite, the disaster at Khost that resulted in the deaths of many of my former colleagues, was a result of an inexperienced officer without the appropriate security training being put in charge of the base there. It was a critical error that should never be repeated. It was a hard and valuable lesson for the CIA.

    HMÖ- In the Islamic geography, what can you say about the dynamics that cause an individual to turn from an ordinary person to a killer? How do people become radicalized in this geography? What would you say about the psycho-social dimension of radicalization?

    JK- I have given this a great deal of thought. It is my experience, but interrogating, more than 40 al-Qaeda prisoners, that almost none of them had any specific problem with the United States. Instead, they were poor, they were illiterate, and they had no job training. I think that much terrorism could be dealt with through education, job training, and public works projects.

    HMÖ- What should be done against the ideologicalization of the data of a gathering intelligence officer and the lack of details? In addition, how to create a good news network, measures taken to prevent the news network from being detected by competing services and targets and what are the procedures implemented?

    JK- I am afraid that I am not allowed to comment on this. [This is called “The WB-Zipper”]

    HMÖ- How should an intelligence service go from field to decision maker in order to be able to produce effective and accurate intelligence for decision makers in a problematic area like the Middle East? What can you say about the determination of needs and the plan of collection, the collection processes and the characteristics of the collector, the analysis process and the characteristics of the analysis team?

    JK- There is a tried and true method of doing this that the CIA has practiced for the past 70 years. First, every CIA officer must recruit spies to steal secrets. Second, the CIA must cultivate close liaison relationships with the intelligence services of other countries. Third, the US government must also collect open-source and electronic intelligence. It is only in this way that the CIA’s analysts are able to present a complete picture to our policymakers.

    Kategoriler: Röportaj
    Etiketler: CIA, Gina Haspel, Graham Fuller, Hasan Mesut Önder, John Kiriakou
    Yorum bırak
    Ocak Medya
    WordPress katkılarıyla

    Yukarı dön


    • Robert Diggins says:

      My emoji hints didn’t make it through, but I especially wanted to flag his statements about Graham Fuller (and a possible admission that JK is also a coup plotter).

    • Robert, thank you for this- I had not seen the interview piece. It is difficult for me to decide whether some of these answers are due to sincere naïveté or intentionally misleading. That’s the thing with former CIA people (different than other agencies’ whistleblowers, even the FBI).

      I exposed Graham Fullet back in 2005-20006. He’s been a major player in deep-state CIA Terror Cell establishments since the mid 90s. He’s been one if the top CIA Gulen handlers sibce 1998. He was directly connected with Boston Marathon bombing false flag (See My Lone Gladio MIC false flag story).

      I cannot accuse JK with lies with certainty. As I said maybe naïveté. On the other hand, think about this: Will a real truth teller later obtain a high level position with a congressional Intel committee? My guess would be definitely NO. We all know what it takes to be a member of Intel committee (whether House or Senate)- in a whore house called US Congress the worst/ Whore-eat whores get to sit on Intel committee. And these whires are the ones who hire Intel staff… well, that alone is enough to give me a pause.

  2. Robert Diggins says:

    There’s almost nothing that makes me smile more than your version of diplomacy. The kind that includes “whoriest whores” in the same paragraph as “maybe naïveté” :-))

    Maybe JK and Congress were once “poor, illiterate, and jobless”. Maybe a new Public Works program could clean up Congress and restore our infrastructure. I hate seeing young innocent looking men and women propagandizing,sometimes getting hooked on destroying other regions and terrorizing the public into a police state wargasm, just to survive. It’s so sad. Maybe we should call it “Enhanced Whoring”?

    • Robert Diggins says:

      * I am not saying you were being facetious.

      ** I know that you’re using the term “whore” as an insult, while you aren’t necessarily disrespecting prostitutes, who have a profession that should be legal and protected with rational regulation, and who are just as deserving of respect as anyone, depending on their individual characters. The derogatory terms “whore” and “whoriest whore” (and I’ll add “enhanced whore”) being reserved for those who use their power to sell out the public and the culture, whilst protecting and benefiting themselves. This kind of whore is also a pimp and a trafficker, with no real courage to protect the vulnerable, the public, the culture, or the Constitution.

      *** Concerning naïveté, unfortunately, my incompetence theory tank is overflowing, with no help from the “intelligence failure” quote from JK, so it’s extremely difficult to think that someone who responded to that question about Fuller, omitting the explanation of why people might see a connection between Fuller and the coup (professional and personal relationship with Gulen), and omitting that he and Fuller go way back and (I might have a screenshot of JK saying they are “old friends” – pretty sure that’s what it showed), and jumping to “nonsense …he quit back in the mid-90’s”, and, unlike other responses, without any satisfying explanation for those who might have reason to think Fuller was involved, I can’t seem to make it fit. Maybe I could remove some other incompetence theory volume, like the “woops, we accidentally threw away all of our plans and schematics about how we got to the moon, so we need to start over”. I can probably throw that into the BS tank, which is much larger than the incompetence theory tank. The BS tank is composted and used as fertilizer, so there’s usually room for more. Anyway, yeah, I don’t buy it. It’s basically on par with shouting “Conspiracy theory! Check Snopes!”, from a longtime CIA veteran and informed, influential whistleblower.

      That’s just my opinion, though.

      Did I mention Fuller is on VIPS Steering Group? At least he was, according to Consortium News posts I saw. That’d be one more omitted fact, making JK’s response the opposite of transparent, open, and forthcoming.

      But, hey, I’m certainly no detective. And I hate being accused of something that isn’t true. Can you imagine being interrogated by enhanced whores? Reminds me of all those torture victims.

      There will be shame, when the truth is widely known. Unity and shame.

  3. Kirikoau recently slandered the 911 WTC Demolition Evidence, as ‘conspiracy theory,’ which automatically red flags ‘the game.’ No one with intelligence or military nouse can NOT know; therefore, he is playing us.
    Similarly his take on torture purposes as revenge for 911 misses the key need of CIA and WhiteHouse/deepsnake to corroborate their alQaeda narrative BY torture, using methods best described by two senior CIA representatives, as ‘human experimentation’. A situation protected by Whitehouse minders and Rumsfeld directly.
    As Orwell explained by the brutal torture of SMITH, The answers required for the Histories to be written…the storylines…are inventions…details have to be tortured INTO those giving them to the extent that they Believe them to be true. The script is tortured into them so the commissioners can get the answers out of them they need to leak to the mockingbirds and then fed up the chain thru dumb intelligentsia to corroborate hoax histories and commission reports.
    As Karl Rove is quoted saying’ we create new realities. You get to study what we do.
    Whatever else this man might be, he is not a friend of “truth.”

    • Robert Diggins says:

      Excellent points, remo. Worth reading again and again, until we understand this method and its intended results.

      Not only about the actual uses of torture, but also the method of creating yet another incompetence theory/red herring/false narrative, to hide the truth and create a divide and conquer pressure release for the public to argue about – the ethics and viability of torturing and the all important issue of which words should officially be used to describe it.

      We get incompetence arguments regarding anything and everything that needs a scapegoat, a distraction/ misdirection, and even for creating whistleblowers. A whole bunch of whistleblowers who can source their hero status to some kind of incompetence.

      Maybe we could create a new term to discern this very competently used method, which has been so successful that most people think they are completely surrounded and immersed in incompetence. To the point of the self-perception of incompetence, referred to as “learned helplessness”.


  4. Robert Diggins says:

    I apologize for digressing and getting a little off-topic on this post.

    I just saw an interview with Jesselyn Radack, that she tweeted, to acknowledge the release of John Walker Lindh. She talked about her WB experience in the DOJ, related to his case, and then about her experiences since

    I know you have always said you respected her, even though you generally don’t trust Gov-funded WB protection orgs or NGO’s alleging the same mission. #StringsAttached.

    Now I see that, after she was retaliated against, she got a job with then future Rep. Alan Grayson, representing WB’s RE Iraq Reconstruction fraud. Then she was elected to the DC Bar Ethics Committee and worked for GAP.

    Now she gives legal aid to WB’s accused using Espionage Act. Represented/(ing) Snowden, Kiriakou, and Drake.

    I’m so curious. Is this something that you even want to discuss – the apparent “pariah” status that, from my perspective, you seem to have been given, by the pop-WB Clique, ever since the #Snowjob occurred in 2013?

    What I remember the most was Bill Binney telling you, in an interview published on BFP, that the Snowden Cache most likely included records pertaining to Omidyar himself. And then, a short time later (to me it seems like he got a memo from VIPS or “The Pop Whistleblower Clique” (PWC), he started publicly saying that he never told you that. But, it doesn’t seem like he asked for a retraction, regarding the BFP interview.

    It seems to me that the Snowden Affair was the clarifying event, during which you were awarded the Pariah Prize from the PWC. It was then that you were asking questions that offended GG, the Intercept, and Snowden himself. Rational questions about the circus that saturated the MSM news cycle and birthed film and book deals and created the mythological icon whistleblower, who is revered by everyone.

    Was this the same time that the curtains were drawn, regarding some of the other PWC VIPS? I seem to remember a few other critical statements about you from that crowd. It’s almost like a mirror of what happened between you and the “anti-war” “alt” media, after W left office. A partisan theater was revealed and the actors put on their best show, to try to brand you with their Pariah Award.

    Going back to my statements about Imp-competence, I think what was revealed, in each of these play acts, was not about “ruining a good thing”, like the attention WB’s received, during the #Snowjob. And they weren’t all fooled by the Intercept shenanigans, which it now appears some of them are trying to portray, criticizing The I for literally intercepting whistleblowers (and getting them sent to prison).

    Especially with JK, it has to be more than that. The circumstantial evidence of something more nefarious is the status and protection of Graham Fuller, within their ranks, as well as the apparent inability for the PWC to mention certain names.

    Do you have a narrative that summarizes this series of events and the ultimate distinction between you and the PWC? If so, is it something you can share or think is worth sharing?

    I am not interested in gossip or that kind of interpersonal garbage. I smell something very bad within the ranks of the PWC, just as I can see and hear the integrity that continues to set you apart from this clique.

    I’m interested in the agenda being forwarded by the PWC and the poisonous pills being swallowed by the unsuspecting public. This just might bring the narrative back to the post. Or maybe it deserves its own post. Or a thread in the plot of your next Gladio novel.

    Again, forgive me for focusing on this, if this isn’t the appropriate time or place. As you know, I’ve been curious about this for some time, but the connections to current events in this post, especially to JK, are drawing this out from me.

    Thanks, as always.


  5. William Binney was around the same table’ with Kevin Shipp and Jason Goodman when kirikoua did his 911 conspiracy theorist RANT and if I remember, Bill went along with kirikoua. Something happens when that particular issue comes up..Scheaffer, Binney, kirikoua …With all the forensics in on demolition, they yet defend the OCT narrative.
    Sibel has said loud and clear 911 is an inside job. Her whistleblowing was 911. and maybe that’s the kicker.

    • Robert Diggins says:


      The sound of silence. Tumbleweeds. Crickets.

      VIPS is associating with Graham Fuller and will not even acknowledge the very serious claims made by Sibel and William Engdahl, who pins Fuller as part of the Iran/CONTRA architects.

      That’s a lot of underhanded wars, war crimes, and drug trafficking. Enough for multiple cycles of ruining many people’s lives, communities, and continuing to hold on to the Cold War with white knuckles.

      What irony, with the public perception of these heroic whistleblowers. It’s starting to reming me that COINTELPRO wasn’t so extremely successful in infiltrating and steering groups and people’s movements, because those groups were naive and stupid. The IC assets had really good covers developed over years.

      We’re all susceptible to infiltration, monitoring, ideological subversion, and subtle guidance, when we think our superheroes are doing the job for us.

      This lack of acknowledgement has been going on for a while now. I just decided to copy all of the people I had already asked individually into one message.

      Maybe I don’t deserve a response, because I’m a nobody. But the silence is undermining the perception of integrity I had for some of these people. These are serious claims from serious people and should at least be acknowledged.

      Maybe I’ll try to write a list of multiple choice answers, to make it easier. e.g.
      A) Oh my, I had no idea! This deserves some thought. Thank you for sharing
      D) All the deaths and heroin black markets have been worth it. Freedom isn’t free and we must rule the whole planet, by any means necessary, to secure our liberty.

      Or maybe that wouldn’t help. I’m sure they’re just busy people. Or JK will soon tell me that the claims by Sibel and William are “nonsense. Fuller quit the CIA in the mid-1990s ”

      I’m guessing it will be ignored.

  6. Ignored
    It’s hard to know what’s best, in face of the Millionth psyop…
    Self censorship just Another version of learned helplessness. Not being bothered….it’s all been said thousands Of times, etc. and better, etc. Bolton still hasn’t been run over by a bus. …the cat still wanders in, expecting to be fed. Orwell’s SMITH told us what is happening to Julian ASSANGE. I think , apart from the professional liars and idiot military, I think we all have PTSD.
    No pill for that.

  7. I am snagged in the reeds myself. And I go barefoot often. Nothing seems to help. Trump just signed the Golan over on a table mat. Like a god. Like an emperor. “Nice” he said to BiBi Miliekowski, as BiBi prepares to smash the shit out of whoever the plan is to smash the shit out of today. And gooooogle has a major outage while spooks personally cyber-attack Jason Goodman and Charles Ortel live as they rip to shreds the putz MUELLER and his pathetic grandstanding and I remember Christchurch Psyop started that way – with major outages – and so the strategy of tension is working away inside me like rats in the engine bay…the ground is still there but Donald Duck might have just signed it over while I was out..he wouldn’t bother telling me..and him in Europe for d day…..well.
    If the time is right, who knows what is happening ? Good luck anyway mate.

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