Deep State Unites to Neuter Antiwar Movements!

The latest Deep State transformation from covert to overt is geared to remove the last remaining bastions of the Anti-War movement. By removing the illusionary Left-Right divide lines the Deep State begins a new Bipartisan operation targeting the last remnants of anti-war activists.

During the last decade we’ve been witnessing the rapid shrinking of Anti-War movements around the globe. Today, no one can deny the Deep State’s direct hand in the methodical planning and operations in neutering the once forceful antiwar voices. Whether you deem it conspiracy or fact, “controlled opposition” has been the main method consistently used in this neutering process.

While the objective and targets remain the same, with a new overt move, the Deep State has now gone bipartisan, armed with a new Think-Tank and Disinformation channel: The Illusionary Left’s mega-billionaire funder joins forces with the Illusionary Right’s multi-billionaire sugar-daddy to wipe out the last standing pockets of Anti-War forces. Here’s how:

A brand-new anti-war think tank has been born: The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. Unlike its predecessors, this one’s birth certificate (ownership title) actually lists both parents: George Soros and Charles Koch. Its stated mission statement (read: its cover- aka marketing scam): To promote a new US foreign policy based on diplomacy instead of sanctions and war, with the usual catch phrases (aka marketing ploys) such as bi-partisan, non-partisan, peace, antiwar … You know, think catch phrases describing peace-loving organizations. [READ MORE]

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