Newsbud Community Important Announcement- Back to Basics

Dear Newsbud Community Friends,

This past June we finished our third year since our inception. In June 2016, with your support, my Boiling Frogs Post personal analysis-blog site expanded to a multimedia information portal with several geopolitical experts presenting in-depth weekly analyses. It was an exciting and ambitious ride. From producing documentary-formatted professional news and analyses to website management and social media expansion, we accomplished what no other alternative independent media ever had.

In this short three-year period, we published over 550 professionally produced and showcased geopolitical expert analyses and roundtables in video format- over 400 hours of video presentations. With our renowned experts we covered the geopolitical hotspots and developments- From Russia, the Middle East and China, to Deep-State operations and geopolitical economics.

We also published more than 500 original articles, reports and expert analyses on issues ranging from Operation Gladio and Financial institution Manipulations to Civil Liberties and US-Russia rivalries.

Most importantly, we proved that a solely people-funded platform- a 100% independent and nonpartisan media with integrity, was, and is, possible. Because, let’s face it, today the entire media landscape consists of two platforms: Corporate Advertisement Funded Mainstream and Deep State Billionaire Sugar-Daddies Funded Alternatives. If you haven’t already, check out my latest article on Soros-Koch new Antiwar organization (as a media and think tank.Org). Just the concept stage seed money handed out by Soros and Koch, 50-50, is over $1 Million - with an estimated annual budget approaching $5+ million. This is what enables “Free News and Media” content: sponsorship by the Deep State Corporate Tycoons to Coopt and Disinform-Misinform.

But hey, the majority of people reject and turn their backs on people-funded independent models. They take spins and disinformation, control and manipulation, instead- as long as they are free.

As we approached our annual fundraising this past spring, I took a pause to think hard and reflect. Where had we come from? Where were we headed? The toll that managing and sustaining a substantial complex multimedia platform takes when operating on a shoestring budget. The responsibility that comes with being the income source to 10+ people- from contract to hourly-based commitments. The never-ending pressure of subscription-drives and annual fundraising campaigns … It certainly was the right time to take this pause.

Of course, I took into consideration my own life and work-load during this pause. Last September I relocated to Turkey - for several reasons- both for work and personal reasons, including but not limited to writing my third book, the second book in The Lone Gladio Trilogy, establishing a base for more hands-on direct geopolitical analyses by being and traveling in the region as an independent consultant, health reasons, and family.

I paused and thought. I reflected. And I had a very constructive series of group discussions with my stellar team- my partners and friends; my Newsbud family. And with all that came a sure-footed sound decision: Back to Basics.

What do I mean by Back to Basics? I mean going back to a personal analysis and production platform where I can singularly publish my analyses and reports, and manage the site myself as … a Sibel Edmonds’ Newsbud site, with my analyses and articles. Depending on the results of future subscription and donation drives, I may add producing 2-to-3 monthly podcast-videos shows, and publish analyses and reports by our current Newsbud partners.

Our website and its format will not change. I will only produce and write for my community members. Meaning the site will be for subscribing Sibel Edmonds’ Newsbud community members only.

What does all this mean for you- Current Newsbud Community Members?

Sibel Edmonds’ Newsbud website format will remain the same. As you can see on the site:

The Geopolitical Hot Spot on the top right section of the homepage will feature my weekly top trending geopolitical news and developments censored by the mainstream media. For members only.

The Analyses and Article section on the bottom half of the homepage will feature my regular reports and analyses for members only, and occasional Breaking News.

Exclusive Videos & Podcast on the top left section of the homepage will feature my exclusive podcast and videos for members only.

I will continue to write and produce content for Newsbud. How much and how often will depend on the site’s budget. All my productions and content will be accessible by our current and future subscribing members only.

Also, and a very big also, our 550+ members-only video presentations and over 500 exclusive analyses and articles will remain on our server and accessible by our subscribing members via this website indefinitely. As will over 100 Boiling Frogs Show podcasts and other selected BFP podcasts. With your membership you can reach all these meticulously archived gems from the drop-down menu at the top of the homepage.

Those of you who wish to remain community members- nothing will change in your current membership; it will continue as before. I am also reactivating the annual membership option at a temporary promotional discount price for my new subscribers.

And finally, I want to thank you all for your past and present support.

Sibel Edmonds

Founder & Editor- Newsbud

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