Sibel Edmonds Presents: Operation Gladio-B from Russia to China

Over a decade ago, despite multiple government secrecy orders and State-Secrets-Privilege invocations, I was the first person, and have been the only one, to expose Operation Gladio B, and introduce the world to the continuation of CIA-NATO clandestine operations in creating synthetic terrorism in target nations after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Operation Gladio B was a switch from using CIA-NATO created communism-clad terror cells (Gladio A) to using Islam-Muslims-clad terror cells (Gladio B), with the purpose of containing competing powers- Russia and China, and ruling the court of public opinion around the world in perceiving a common enemy: aka Islamic Terror- From the creation of Al Qaeda and ISIS to the utilization of Russia’s Chechens and China’s Uyghur minority Militants.

In this multi-part series, I’ll be talking about all things Operation Gladio B: From the Russia-Chechen Conflict fortified and directed by Operation Gladio B via proxy nations and the utilization of China’s Uyghur front in Xinjiang, to, the CIA top al-Qaeda man Ayman Zawahiri’s footprints in the Caucasus and Putin’s awe-inspiringly bold assassinations of terror cells leaders in Gladio B’s own backyard.

The Gladio B series part 1 will be published on Sunday, July 28. There will be at least 8 episodes, with historical context, flashbacks and more. This new series will be available only to my Newsbud community members. To become a member, click on the provided link below and subscribe to Newsbud.

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  1. Stanley Kitt says:

    Sibel, I have just completed reading your novel, “The Lone Gladio”, and found it truly fascinating. I did not read it for its entertainment value but for its factual content, although it was also very entertaining. I had great difficulty putting it down. I have read and re-read certain parts very carefully, at all times following the place names and routes on maps. I do understand that the names and places are intended to be fictional, but somehow, these seemed all too real. Even the main character, Greg, seemed real. I have many, many questions which I should like to ask, but am unsure as to how much of what you know you are free to share. So I shall be cautious in my approach. I have also just listened to all three of your video productions on Operation Gladio B, and was delighted with their contents – very, very informative to me. Thank you for doing this, and please continue. My particular interest is in trying to discover what actually happened on 9/11, and who was responsible for what. In this respect, I am tracking the activities of the Engineers & Architects for 9/11 Truth and have offered them my novice observations as a retired engineer. Although a Grand Jury has been established to look into the causes of the collapse of the three towers, I believe there are people who already know but are unable to make the truth public; i.e., this attempt will fail. Your scenario as presented in your novel make much sense in terms of “who” was responsible, though I doubt the names of the real culprits will ever be made public. I very much appreciate your labors towards this end, and you do have some remarkable insight, acquired no doubt in part because of your experience at the FBI. Thank you again, and I shall close with a couple of brief questions: Did an event similar to the one described in chapter 1 (the day care centre in Moscow) actually occur, and if so, when and where? Second, did Operation Gladio B actually shut down as a result of an event similar to that described in the last chapter (fictional MCI Centre, Washington); i.e., is Operation Gladio B shut down? I shall continue to follow your series with anticipation. Stanley Kitt

    • Robert Diggins says:

      Hi Stanley,

      I know you were asking Sibel, but I hope you don’t mind if I offer my thoughts.

      As you can see in the video for part 3 of the series, where she reads an excerpt from chapter 1, real events did happen. The exact nature of the events, as well as names, might be changed, but the serious horror and total lack of humanity in the actions of these world ruler wannabes are representing the reality of the truth about the real Gladio Plan B, and the real people involved, which she is trying to inform the public about. IMO.

      IOW, these types of things are happening in the places she writes about, with some jumbling to qualify for fiction.

      Plus, she adds the great satisfaction of giving some of these characters the kind of justice they deserve, which hasn’t happened in real life, but, as long as it’s fiction, why not give the real criminals a little taste of what they deserve. I’m thinking that must have been cathartic to write.

      As for 9/11, in my experience, Sibel has not talked about methods of building destruction, and she caught hell for that in real life, from some on the 9/11 Truth Movement. This is a very key aspect to Sibel’s integrity. She talked and talks about what she knows with great confidence, and doesn’t jump on and bandwagons on issues where she has no expertise and/or specific knowledge, especially concerning 9/11. She has stated as much in the past. I think the narrative in the book makes sense and doesn’t preclude specific building destruction mechanisms, but gives

      As for Gladio B being destroyed, in real life, no. That’s another dramatic satisfaction that was added for dramatic effect. Kinda like the end of the the first Star Wars movie when the Death Star was blown up. Then… the Empire Strikes back came out…

      I think there are some obvious characters in the novel that represent real characters or combinations of real characters. A certain imam comes to mind, for instance. Not to tell us which real imam did what in real life, but to portray how corrupt imams are really used. And she’s done plenty of exposing the real one in real life. She’s talked about a real imam’s cult network being used to recruit al Qaeda and radicalize desperate people using mosques and madrassas (over 300 of them) built with real misappropriated US tax dollars, to do just that, in the ME, Caucuses, and Central Asia. She’s even mentioned the name of the construction company that was used and that passed on overpayment to the CIA for their Gladio B operations. She’s talked about seeing the documentation for this in real life.

      Did you know that the Turkish company, ENKA, has built US embassies all over the world? Getting no bid contracts and not being a logical choice in terms of geography.She posed the question, WHY?

      The reason this series is so important, is because all kinds of people talk about black ops and the US has been caught in the past, like with Iran/Contra, illegally trafficking arms and drugs, training death squads and dictators. We even had a place called The School of the Americas, in the US, where this took place. When I was a young teenager, I remember the endless protests and attempts to shut it down. They just changed their name eventually and most people have forgotten.

      What really upsets me, lately, is the fact that a key CIA player in Gladio B, Graham Fuller, is a member of the pop-whistleblower group VIPS, which has some whistleblowers in it, some who act like whistleblowers, and apparently at least one whos6 an “old friend” of GrahamFuller, the former CIA Station Chief in Turkey, who groomed IMAM Fetulah Gulen, and brought him to the U.S., where he’s now a multi-billionaire living in Pennsylvania and at the head of one of the largest charter school networks in the US.

      Some of the other members of VIPS were highly respected whistleblowers and are interviewed all the time concerning their perspective on the crimes of our government. They used to be associated with Sibel, were interviewed on BFP, and then, it seems ever since Operation #Snowjob, have distanced themselves from Sibel, after she asked some inconvenient questions about that operation.

      I’m now very concerned about this group and have noticed that tmany of them are constantly talking about politics and participating in the divide and conquer psyop currently on steroids in the US. None of them will respond to my inquiries about their buddy Graham Fuller. Almost sounds like a thread in a novel…

      Anyway, I agree that Sibel’s novel is thrilling, interesting, hard to put down, and would add that people, especially alt media producers, really need to read it, to get a sense of what’s really going on.

      The new series Sibel is doing here should also be required viewing by all these channels that come put with “breaking news” every other week, that …we’re being spied on.

      Gladio B is big and hard to wrap your head around, without clear explanation, in bite sized chunks, along with the series of novels Sibel is writing. When she first started explaining it, I got so frustrated when even other BFP producers weren’t talking about it, when they discussed matters where it applied. After The Lone Gladio came out, it helped a lot.

      IMO, we need this series and hopefully the next two novels, more than ever right now. This is the key to the big picture and the context that is missing from so much of what’s being reported in any other media.

      Thanks for your comments.


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