Operation Gladio B from Russia to China: Part I-The “Real” Russia-Chechen Conflict Story

On the Russian-Chechen conflict, the Western audience, as consumers of Deep-State disinformation media, have gotten a highly distorted picture: a simplified view of some poor ethnic minority group being subjected to atrocious Russian assault because of their desire to be independent. From academia to the press, there’s been blanket censorship on Chechnya being hijacked by Gladio B’s Wahabis and Sharia-oriented extremist proxies.

If you follow factual crumbs of information on the Second Chechen-Russia conflict back to the time of origin, around 1996, to the beginning of where the chronology should actually start, then you’d get the real picture of Chechnya under the assault of Operation Gladio B.

Be prepared: There are so many nuggets of damning facts, including direct links to Osama Bin Laden, Saudi Arabia, Taliban, UAE, and the 90s Turkey as the central hub of CIA-NATO Operation Gladio B!

Here it is:  Part 1 of my multi-part series on Operation Gladio B. Subscribe to Newsbud to access and tune into my series. Thank you all.

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  1. cameron jones says:

    So what do you think about Trump-Russia stuff? Do you think it was invented as part of a gladio B style op to frame him? Also in a previous video you talked a lot about Putin having his money super tied up in the West, will you try and clarify how he managed to counter gladio B and still have money in Switzerland and London?

    • Ben Richards says:

      I had a question about the Refah partisi. Is the same group supplying funds to the chechen wahhabi groups? The same group Erdogan used to be a member of? Wikipedia says they were banned in 1998 for not upholding separation of religion and state. It says they won elections in Konya. Everyone told me they were very conservative in Konya, where the spinning dervishes come from.

  2. Robert Diggins says:

    I remember in the late 90’s, the Taliban were visiting the USA. I even heard an interview with a Taliban representative on Public Radio, giving him some softball questions, challenging him on the destruction of ancient statues car ed into mountainsides, but ultimately humanizing him and the Taliban, to show our country’s tolerance for diverse cultures I guess.

    I remember thinking of the contrast shortly afterwards, after 9/11.

    The subversion of Chechnya, in that time period, included propagandizing the American people.

    I can also confirm, though a chance encounter at a hotel lounge near the embassies in Oslo, that a local Norwegian was complaining that, since the Ethnic Albanians had taken over the heroin trade in Oslo, they sold some to her friend, it was too pure, and he died from overdose. That was why she hated Ethnic Albanians, beyond saying they were too poor and had too many children. And this was why she was upset that NATO, including Norway, was involved in bombing Kosovo.

    I thought I’d meet a peacenik on my first trip to Europe. What a shock to meet a leftover Nazi. She did walk away gracefully after my response, I’ll give her that.

    Just in case you talk about the use of Ethnic Albanians, in the heroin trade, for black operation/GladioB funding.

    BTW, I like the style of this new series. Getting the context for this major shift in the Gladio program is so important. Already starting to see the connections to Turkey in the first episode. With Chechnya and Turkey in mind, the major Gladio player, Graham Fuller’s (familial) connections to the Tsarnev brothers has a background.

    Thank you. This topic, the Gladio B Operation, is the most important geopolitical narrative in my lifetime and it’s so important to document.

  3. Briana Katz says:

    This was certainly information dense! On to part 2 now!

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