Op Gladio-B from Russia to China: Part 2-CIA Terror Web from Afghanistan to Chechnya & 9/11

In this second episode of my Operation Gladio B series I’ll be talking about the continuation of the CIA- al-Qaeda partnership after the fall of the Soviet Union, through the September 11 attacks and after. I discuss the CIA-NATO Operation Gladio B partnership with al Qaeda operatives in many operations, including the Balkan War, Chechnya and Azerbaijan, and present the links between the CIA’s Chechen leg and the September 11 Terror Attacks.

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Operation Gladio B

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  1. Robert Diggins says:

    Excellent, connection of PNAC and their infamous “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”, which specified that a “New Pearl Harbor” was needed to expedite the plans laid out in that document, with the use of Mujahideen/al Qaeda/Bin Laden through Saidi puppets, to destabilize Russia via operations in Chechnya.

    This gives depth to the charge of PNAC’s association with the orchestration of 9/11, by establishing the PATTERN, using the same radicals, the same funders, and the same planners, who were so happy to have drawn the USSR into “their own Vietnam” in Afghanistan.

    And everyone bought the lies they told us about our “freedom fighters” in Afghanistan. And nobody flinched when they admitted they started the trouble there to draw the Soviets in.

    And now, the world is upside down again. The minds of the public are so incredibly twisted and inverted that the former anti-Cold War “left” is talking just like the “right” did, about Russia, 30 years ago. (Just like the former anti-Drug Warriors are so easily manipulated to passionately propagandize for “Crackdowns” on doctors, pharmacists, and patients, after a coordinated disinformation media campaign, because their weak minds are so malleable, and the CIA/Pentagon/NATO has a hell of a lot of heroin to sell and they need new customers. )

    In fact, where did the anti-[ANY] War Movement go? As soon as Obama was elected, the passion dissipated like a burp in the breeze, because we had a black Democrat bombing the hell out of everyone and taking off the gloves with whistleblowers.

    Talk about Non-Player-Characters! (“Grab the popcorn”)

    Thank you, Sibel, for pissing me off again today. In a good way 😉

    I hope this series is supported, because THIS IS IT. The Motherlode. What the trail leads to. And it has been TOO BIG, until now.

  2. Ben Richards says:

    The fantasy narrative of US-backed mujahedeen is best exemplified by a book I read when I was stupider called “Charlie Wilson’s War” trumpeted up by 60 Minutes’ Dan Rather. Looking back on that book now, it seems like a “gate-keeper” book meant to hide information.

  3. Ben Richards says:

    I didn’t know names of charities. Plus the fact some of the hijackers fought in chechnya. All new info to me. I’m going to watch the rest.

  4. Ben Richards says:

    PNAC members… wow.. incredible. a lot of this is new for me.

  5. Briana Katz says:

    I always learn a lot in the comment section.
    So far I understand that the US has been using terrorism to destabilize certain parts of the world as well as in the homeland to slowly chip away at our freedoms. I d ok t understand what the long game is here though. I dont really understand what the New World Order is. I’m about to buy Sibel’s books. I think that will allow me to get a better understanding.

    The US has been guiding the “evolution” of islam to further it’s own interests. But there seems to be a multi national effort as well that is very coordinated. I guess the foundation for 9/11 was laid in the 90’s. Talk about playing the long game.

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