BREAKING- Turkey to Re-Investigate 2015 Terror Incidents as Possible False Flag Ops!

This is an exclusive report brought to you by Sibel Edmonds from Turkey reporting for Newsbud.

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  1. Hayrullah Mehmeti says:

    Davutoglu, just as Gul before him, has been seeming quite sketchy to me after having left his prime minister seat. My question is if this is a news breakout which is brought out from IMMEDIATE attention and concern by Davutoglu or a purposely made news “breakout” with FETO tentacles? If it is a fact that he knew for a while, why now he is saying it? What is his intention and who/what is he working for?

  2. Hayrullah Mehmeti says:

    I mean the timing……

  3. Jon L Curran says:

    I don’t remember if Sibel has commented about assassination of Andrei Karlov.

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