Operation Gladio B: Part 5- 9/11 Master-Mind’s Mystery Arrest in Russia

This is the preview for part 5 of my Operation Gladio B series.

In this episode I will be talking about the mystery case of 9/11 Mastermind Ayman Al-Zawahiri’s arrest the Russian FSB in Dagestan in December 1996.

This not-much-talked-about but highly explosive case has been surrounded by secrecy and much mystery- Intrigue involving not only tight-lipped Russian Intelligence and secrecy by Western Intel, but also other high-profile cases such as Former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko’s assassination by poisoning in London.

In this episode I am going to provide you with the entire story, the main two theories offered by the Deep State media, and the most plausible explanation never put forth before!

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Operation Gladio B

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  1. Robert Diggins says:

    More giant puzzle pieces, ones that we will keep in mind, setting the stage for the world as we know it now. Delivered by the Straight Talk Express.

    You know, these shorter segments are nice, for posterity, since you can re-use them with more flexibility, if needed. And they can be combined for longer pieces, as necessary.

    I think it’s a good strategy and I hope it works well with your schedule and hope concentrating on this GladioB narrative is helping with your next novel.

    If people, sometimes recently I’ve observed (very recently) having a narrow minded view of problems which only affect them in a specific way, want to EVER find a solution to their narrowly defined problem, it would be wise to understand this bigger picture. If you want to pull those weeds out by their roots, that is.

    Thank you!

    • Ben Richards says:

      I’ve only just begun looking at this video series today. I’m starting with Part 1 today. My interest in this topic (regarding Part 1) began when I read Michel Chossudovsky’s September 12th, 2001 article on bin Laden and discovered there was a Chechen connection. I look forward to watching them. And yes, I agree with you the short videos are best for showing people. I plan to sit down with some family members sometime in the future and show a few of them. Also, I just wanted to tell you that I was being followed in Turkey before suffering a psychotic break in Dusseldorf and Barcelona. I’m currently rebuilding life in the states and working hard and no longer on welfare. I didn’t know how else to contact you besides doing it publicly. That’s all I wanted to say about myself and don’t plan to again. I hope to just discuss these topics about Gladio B operations on this forum which is also one of the most fascinating topics in my life as well. And I also wanted to thank Sibel for making these presentations. I want to post again after watching the series.

  2. Mark Ribbit says:

    Thanks Sibel for this great expose!
    However every time I hear/see Al-Zawahiri associated with 9/11 as a mastermind I can’t help
    but roll my eyes in wonder.
    He’s a poster-child alleged ‘9/11 terrorist’.

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