Operation Gladio B- Part 6: The Origin, Brzezinski’s Grand Chessboard & Turkey’s Gladiators

This is Part 6 of my ongoing Operation Gladio B series at Newsbud. In this episode I will be talking about NATO-CIA’s Original Gladio Operations, beginning with the Cold War, the Strategy of Tension, the importance of Eurasia and Brzezinski’s Grand Chessboard. The episode also includes an introduction to Turkey’s notorious Gladiators.

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  1. As much as I find your new series interesting: not a single recent article or video about a potential war on Iran? Now with the attacks on Saudi oil installations things are really heating up…

    • Robert Diggins says:

      Dude! What the hell is wrong with you?!!! Are you for real?

      What do you think? Sibel isn’t interested in “potential war with Iran “?

      What clues have you gathered so far? Does this site not reinforce the exact same thing that you’re ALREADY HEARING from the rest of your bubble? And you can’t live without one more reinforcing narrative?

      Meanwhile, you’re commenting on one of the most important narratives in American History? Which you will not find ANYWHERE else, BTW.

      This is the context. This is the M.O. This is what will help you understand that the people of Iran are being treated just like the people in the Homeland. Like the people everywhere. This series of non-fiction episodes, along with the “faction” in the Lone Gladio Series of books she is working on, explains in detail how it is done. How nations are destabilized. How people’s suffering is used as leverage. How our passions, patriotism, and religions are used against us.

      If you need instant alarming news, check her Twitter feed.

      It sounds like you already have what you want. Maybe you will come to understand the depth of this particular series. To me, there’s nothing more important being produced, concerning geopolitics.

      It even talks about recent history. Something that we’re trained not to consider, on an hourly basis.

      Thanks. Sorry for the strong reaction. I’ve just seen some other comments and material that reminded me we’re in election season and people are generally losing their heads. And I’ve been up all night.

      But seriously, did you need to preface your comment that way?


      • Just responded to him, Robert. There are those who want what the rest of the media (msm or so-Called alternatives) spend all the focus on: RussiaGate, etc. They haven’t learned that that’s exactly what the powers want: out the attention on destruction while they are moving in opposite direction on the chess board

    • Because: 1- This is the third incident in the last year- just as previous two only a warm up, 2- When you see a nonstop loud coverage by MSM and most so-Called alternatives, if you are a savvy geopolitical analyst you’d know that I’d what “They” want you to focus on and be distracted in order to take attention away from “real” things elsewhere.

      I will not respond to demands such as “why don’t you write anything about RussiaGate when everyone is talking about that …” or … just Google “Iran”, limit the search criteria to “last week” and spend days going over tons of “coverage” that will in no way indicate anything of real geopolitical substance.

      Before Iran there are other fronts within the short term deep state geopolitical plans/games, including Syria, Turkey, and the coming synthetic terror events.

      • Dear Sibel,
        Thank you for your reply. Just to give you a bit of context, I have family in Iran and am traveling there regularly. So of course I am a bit worried about recent events. And of course I also know fully well that MSM reports on this topic contain close to zero useful information. That’s why I would have liked to get some level-headed opinion here on Newsbud. Ok, in a way I already got that from your comment.
        However, personally I do think that the situation is very volatile and could spiral out of control very easily, unfortunately. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
        Best regards,

        • Hi Fritz, I completely agree with you re: current volatile state. It is just that I think similar to the previous two incidents, this is more of a slow build up and pretext creation than an indicator of “turning point.” The deep state (US war machine) has several other unfinished items to check-Mark before we get to see outright “Target Iran” operations. It is coming- that’s for sure, but how soon? That’s the question.

          On a different tone: if the deep state stops meddling, I believe some real change will come in Iran; inevitably. The economic situation for the last few years, the internet-age new generation … The Western meddling and serious war threats would do exactly the opposite: of will unite all against the “external” enemy, and it will actually delay or neutralize the chance of real change in Iran. Sometimes I wonder if that is the actual purpose… believe me or not, the war and attack rhetorics from the Western media actually bolsters the strength of the current regime in Iran.

          Thank you for your sincere response and request for clarification. Having known the deep state tactics, I always will hesitant to cover what they seem to want us to cover. Sometimes I am right. Sometimes I am totally off and wrong.

          On a final note: I am open to any updates/news. And i’d Be happy to have Newsbud publish/post anything you may deem worthy of dissemination on this topic. Thank you.

          • Hi Sibel,
            I’m just wondering: what makes you believe that there’s a pre-determined chronological order of events, or at least some system of dependencies/checklist, which have the effect that the US will not go to war with Iran at this point? I mean, I’d expect any “shadow power” (deep state or however you want to call it) to be highly opportunistic. Yet, now with a huge “opportunity” to go to war, caution seems to prevail (so far at least, fingers crossed). Honestly I don’t understand what the mechanisms are that prevent the “war machine” from springing into action.
            Regarding Iran, I completely agree that the current outside pressure actually preserves the status quo (and even helps the hardliners and Sepah). I’m by no means an expert on Iranian politics, but just by talking with people one thing is clear: they want reforms and actions against corruption. It also seems to me that by far the most popular politician is former president Khatami, simply because he actually brought about reforms (I heard for example people say that Khatami “brought colors to the streets” because he relaxed the dress codes). But that’s how people talk outside the capital, probably in Tehran people say different things…
            Best regards

  2. If I understand deepstate even slightly, ‘stopping meddling’ is ruse to allow build up and deployment otherwise.
    And DeepState ‘Reform’ does not allow any reasoned or slow, measured, peaceful transition to a greater society by itself outside deepstate hegemonic control…. It’s actions most recently in Libya [ http://www.libyanwarthetruth.com/ ] and Syria, attest the first phase of ‘reform’ as Annihilation; the mass slaughter of civilian populations by air attack under false pretence, all infrastructure ‘reformed’ to Uranium depleted DUST: all services..water: Hospitals: road/rail; power stations; schools etc etc etc . Then followed by a ‘free army’ of ‘rebels’ by whatever franchise name inserted as were in Afghanistan, Kosovo Libya Syria Yemen etc; hundreds of thousands of mercenary dregs from the slums of ME and Caucasia let slip to do their awful work out of sight of MOCKINGBIRD press which will be steadfastly – LOUDLY -looking the other way at whatever choice of spectacle arranged at the time. On the ground, mainstream audiences and hollywood darlings will see white helmets ‘save the children,’ [ for later body part sales] while ‘smell-a-rat’ Biggins of Bellingcat and other ‘alternate’ assets of the great wurlitzer, will cover the ‘intellectual’ debunk of all real reporting..
    Speaking of ‘spectacle’.. GLADIO and PRETENCE… I should like to segue to Christchurch for a moment.
    There are actually TWO videos of the apparent actions recorded that day. AlNoor Mosque, the infamous ‘Go-Pro’ ‘live-feed’ magic bullet clip,
    and Linwood Islamic Centre the second—of which NOTHING is spoken of. Infact the NZNational Censors office refused any specific knowledge of it at all. Instead, the Go-Pro was immediately stamped ‘bona-fide’., then censored and relegated illegal after its initial and maximum terror impact was established.
    The second; the Linwood clip, was left completely ignored to the extent it ceased to exist.
    Why. ?

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