BREAKING- What Happened in the Putin-Erdogan Meeting Today!

Delving into the latest Erdogan-Putin meeting in Sochi Russia, and talking about the “real” status of Turkey’s Syria Op and what will be coming up on the Syria front!

The full Exclusive analysis on all this is now available at Newsbud to my community members. If you haven’t already, join us by subscribing and tune into our coverage (see links below). Thank you all- This is Sibel Edmonds reporting from Turkey.

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  1. Robert Diggins says:

    Well done. So good to have informed reporting without all the hyperbolic spin, distortions, omissions, and outright lying and propaganda.

    I’m still concerned about the apparent release of ISIS fighters, which seems like a planned part of our “hands off” approach. As if we had nothing to do with it.

    That said, it’s good to have at least an example of pulling out of foreign entanglements. Let’s see how far that theater will go. I’m sure that hopes are high, but there will be another casus belli

    Meanwhile, the propaganda machine has complete control over the thoughts and emotions of those who formerly called for withdrawing and, with the flip of a switch, the robots cry desperately for more military intervention.

    The amount of control and push-button public infighting is still sickening to observe. When will people turn off the MSM and “alt” lackeys? When the Sun refuses to shine.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  2. Lisa Schrant says:

    Thanks! Good news!

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