Turkish Colonel Exposes it All- From Syria War to Plans for New ISIS Terror Attacks in EU

Colonel Osman Basibuyuk puts it all out - from the real reasons, interests and actors behind the Syria war, to highly-probable ISIS False-Flag suicide attacks in Europe that are being concocted by “certain” nations’ intelligence operations to drag the United States back into Syria. Who? What? How and Why? You’ll find out in this program.

Osman Basibuyuk is a retired Air Force Colonel with high-level expertise in NATO-Turkey Relations, Nuclear Strategy and the Greater Middle East Project. In 2005, he was appointed to NATO's military headquarters in Belgium and worked with the Strategy Plan Department on NATO’s Response Force (NRF). He also served as the Director of NATO Standardization and Agreement Branch in Turkey. He obtained his master's degree in international politics at the Université libre de Bruxelles in Belgium with his dissertation on the Future of NATO post Afghanistan Operation. In 2011 Col Basibuyuk was targeted and forced out by the Sledgehammer operation, and retired as a colonel.

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  1. Robert Diggins says:

    Thanks for translating this important perspective!

    It’s about time for the Western Public to start putting the puzzle pieces together. You know, funding and arming “al Qaeda related forces in Syria”!!!

  2. Castillonis says:

    Thank you for all of your effort to summarize Colonel Osman Basibuyuk explanation of government interests and warnings about future plans in Europe.

    I would also like to add that Michael Stonebraker gave an excellent history of the discovery of huge gas reserves off of Gaza, Lebanon and then Israel as well as the efforts to develop them.
    audio of presentation

    NYSE GNE Genie Oil / Gas subsidiary of Genie Energy
    potential large oil discover in Golan Heights
    Yuval Bartov, chief geologist
    Jacob Rosthchild, Rupert Murdoch

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