Operation Gladio B- Part 7: Susurluk Scandal- CIA’s Gladio A Goes 0-Dark-30 & The Road to 9/11

This is part 7 of my ongoing Operation Gladio Series. In our last episode I covered the original Operation Gladio; Op Gladio A, and Turkey’s best-known gladiator-Abdullah Catli.

In this episode I discuss the Susurluk Scandal - When the CIA’s Op Gladio A went 0-Dark-30, the involved key figures in Turkey, the activation of Operation Gladio B, and the creation of al-Qaeda, paving the path towards the September 11 Terror Attacks.

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  1. Jan Rosbäck says:

    Seems we have a correlation with messages given by the recurring death of al Baghdadi to converge Gladio A with Gladio B. The system starts with an overtake of the existing drug dealers and and by installing their own patsies at street level. The instigation of a real “War on Drugs”. https://www.catalannews.com/society-science/item/major-police-operation-against-drug-trafficking-network-in-central-barcelona
    What´s your point on this?

  2. Ben Richards says:

    I really want this series to continue. I also found a great little wiki site on another figure. https://covert-history.wikia.org/wiki/Yasin_al-Qadi

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