Master Nations vs. Butler Nations

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  1. David Ambuul says:

    This is the same way corrupt bishops and cardinals act in the Catholic Church…the bad bishops destroy any good priest(s) who do(es)n’t toe their line, while at the same time those evil bishops have boyfriends and girlfriends (not to mention also molesting kids and murdering) in the dark and on the side, all against their vows and Church law! This is the deep state of the Catholic Church that presently has much control worldwide. Their time is coming to an end though, because good journalists are working from the peripheries of the Church 🙂
    The humor in this video is refreshing…: when we deal with dark subjects like these it is important to just do our best and remain free and joyful –we are on the side that always wins in the end, and what could be better than knowing and living it!
    i’m totally enjoying this Gladio series and look forward to each new video!!!

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