President Erdogan Should “Postpone” His USA Visit- Here’s Why

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  1. David Ambuul says:

    I’m not sure what to make of the implications of Erdogan visiting or not visiting the US. Even if he does someday, doesn’t this only confirm and deepen what you’ve termed Butler Nation status. I’m guessing here: this is something such nations need to do simply to try to protect their peoples and sovereignty as best as possible? Regarding how he has treated Kurds near and outside Turkey’s border, it all seems shameful (at least as far as i can presently understand)…in other words, it seems Erdogan does with the Kurds the same that factions in the US would do with Turkey! These questions are fragmented, i know, because how Turkey should or shouldn’t act geopolitically isn’t clear to me.
    In my own experience, if i don’t want to be bullied or used by someone, i steer clear of him or her and let nature take its course from there, figuring that if someone wants to bully it is because ultimately they want something from me that they lack. Maybe this doesn’t work when it is a nation being treated unfairly as what Putin terms “Vassal States” and millions of lives are at risk? Anyway, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this.

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