Part 1- The Death of Le Mesurier: Crucial Witness Statement & Facts Omitted from the Western Media

I am currently in Turkey actively investigating the death of James Le Mesurier which occurred earlier today.

This is my first report on crucial facts regarding the case, including key witness testimonies and major incidents and developments that took place right before Le Mesurier’s death.

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  1. Thank you.
    The severe psychotic episodes requiring sedative injections..did that report come from the wife ?

  2. the wife took sleeping pills, that is why she did not hear anything 🙂

  3. Robert Diggins says:

    Is the wife in custody or free? Still in Turkey? I wonder who wrote her statement. Is she an MMA fighter, by chance?

  4. Steven Hobbs says:

    Hey Sebel,
    Thank you (as always) for detailing available information of an enigmatic story which seems ‘surprisingly’ typical for suicided public figures (and journalist/whistleblowers).

    • Steven, thank you for the encouragement. For the last 3 days there’s Been zero report/media coverage here on the case. Considering how high-profile this case is: very telling. Also, WH’s reconfiguration and their latest ops here in Turkey: telling as well. From everything I have seen, examined, read, …: This was NOT a suicide or accident. This is a state-sponsored hit/op, most likely multiple states.

  5. Briana Katz says:

    I wonder who benefits most from his death. His wife’s comments seem suspicious as well. I wonder if they will find those sleeping pills she says he took in his system. Why was he being sedated previously? Why did he leave his home? Was he more exposed in his office as opposed to his home? Was he thrown out the window? That could explain the lacerations.

    Thank you for your report! I look forward to watching the next part!

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