Part 2- BREAKING: Le Mesurier’s Major Fallout with His Host Country Weeks Before the “Russia Threat”!

This is my second report on James Le Mesurier’s death yesterday in Istanbul, Turkey. I am currently in Turkey investigating the case through both inside sources and the coverage here in Turkey.

In this breaking report I talk about the major fallout between Le Mesurier and Turkey a few weeks before his death, and the eyebrow-raising coincidences and timing.

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  1. stunning how western media FIREWALL has managed NOT to report the turn about in LeMesurier’s fortune
    and ‘Turkey Outing his odious whitehelmets.con as ‘perpetrators of false flag chemical attacks in Syria’

    Awaiting autopsy . [ Hopefully not as compromised as Epstein. ]
    Thank you. Would know NONE of this otherwise.

    • Ben Richards says:

      The Epstein thing blew my mind. I wanted to know more about promis software and how Robert Maxwell is connected to it and the child sex rings. If it was really him that gave the software to the Russians or if it was Robert Hanssen. I’ve heard both.

  2. Ben Richards says:

    I never even heard about this on western news at all. Thanks for this.

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