Part 3- Le Mesurier’s Death: Wife’s Israel Connection & Body Sent to UK Before Autopsy Completion

This is Part 3 in my investigative series on White Helmet cofounder James Le Mesurier’s death in Istanbul, Turkey. I am currently on the ground in Turkey, investigating the case through my sources and real-time coverage here.

In this episode I cover the following information and revelations currently totally absent in Western Media coverage of the case: Le Mesurier’s wife and her direct connections to Israel and the UK, the latest revelations from Insiders and experts in Turkey who are familiar with the case contradicting the still-semi-official narrative, and Le Mesurier’s body being transferred to London earlier today.

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  1. David Ambuul says:

    Wow –MI6, Mossad, agents re-shuffled after the murder. I’d of never guessed such things from this ultra-innocent-loversofhumanity bunch. How weird and surprising…!!

  2. Jan Rosbäck says:

    Hm. breaking legs&arms means somebody is sending a message. Maybe he thought he could quit the team.

  3. Vanessa Kachadurian says:

    Was a toxiology test done on Emma Winberg to indicate if she actually had taken sleeping pills?

    • Excellent question, Vanessa. In the media reports they List the following: Samples taken from Under her fingernails which came back with “negative” result, Her electronic gadgets and two questioning session. Nothing about blood sample being taken

  4. Briana Katz says:

    I wonder if they will find those sleeping pills un his system. Also, is Britian helping cover for the wife? Did Emma Winberg and Le Mesurier have an argument prior to his death?

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