Part 5- New Revelations on Le Mesurier’s Past, CCTV Contents, Explosive Discrepancies & More

This is Part 5 in my investigative series on White Helmet cofounder James Le Mesurier’s death in Turkey. I am on the ground in Turkey, investigating the case through my sources and real-time coverage here.

In this episode I cover the latest breaking developments and new revelations that are completely absent in Western Media coverage of this highly significant case:

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  1. Robert Diggins says:

    Has anyone mentioned anything more specific than “Sleeping pills”?

    I’m guessing “sleeping pills” could also range from PJ’s to Laced up Army boots.

    Hopefully the autopsy will clarify with a toxicology report.

    Also, I wonder when they are going to add “…he stood up, after falling, only to be hit by a drunk cab driver, which broke his arms and legs, and cut his face. Politicians are calling for tougher drunk driving laws and a March is planned, in his honor.”

  2. David Ambuul says:

    So there IS a direct connection to the CIA!
    Once again, I’m SHOCKED that such an organization that seeks the common good worldwide would be connected to nefarious actions, such as the murder of one of their own operatives!!!

  3. Faruk Habib ? ” Le Mesurier’s first autopsy at the Forensic Medicine Institute was completed. According to the initial findings, the cause of death of the former agent was internal bleeding due to falling from height.”

    • Can you believe: 500 copies of the same book: the confessions of a British Spy & Britain War Against Islam.

      • “Confessions of a British spy and British enmity against Islam. This document reveals the true background of the Wahhabi movement which was innovated by Mohammad bin abdul Wahhab and explains the numerous falsehood they spread in the name of Islam and exposes their role of enmity towards the religion of Islam and towards prophet Mohammad sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam and towards Muslims at large. No wonder the Wahhabis today stand as the backbone of terrorism allowing and financing and planning shedding the blood of Muslims and other innocent people. Their well known history of terrorism as documented in Fitnatul Wahhabiyyah by the mufti of Makkah, Sheikh Ahmad Zayni Dahlan, and their current assassinations and contravention is due to their ill belief that all are blasphemers save themselves. May Allah protect our nation from their evils.”
        And now he is dead . Both arms. Both legs .

        • It’s been the British Empire’s tool for a long time.

          More narrative changes pouring: for example,the body was supposedly found wearing khaki pants-starched white shirt, with boots next to the body. Now they say: boxers and undershirt and no shoes. Huh?! During the first 4 hrs I saw a photo showing the body lying next to wall- only legs visible covered by khaki pants. Trying to find that photo.
          Pls Save if you come across that photo.
          The other thing I don’t understand: this case is huge, yet not much attention from people in the US- very odd.

          • David Ambuul says:

            Practically no one refers to the British Empire as still active, usually with the belief that the US has taken over this role. But in reality it seems the US just serves as the military and financial arm of their continued attempt to rule the entire globe. Stuart Laycock wrote a fun book on all the countries Britain has invaded: “All the Countries We’ve Ever Invaded” (89% of existing countries) and co-authored another: “America Invades : How We’ve Invaded or Been Militarily Involved with Almost Every Country on Earth”. I got both these books shipped from England through Abebooks for under $10! So yes, very little interest in the US regarding these types of activity, probably because the stories are so well blackballed by the establishment here in the States.
            I don’t think, at least for now, that this establishment can be defeated through politics or military means etc. They simply have corrupted too many structures worldwide, and too many people in the world spend their time on social media or watching sports and things of the like; the people of the world are generally too degenerate even care that they are basically economic units for an empire that uses and despises them.
            Dostoyevsky said “the world will be saved by beauty” and his quote was later picked up (and lived) by Dorothy Day in the US, who, early on as a Communist/Socialist later moved toward economic ideas such as Distributism while she founded community houses and farms around the country for the poor and marginalized; a form of beauty through practical living and the changing of peoples hearts.
            In the realm of literary and artistic beauty my favorite poet is David Jones who wrote about the inherent destructiveness of Empire, which serves most tellingly as a destroyer of culture. He’s subtle and generally not terribly easy to understand, but being a good Welshman he both despised the British Empire as he enjoyed life near the heart of the beast. To find info on him on the internet you have to use keywords: Jones David Welsh Poet in order to find the right guy, because shortly before his death the Empire itself constructed a ridiculous pop rock figure whose actual name was also David Jones, which has thereby made the true artist difficult to discover –one of the many tactics of the British on the cultural war front. Anyway, here’s a link to his Wikipedia page
            I believe that those who run the deep state fear culture and art far more that they fear guns or politicians. With regard to the latter, they are very good at possessing, owning and controlling, so they are difficult to defeat in that arena. But with regard to culture and art, it is we who have a huge advantage, because they are not capable of producing art without an agenda, which always makes for terrible art. They can’t do this because they are sort of sub-human monsters who only care for power and money and so forth. Unfortunately, these people influence most of the world today; but can you imagine how pathetic their petty existences are?
            Has anyone ever seen the movie Children of Heaven written and directed by Majid Majidi ? He’s Persian, and it’s an incredibly beautiful, lower budget movie. Seeing that movie almost 20 years ago was the beginning of my awakening from the matrix of the deep state/empire. All the garbage i had been fed my entire life regarding the ME as a place that the US has to save from being ignorant and corrupt and backward simple vanished by watching 90 minutes of art showing these actual people and their culture!

  4. Nothing here on it at all. media Silence. Like Epstein. Like Helicopter LasVegas shootings and list of 911 revelations this past 10months…
    Like ‘ChristchurchCall’ …nothing..Not even down the memory hole because never really reported ….Omission is the most powerful censorship tool.
    So I guess, unless there is talk of ‘Continuity’,
    the WhiteHelmets.con, are Done.
    Are curtains.
    No more ‘WorstActorsEVER’ Oscar awards !? maybe a posthumous NOBEL ?

    Anything more specific on the leg breaks ..shins? femur? DNA ? Autopsy ?
    David. Perfidious Empire I think now = S E R C O type global businesses.

  5. David Ambuul says:

    Just looked up Serco. Thanks remo. I know very little about these int’l connections (my specialty is discovering corruption in the Catholic Church, of which i’m a devout adherent, and seeing to it that phony priests and bishops who are really murderers and sexual deviants are removed and jailed) but am shocked at how similar these traitorous clerics are to deep state operatives, but in the religious sphere, which you point out with regard to the corrupt House of Saud. -It’s the same from where i stand. Serco illustrates that the brain center of the deep state worldwide has an essentially British center.
    I’m friends with a bunch of Nigerians here in Colorado Springs, and every year in early October we get together for their day of independence celebrating freedom from Britain. It’s always a blast!

  6. Nobody is free from Britain. Secret societies/the octopus/deepstate etc. Interoperability’s of that dark web .
    SERCO runs US patents office ! and DavidHAWKINS @
    and crowdsourcethetruth maintains they run a whole lot more than that.

  7. Could this be be related? Nancy trying to clean up the deep state secrets before Trump got to them. Everyone must be aware that Pelosi and all of the Democrats in office for years are in direct opposition to trumP. trump may not be an angel but I do believe he’s trying to uncover as much as he can.

  8. David Ambuul says:

    Pelosi the Corrupt in that article stated: “Meeting with and hearing directly from our troops and diplomats on the ground is essential for Congress to conduct effective oversight of our mission in Afghanistan. We will return to Washington strengthened with the facts and the first-hand knowledge we have gathered at this critical time for our nation’s Afghanistan policy and inspired by the courage of our servicemembers and diplomats on the front lines.”
    Nancy is as much a part of the deep state as it gets: -fake Catholic, uses things like women’s rights to expand the empire, and is now in Afghanistan to make sure the drug trade (“oversite of our mission in Afghanistan.” –not my mission or the people who read this website Nancy; speak for yourself witch!) for her buddies continues to thrive after their recent elections. If that is connected to the White Helmets somehow i have no idea. But that she is one of the deep state’s sorry operatives is certain. And it is clear that at least large sectors of the deep state must fear Trump for some reason; i think they wanted him to further the agenda of corporations taking over rule reserved for legitimate governments, but he is turning out to be a true populist way more than they like.

  9. Briana Katz says:

    There has been a concerted effort in western media to bbn paint Le Mesurier as a humanitarian and they have been promoting suicide as his cause of death.

    It is interesting that Bashar al-Assad is saying that he was killed because he knew too many secrets.

  10. Ben Richards says:

    the timing of their assumed meeting around the time of Yassar Arafat’s death is incredible.

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