Part 7- BREAKING: White Helmets Distances Itself from Le Mesurier & Denies His Role as Founder!

This is Part 7- Breaking News, in my investigative series on White Helmet cofounder James Le Mesurier’s death in Turkey. I am on the ground in Turkey, investigating the case through my sources and real-time coverage here.

In this breaking news episode, blacked-out by every Western Media outlet, I present the new official announcement by the Civil Defence Organization in Syria, known as the White Helmets, distancing itself from James Le Mesurier.

All this and more-in this in-depth breaking report from Turkey available only via Newsbud. Subscribe and Join our Newsbud community to access this episode if you are interested in this case and all my investigative reports and analyses. (links are listed below). Thank you all.

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  1. Ben Richards says:

    the historical revisionism is astounding. they can just edit history however they want. founder, what founder?

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