Part 8- Le Mesurier Death Day 9: Siphoned-Off Evidence, Missing Key Testimony & The Mystery Book!

This is Part 8 in my investigative series on White Helmet cofounder James Le Mesurier’s death in Turkey. I am on the ground in Turkey, investigating the case through my sources and real-time coverage here.

In this episode I cover the latest breaking developments, including the latest flushed out key facts, witness testimonies and evidence in the case- None of which has been reported by the Western media.

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  1. Steven Hobbs says:

    Hey Sebel,
    Once again, you knock it out of the park!
    Thank you. And, thanks to all in this tedious effort who assist and support by doing what they can for truth and transparency.
    In such spirit, gotta say, free Julian.
    In gratitude.

  2. Ben Richards says:

    the book copies were to go to gulenist handlers, perhaps?

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