Special Report- Radical Cleric Gulen About to Become Too Sacred to Be Extradited!

Explosive Developments in Radical Cleric Fethullah Gulen’s Extradition Case!

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  1. Michael Rich says:

    Nice update Sibel. Would you please provide more analysis as to WHY Turkey has backed down from their demand to extradite Gulen. What is Turkey getting in return for backing down? Previously you alluded to the decision being tied to the Halkbank scandal in the US but it seems to me like there must be something else going on here….

    • Hi Michael, there are certain things I cannot talk about “loudly” while here in Turkey. But remember what happened a month ago, when Pence came here to Turkey? US Congress and the State Department issued a public threat saying that they’d release all financial reports on top Turkish Gov Officials’ (And their families’) assets/bank accounts? That was a VERY effective blackmail.

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