Special Report: An Iranian Former Agent & Dissident on CIA’s Payroll Assassinated in Turkey!

A former Agent of Iran’s Intelligence Agency and a later high-profile dissident was assassinated in Sisli District of Istanbul, in Turkey. He was shot 11 times by an assassin clad in dark clothing and a hat.

In this breaking report I will talk about the victim, his background, and about the nation states with motive, or motives, for carrying out this latest assassination in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey-Currently the top hub for multi-national intelligence operations and assassinations.

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  1. Can only watch and wonder.
    I have heard nothing reported in media here on LeMesurier death at all.
    No mention here also of second OPCW whistleblower refuting OCT Douma ‘gas attack’ claim.

    • Reno, Le Mesurier’s Death Case has gone eerily quiet here as well. Nothing for the past 4-5 days.

      This Iranian guy’s assassination case shows zero return in English search. Very odd. The spelling for his name in English Masoud Moulavi , in Turkish Mesut Mevlevi. One Turkish article here this morning says that he had Iran and US Citizenship. And named his univ in IS as “Georgia Tech”. Hmmmm Don’t know about the media’s fact checking ever being done here, so I’ll wait for better info. Some major things are being cooked up by top Intel institutions, but what? Whatever it is the media’s marching order: Don’t cover/report anything

  2. MOCKINGBIRD media marching order.
    ‘Some major things being cooked up by top intel institutions” can only mean MAJOR disaster for rest of us.
    Ole Dammegarde at lightonconspiracies reckoned a major multinational (pan-European) psyop averted last month.

  3. Robert Diggins says:

    What level of skill does the gunman have, to hit the victim 11 times, while running and shooting backwards? I can imagine coming from behind, with total surprise, there were some easy shots made. But, when running, even those easy shots are made difficult. What are a few extra seconds, to stop and make sure the victim is killed? I can’t imagine the assailant was panicking, being so accurate after he passed the victim, not watching where he was running, but aiming with precision, shooting backwards.

    Does this point to an elite assassin? Or a sloppy job, since he didn’t die until after reaching the hospital? That seems like a sign that it wasn’t elite. But, how many people can do that? Even in a training exercise, and hit 11 times?

    And, when do governments EVER actually release footage like this, from CCTV cameras?

    There’s something very theatrical about this, to me. But, I admit, I don’t see much footage of real political assassinations.

    • Hi Robert, the more detailed reports: he shot at least 11 times towards Molavi. At least 1 hit his heart and and 2 his legs.

    • Steven Hobbs says:

      Hey Robert,
      Yes, something seems fishy with the media reporting; in addition to police and ambulance arriving so quickly. Don’t know about “elite assains”; they likely have their own MO, signature, and theatricality however abbreviated.

      • Robert Diggins says:

        Thanks, Steven. Yeah, it’s all very intriguing and I’m sure those who are trained more can see what they see.

        I heard there was more madness on the London Bridge, including a rare whale bone?! Now that’s elite defense tactics!

        Too much theater news.

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