The Uber-Geopolitical Web: From the Atlantic Council-George Soros to Turkey-Syria & Hungary

From the Atlantic Council-Soros Network Operatives Targeting Hungary and the Real Reason Behind the Anti-Americanism Rise in Germany, to, Soros and the Network’s Main Agenda in Targeting Turkey’s Erdogan, the German Intelligence-Military Directly Backing YPG Kurds in Syria against Turkey and the Recent US-Denmark Spat:

Do you consider the mega points above as scattered and disconnected? Think again! They all are part of a geopolitical web tied to each other intimately by one, one major, connector. And in this exclusive and in-depth episode, I talk about the connector, and how it neatly ties everything together.

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  1. Robert Diggins says:

    Well done. Thank you, Sibel.

    This puzzle is interesting. Connections between the WB popstar who needed help setting up his Twitter account, with his billionaire bought and defunded (intercepted & silenced) cache of alleged evidence of serious and ongoing crimes against us, and the WB status exploiting VIPAC, especially with Graham Fuller publishing under their moniker, must mean that at least some of these WB’s and their associated “peace activist” members are still active and not retired.

    I wonder if there will ever be a VIPPLE Blower to expose their unwitting involvement with continued company operations. I only see one possibility for that, because only one isn’t tweeting about political gaffes on a daily basis. But MN Nice is hard to overcome.

    Well, congrats on even more vindication, concerning GG’s Snowjob. I guess many people don’t think about the fact that these cache “owners” travel in/out of the USA with impunity. And Frosty himself has been going to Germany? What?! Maybe he’d be safe going to Bolivia, on his way to the Bahamas. But he’s probably still needed in Russia for now. Maybe he’s going to come out with proof of meddling in the 2020 main event.

    I wonder if the public will put up yard signs again. I predict masked yard sign burnings, reminiscent of KKK cross burnings, except with black hoodies and tiki torches Especially around major colleges and universities and statues.

    I predict I won’t be able to handle Twitter much longer. People are already bananas. Especially VIPAC.

    Maybe the solution is to replace candidate names with pipeline company logos.

    Real energy tech disruption needed. (See SAFIRE Project for possible candidate.)⚡⚡

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