Part 2- Masoud Molavi Assassination: An Iranian Triple-Agent & A Three-Nation Cover-Up

Hello everyone. This is Sibel Edmonds reporting from Turkey on the assassination of the Iranian Triple-Agent Masoud Molavi in Istanbul, Turkey. For those of you who are not familiar with my background: I am fluent in four languages, including the Iranian Language-Farsi and Turkish. I have been a linguist, geopolitical analyst and an investigative journalist with expertise on Intelligence Operations, the Middle-East, Central Asia and the Caucasus.

In this episode I have several breaking reports on Molavi’s background- including questionable background documents, various involved agendas, and glaring cover-ups by three involved countries: Iran, the US, and Turkey.

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  1. Ben Richards says:

    This is so complicated. I had to keep hitting the “go back 10 second button” repeatedly to grasp the convoluted nature of this.

  2. Ben Richards says:

    Sibel, and the possibility of a future drone getting hijacked by an Artificial Intelligence system is very high, correct? It makes me think of the Boeing 737 Max that went down due to a “software problem”. Or the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that disappeared. Or the planes that got electronically hijacked that flew in the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The future of aircraft getting remotely hijacked by computer software/Artifiical Intelligence systems is a real danger. And the perpetrator of the remote hijacking could be falsified as seen with the “russia hack of the US election”.

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