Part 4- The MEK Factor & Operation Target Iran in Molavi Assassination in Turkey

This is Sibel Edmonds reporting from Turkey on the assassination of Iranian dissident and Triple-informant Masoud Molavi in Istanbul, Turkey. This is part 4 in my exclusive investigative series on the case. In this in-depth analysis report I delve into the damning timelines, evidence and pretexts leading to Molavi’s assassination- and with that wave alarm flags over a highly-possible set-up by the Deep-State in their Target Iran Operations.

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  1. Robert Diggins says:

    Such good reporting! Who gets to see these scumbags hyping up our “freedom fighters” yet again! This group goes on an off the terrorist group list and freedom fighter list with every full moon, it seems. The USA public DOESN’T see this and DOESN’T hear Brzezinski admit that we used the Mujahideen to draw the Soviets into their own Vietnam (Afghanistan), back in the 70’s and DOESN’T get to hear him add that they lied to the American people about it for decades. He says it to a journalist in France, since he knew it would not get domestic coverage.

    To the sheep in the MEK: Are you insane AND stupid? Can’t tell when you’re being used? By any means necessary is the thinking of brainwashed people.

    To the sheep in the USA: Are you insane AND stupid? Can’t tell when you’re being used? By any means necessary is the thinking of brainwashed people.

    To the sheep in…

  2. Robert Diggins says:

    Also, I want to mention again, since you brought up the use of Albanian heroin traffickers, that I can corroborate that a little, because of what a Norwegian woman told me in 1999, in a hotel near the Embassy area of Oslo.

    It was late night, in the hotel lounge. She was with a group who had started to leave the lounge and the hotel (just there for the lounge) (it was called the Frogner Hotel, and was old and I’m guessing bugged in every room, now, since the embassies were all around us.) and she came over to say hello to the lonely American tourist. I guess we’re not difficult to spot.

    It was my first overseas trip, with my mom and sister, who were already asleep in the room. A very meaningful trip, since we found our relatives in a small fjord town and reconnected with our family and history (including seeing the log records of our family getting on the boat to go to America and a locally written history book, in two volumes, showing the records of the farm we visited, going back to the 1600s).

    Anyway, this lady started out by asking if I was American and then ranting about how badly we screwed up, by killing all the American Indians. I told her there are still some strong cultures that survived, after acknowledging the colonial history.

    Then she said “I just hate that Norway is involved in the NATO bombing of Kosovo. ”

    Wow, I thought, I’m in Europe and I met a peace activist. Of course, right?

    Then she continued, “…because I hate Ethnic Albanians. They’re too poor and have too many children. And when they took over the HEROIN trafficking in Oslo, my friend got his recreational heroin and it was too pure and it killed him. ”

    After picking up my jaw from the floor, I told her that I was the youngest of 8 and my family was poor and had too many kids, as I gave her a glare to say “You’re more American than you think. I mean Nazi American. ”

    After she gave me a half assed compliment about doing well enough to stay in the hotel, I told she was damned right.

    Then she smiled, with nothing more to say, and walked away.

    When I first heard you talk about the Albanians being part of the post Gladio B heroin line, many years ago, I realized that I had one small experience that could corroborate what you said. 2nd hand, but it made me glad I had that talk.

  3. Ben Richards says:

    Is this why Albania was chosen? Because of it’s reputation with past covert operations involving al-qaeda? And also aren’t lots of Gulenists inside of Albania? What is this nexus of where Gulenists and al-qaeda meet with iranian elements??

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