Sibel Edmonds Presents: Gulen & Concocting the Flynn Scandal: A Clinton-CIA-FBI Conspiracy

Today, for the first time, I am opening to the public my previously Newsbud-Exclusive report on Concocting the Flynn Scandal. Why? With the coming sentencing trial in General Flynn’s case, scheduled for December 18, 2019, this is one more attempt to alert the public and bring attention to this conspiracy… casting a dark stain over Americans’ integrity- lowering our nation’s national and international standing.

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  1. Hearing Woolsey talk about what is
    and what is not LEGAL (“We don’t run that kind of so/cia/ty in the United States….”)
    is like listening to Reinhard Gehlen talk about fidelity.

    So this was about Flynn and F.Gulen extradition.. Woolsey the spy, constructing the lie
    around Flynn
    and have it stick.
    That makes sense.
    Now LeMesurier. Turkey is moving.

    • Ben Richards says:

      this was created nearly 2 years ago if memory serves me correctly. Or perhaps the video is older than that. Newsbud saw the impeachment coming from a long time ago.

  2. Steven Hobbs says:

    Thank you for this most direct and “street” level reporting of profound importance. Please continue to dredge, keep it up and please be safe.

    Unlike the gentleman who kindly agrees to this interview, I would never speak of a corporate thug (US Military or any national military) as an “honorable man” without qualification.

    I just don’t find his lauding this person (Flynn) credible. That is not to say the same about comments on “the Clinton’s.
    Gulen Network continues, as do others. Let us not abstract our power by the presence of those we perceive more powerful.

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