“Target Iran” Operations on Pause- Here’s Why

This is Sibel Edmonds, reporting on the ground from Turkey. Last year I began publishing back-to-back reports on Iran based on increased covert and overt activities in the region. My reports were all based on my travels in the region, my first-hand sources, extensive research and analyses. In this episode I provide the overview of circumstances and factors that led to the pause in US-Israel “Target Iran” Operations. Here’s the link in the transcript and show notes for this video post: https://bit.ly/2OoOD3B

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  1. Anne Mitchell says:

    I recently renewed my subscription but I have not seen any new postings by Peter Lee,Pye Ian and others.Are they not working for Newsbud anymore?
    Anne Mitchell

    • Hi Anne. I guess You’ve been gone for a long time. In the past 18 months I have moved to Turkey. We have had several announcements on the site regarding the status of the site, and not being able to afford the expenses for intensive daily video editing- production …. and more.

      • Anne Mitchell says:

        That is too bad!What do you offer on a weekly basis for the subscribers?

        • Dear Anne: I suggest you scroll through and check my posts in the last 6 months. That should provide you with a solid picture. What you will see: during certain period, let’s say with Le Mesurier and Molavi Assassinations, I post several videos in a week; even during Christmas activities and Holidays. Same with topics like Turkey-Russia-US tensions and the S-400 Case. Then there may be weeks when there are no posts.
          What I am trying to say: This is not a full-time mega corporation where there will be daily or weekly set time analyses. Neither is a restaurant with a set menu and a set daily specials for the week.

          As I have indicated in my latest video, getting unplugged, this is how I operate, how I have remained in the last 18 years. And this community, my community, Newsbud, understands, likes and expects exactly what it gets. No if’s or buts or maybes. Period.

  2. Briana Katz says:

    It is interesting that you are saying that the operation is on pause because the mainstream media is making it look like the US is about to war with Iran.

    • Briana, check out the date for that video. I produced and published that video in March 2019; 9+ months ago. The point I made there: it was on pause short term and would become the clear Target with “cases” very in a few months- after Syria front quieted down … which is exactly what happened.

  3. scot moses says:

    looks like Iran flipped. Going to work with trump and his plan. enjoy the show

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