Sibel Edmonds Unscripted, Unedited & Unplugged: Trending Iran, East Med and Beyond

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  1. Briana Katz says:

    Thank you and I hear you completely. I will do more to engage. I appreciate your perspective.

    I subscribed to newsbud because I saw you on youtube. I feel like I understand how to receive the information you’re giving and it is good to know I can use this as a sort of barometer to see what is really happening and what you are reporting compared to what is being reported by more mainstream news sources and “independent news”. I. Understand now that you are not just picking topics that you are interested on or knowledgeable about. You are telling me I need to analyze what I am seeing as opposed to just receiving information. I am going to through your archive and engage. I will also continue to share.

  2. bruce hancock says:

    Hi Sibel.. I thought I was subscribed but wasn’t. I’ve followed you for a bit now (Khashoggi), and appreciate your insight from outside the US.

  3. Jeff Anderson says:

    I do not want key trackers recording my thoughts. Call me paranoid but the way i see (post comments) it’s like a future noose around ones neck. i for one love your reports, each day i look forward to what you have analysed, the days that you do not report makes the next report that much more exiting. i believe that the smart people are keeping there cards close to the chest. The smart people need you like a battery needs to be charged. Sibel Edmonds is a SOURCE of power for the smart battery. Please keep up the great work and know that there is a lot of us spreading your knowledge and sharing your thoughts. By the way as a 50 year old man News Bub is the only place that i have ever typed and sent a message through the WWW, and this is the fourth time to you Sibel to show my support, so in my opinion what you are doing is extremely important.

  4. Jila Ansari says:

    At this point the concentration of power is so immense that truthful information isn’t sufficient in creating the necessary change. The system has infiltrated every power, from US to Russia and directs their intelligence agencies and many opposition groups in each country. Due to oligarchs’ dominance of cyber security apparatus online activism is basically like giving away your power. Today the only choice left is physical presence on the streets everyday for as long as it takes

    • I totally agree: The front organizations (with awesome names & Mission Statements) are all theirs to coopt, Channel & redirect. The internet (social media etc.) is completely theirs to direct and divert and quash. This is exactly what I meant by “finding a way- a different way”.

  5. Krys and Steve Crimi says:

    Merhaba Sibel,
    I had and English prof, who if you wrote her a great paper, would only write “Thank you” w/o further comment. Maybe your reports are so good that there is nothing left to say. We have been following you since your fbi gag order days, but have never written. Certainly agree that Iran is a smokescreen for Libya. Whenever anything trends, it is wise to search elsewhere for what is really important. There is so much out there to sift through, but we know we get something real and deep from you. Our first date was a month backpacking in Turkey in 1985!
    Teşekkür ederim, Krys and Steve

    • Krys & Steve- This means so much to me. Just the fact that you exit, and we’ve been, in a way, together.
      Even a few lines let me know that I have friends, Kindred spirits, and that I am not alone. Without that all I see: screen names, subscription numbers and dollar amount attached to each account. Like a business- company. Thank you so very much.

      Please let me know if you decide to visit Turkey again- sort of an anniversary trip. I’d love to get together!

      • Krys and Steve Crimi says:

        My heart is swelling. We did go back to Anatolia on the 30th anniversary, heading to Gobelki Tepe in 2015, luckily between heated times there. We do dream of hanging out in a Fetiye cafe with you, eating borek and getting geopolitical. We always feel we are at home in Turkey, and the rest of our days doing other stuff between short visits to our real home. We have a small publishing company, striving to put out beautiful and important books, and we too, often feel we are working hard and only spitting into the void. But then we realize that often it is just important to bring something good into the world, whether it is recognized by many or not. Here is our newly revised website with a link to some of the podcasts we have done on other people’s platforms. Good to hear from you, and we will make a meeting happen. We are in Asheville NC if you ever get this way and have an air bnb. Steve

  6. cameron jones says:

    Hi there,
    What do you think is going on with climate change stuff? Like you say, if it’s a trendy, deep state approved topic I think there’s lots to be suspicious of

    • Hi Cameron, Climate Change is one of those topics when I date not open my mouth due to not being informed/educated enough to form a valuable opinion, even further, to preach on.

      Real Environmentalism is extremely important. I may not be an expert, or be educated enough on “Global Warming” topic (scientifically speaking), but I do see and register tremendous amount of destruction inflicted upon the nature with grave long term consequences everywhere I go: From Vietnam to Turkey and Lebanon. To give you an example: With lax laws and greed, every single day deforestation in Turkey (for mega resort projects or mega housing projects); Polluting the seas here. I just found out about Turkey getting paid billions of dollars a year to accept other countries’ toxic waste (chemicals; Pharma trash …). They get piled up in certain areas, done get washed away by rain then into the rivers and seas … And those “rich EU countries” knowing that in the end all these toxic waste gets/returns back to their turf … yet …

      Anyhow. Apologies for the lengthy response. I do care about the issue, but I have a long way to go to learn and be able to process all the facts and then be able to form an educated opinion on the trendy environmentalism topics such as Global Warming.

  7. Ben Richards says:

    I honestly haven’t watched or read any reports or videos since about November 2018. I had been an early Newsbud subscriber and watched and read practically everything 100% and even gone back and read all the articles and listened to podcasts including all the articles written by Christoph Germann in the archives (and I mean all of them). I had read boilingfrogspost since about 2013. I never commented though, because I commented once and noticed my name was accessible by a simple google search and I didn’t know I could use a pseudonym. I had tried to post as much things on facebook as possible and tagged friends in videos about the turkish coup plot before 15 temmuz, and even later re-tagged them again. I posted many things on facebook after watching the videos and then reading through all the links posted as “shownotes”. I read through all the hyperlinks that Christoph Germann had posted as well. I like this use of hyperlinks to articles. I always had to search for the original articles Prof. Kovacevic had used for his series because he doesn’t post the links, and I liked practicing my russian by reading the articles. I had the same difficulty getting other people in Russia to read Newsbud articles as well, because I was very much interested in it and more and more, I was not liking teaching english in Russia. I was becoming more and more interested in the news. Because nobody else around was interested and I didn’t have friends, except my girlfriend. That’s when I decided I would like to work for Interfax in Moscow, because posting articles on facebook was alienating others from me who simply didn’t care. And it was making me pissed off, because I would literally show them something that proved what I was saying was true and they batted it off as conspiracy theory without even reading it. Their secret weapon seemed to be to dismiss anything related to Newsbud and wouldn’t even do a simple wikipedia search on Sibel, so I always had to remain tactful when I would try to talk to a new person. And calling anything I would post russian propaganda got very old, very quickly. I could at least breathe in Russia because though I was surrounded by people who weren’t reading american MSM as often (though they do read it there as well). Some of the worst people I had come across were the Navalny supporters in Russia, who I had hung out with a few times. I had never met people as blinded as them on all topics. Many of the Russian Navalny supporters unfriended me because I couldn’t figure out what the Q meant in LGBTQ. Though this was at the end of my stay there because as my relationship with my ex-fiance was breaking up, I needed to leave the country as my visa was ending. With no home to return back in the states, and my job application and FBI background check pending for a job in Saudi Arabia, I decided to fly to Turkey. I had an amazing experience in Turkey (despite being shot at by Istanbul riot police). I had just been walking in Kadikoy with someone I met and we had walked down the wrong street. They didn’t have a permit to protest, and I later found out that they were university students protesting because women can wear hijab at work (which didn’t seem important to me). Plus, they were throwing rocks at the police. I had seen firsthand what happens in Moscow when it’s time to break up a protest and OMON has to come in and break it up. I had seen it happen a few times there. Yet that only last like 10 minutes in Turkey while I was there, and nobody got hurt that I saw. I was there a few months and got to see many different cities and museums and lots of historical places, and met tons of interesting people and had the most engaging conversations with people from all over. I really enjoyed it a lot. I think its the best tourist place to go to. I had to leave due to health reasons. I had some unknown illness and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my body. I left and went back to the states only to end up homeless again. I’ve been homeless about 5 times now and it seems to happen every time I return to the states because I have no contacts or connections here at all. No family either. So even the little family I had would not read or watch anything, and I really have none. I had come back to Turkey a 2nd time only knowing 1 Yemeni guy I had met on my first visit with little money. Unlike my first time in Turkey, my 2nd time was not good because I was trying to find work that was not english-teaching which I had grown to hate. Another idea I had was tourism/hotel work. I kept meeting the wrong people. And the one Yemeni guy I met was not nice to me. All the arabs seemed to only stick together and the few Americans I met were jerks to me. The somalians I was staying with cheated me out of money as did another kurdish guy I was with. I stayed with some descendents of Meskhetian Turks (whom Stalin had deported to Central Asia) who grew up in Kyrgyzstan. He worked as border security officer at the Kazakh-Kyrgyz border and he was also an absolute jerk to me, and I had to get an Azeri guy with gold teeth (who I met nearby) to come and intimidate him so I could get my things out of the house without a fight happening. I just wasn’t successful there and I was tired of being in a place that wasn’t my culture and my language. By the time I had left, it had been almost a waste of year, besides learning Turkish to elementary level and acquiring a bunch of unpleasant experiences. I explained some of this to a turkish lawyer who told me I met the worst people in Turkey, especially after he explained to me the guy I met that operates a ski resort in turkey from kabardino-balkaria had cocaine connections. I stopped reading Newsbud around this time when I was with all these unpleasant people. I bought a plane ticket back to the states and wound up homeless again getting off the airport in Seattle with nothing but the clothes on my back and no money. I have kept up with some Newsbud articles for the past year but only in a general way, reading the headlines or watching a couple previews. I had to use the public library to watch them and also I smashed my computer and my iPhone in a german airport out of paranoia, so I had lost my passwords to everything and my resume also. I was able later to recover my passwords. So now I am in a new city in New Orleans (I was also homeless here in New Orleans). And I am looking for work in a hotel or possibly to teach at the charter schools here (the whole state of Louisiana is composed of charter schools now). So it only after a year of instability that I have watched the whole Gladio B series (which was most important to me). I was surprised by the Tarrant killings in New Zealand and I only found out about that 3 months after they had happened because I was without technology for a long time and had no information as to what was happening in the world. I was surprised that he was a strong supporter of Serbia and was obsessed with the Bosnian genocide. It surprised me because I was in communication with Christopher Black on the phone who used to be Slobodan Milosevich’s attorney. And I had watched 2 Norwegian documentaries on al-qaeda’s role in the Yugoslav Wars, which I was really fascinated by. I was also incredibly surprised to find out Nihad Awad, the leader of CAIR, was in war-torn Bosnia at that time in 1992. And I have watched the first 3 series on Le Mesurier’s death, but I have not watched the rest. Now that I have some semblance of stability (and a new laptop!) I can go back and watch what I have missed since around November 2018. I really enjoyed watching and reading these reports a lot, but my life was collapsing and isn’t going well now either. I am not good at spreading this information to other people at all. So I would like to just talk with other people about stuff that is already known and I want to catch up with things over the past year. So those are reasons why I haven’t been commenting at all. And my life got worse after I met this guy named Richard McManus in Everett, WA who claimed to have worked in military counter-intelligence until 2001. I met him twice in a coffee shop near the naval base. That’s another reason why I left Seattle. So I’m still trying to fix my own life. I would appreciate it if anyone else could help me in any way. Even just being a friend to talk to on the phone would be much appreciated, but it probably isn’t possible in this format on this site. I really don’t want to be involved anymore in using social media (I only use Twitter to read the news), because nobody was looking at my facebook posts and I was just alienating people. Maybe I’m not good at interacting with people or relaying information. But it really sucks to have a lot of things you want to talk about with people and being shut out of conversations in the real world, because I have had no outlet to talk about anything I’ve experienced with anyone and nobody to talk about these Newsbud reports with. So I probably should have been commenting here all along. So I will try and catch up on the past year with the reports. Sibel, good luck with your book sequels. I read the Lone Gladio while I was in Moscow and read the e-book version. I’m not capable of helping out in any way, because I can’t maintain a job or a manage a career for myself. So I would just like to talk to other people who I can’t talk to in real life, because I will risk more alienation. And by the way, I have A LOT TO SAY about the way the welfare system is managed in the US as I have been through the whole system and it doesn’t help anyone. It’s a revolving door. And I have also worked at a psychiatric hospital in Kirkland, WA as an orderly, and they take people in off the street and keep them there for 2 weeks and then set them loose again. And a couple months later, the same people return. The government doesn’t know what it’s doing out there. And the healthcare system is completely broken. I have a million stories about running through this Kafka-esque nightmare here dealing with insurance and also the only people that able to treat my illness were in Turkey. The American doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my body, but it was in Turkey that they were able to diagnose me and treat the condition and it wasn’t expensive at all. I spent thousands of dollars in US trying to find out what the problem was and they never solved it. And all the while being homeless in downtown Seattle, I just kept thinking about those crappy cement block buildings called Khrushovki that Nikita Khruschev built in the late 1960’s (the ones with 5 floors), that I used to live in while in Moscow and I couldn’t understand why in the US, we don’t even have adequate project housing for all the homeless people. Or all the heroin which flows through Seattle like water. So I don’t like it particularly here at all, but New Orleans is a friendly city. I just hope I can get a job and build a career for myself. In Seattle, they are building expensive loft buildings for tech workers that go out and drink bubble tea and eat at asian fusion restaurants. The city is not caring for people who have been displaced at all. The system is too saturated to help anyone. All that liberal money is going down the drain and the social workers just hand out pieces of paper to people as to where to find the food banks. When you don’t know the city at all and are displaced, you are completely lost there with nobody to help. And it makes it even worse when you don’t have a drug or alcohol problem and 95% of them all have those problems and they just don’t want to improve themselves. And they are all uneducated and some are dangerous. The police can’t even arrest them when they shoot up heroin publicly to investigate where it’s coming from because of that state’s wacky laws. I just kept thinking about all the reasons I never saw these level of problems in Moscow. The public transportation worked great there. In Turkey the public transportation works great too. You don’t even need a car. So I don’t understand why there are not Leftists out there talking about building infrastructure, implementing workforce development programs and housing for people. We’ve bankrupted the US and carved out the wealth to spend on wars that don’t even benefit the citizens of the US. It only benefits a select few. So I will go back and watch and read what I have missed. My life was unstable for over a year. That’s why I haven’t commented. And I would like to comment more.

  8. Kathy Wittig says:

    I have remained here supporting your work because I feel it’s invaluable information more people should pay attention to.
    I listen to you. Other people I might challenge, yet in many areas “not trending” you are more informed.
    You share about parts of the world I am passionately driven to have more insight into. The games the US plays literally is evoking a simmering rage in me- add the mentality of so many Americans – ugh!
    You have become a pleasant source of information to listen to as opposed to the divided insanity in the US.
    I don’t have to read between the lines or sift through BS found in many news sources. They just tick me off
    I’m further driven to factual information about countries the US is attacking- yes, they want global dominance. It’s clear another agenda is in place.
    It’s not ok with me. US supremacy needs to be stopped.
    I don’t think many Americans will listen until the US is legitimately attacked on US soil.
    I don’t get to engage in related dialogue with many people. They just don’t get it. I wholeheartedly respect and care about you and your work.
    I even suggested giving your Books as Christmas gifts a few short weeks ago.
    I want people to be informed, but I can only talk to those willing to listen. People delete me- that’s not my issue. I still defer people to read your work at least 2-3 times a week. I like “one” presidential candidate who I said “talk to Sibel Edmonds to get a little more clarity”
    You take what you do seriously and I don’t have to get a headache cross referencing info. I believe your work has made a difference to those willing to listen.
    I’m an information sponge. Sometimes I just listen, and process what you share. Silently engaged.
    I hear it’s part of my mystique. 😉
    (other times, I don’t shut up…when it might be better if I did.)

    I’m glad to be a part of this community, I’ve seen you in a different light since you have gone to Turkey. It’s nice to know more about you.
    Regardless what you do in your future, know you have made a difference the last 20 years. I feel you have made a very valuable contribution sharing information we may not have gotten any other way. Thank you for being so candid.

  9. lane yoshiyama says:

    I don’t believe i have commented in the past, but please note i have always appreciated all the work you do. Like you said above regarding climate change, i don’t feel commenting about something i am not totally aware of. But please keep posting as i have learned so much from you through the years.

  10. Cheryl Condy says:

    Hello Sibel
    If I were to compare my village to a fictional place – I live in a colder version of the Shire. (Lord of the Rings)
    Isolated from the world’s troubles – a joyful, peaceful , beautiful place full of wildlife and insects. I believe a renaissance is occurring , it is just happening on the fringes where it can grow and blossom without attracting too much attention to itself. You are operating closer to the arena where power and greed dominate. Geopolitics by its very nature requires a strong inner constitution to study as it somewhat shocks the consciousness as to how close to pure evil the student can often encounter.
    I often present myself as spiritual tourist , travelling through the experience of a human on earth. In the world but not a creature of it. It allows me to have a certain detachment to the events unfolding . I try to be a little more like my dog who is almost always joyful in this crazy world.
    A horseman can train the horse to be submissive by making it easy to do the right thing and hard to the wrong thing. A mule on the other hand will simply fake it – presenting to the handler what it wishes it to see. But for one second don’t think the mule hasn’t figured the handler’s methods out and is being submissive. A mule always puts its personal interest above its handler. I can’t recall any Kings who rode mules into battle. Mules by the way have a longer lifespan than horses.
    When I was in grade one, the school I attended drilled us in “duck and cover” in case our northerly town was hit by a nuclear bomb . That was 1966. Even at that grade the class refused to play along. That caused the teacher to leave the classroom in a fluster and upon her return she refused herself to perform the drill. I reflect upon the ” duck and cover ” as a prelude to soften us up to accept US cruise missile testing across Canada’s north a few years later but at least during the intermission we got to watch the Soviets face-off with the Canadians in that unforgettable hockey tournament of 1972. Which by the way was during the era of global cooling.

    Your work is important because it spreads understanding which leads to knowledge which erases fear which allows creativity to flow from the human spirit. Whatever you chose to do, do it for love.

  11. Turkey Coup (15 July 2016): You went on record with James Corbett 6 months in advance, predicting it before it happened:
    “The Final Stage of Erdogan’s Takedown –

    How many people on the net can do that?
    Thank you for your analysis and insights.

    • Bijan, Thank you. Please continue posting comments- I’ve been quietly watching and researching everything ‘Iran’ since I relocated to Turkey 15 months ago. Let’s see if we can lift the curtain to see what is beneath all the show.

  12. Hayder Khan says:

    Hi Sibel,
    I think you’re in a dark place at the moment! I feel for you.
    Your analysis is useful.
    You talked about you loving those dinner dates with those women in your video. Therein lies the answer to your problems and dilemmas. You’ve alienated ‘friends’ who you did great work with like James Corbett and you’ve lost all your Newsbud specialists such as the Professor and Ian Pye. These are the people who you would’ve had ‘great conversations’ with in the past and now they are not there. You’re isolated. The job is not as exciting as it was in those early days. You need the Adrenalin buzz. Every human does. Spending 40-50 hours on your own looking at all sorts of news reports and political analysis on your own is draining. You cannot sustain it in the long term. You need to build up your team again. If that means asking your subscriber base to pay more per annum, then be brave enough to ask them. If they are serious, then you’ll be serious. If they don’t rise to the challenge, then the answer you’re searching for will be right in front of your face.
    Good luck. Build bridges.

  13. Sibel,
    Love your work and feel your frustration. I agree with what you say about the coming renaissance/enlightenment. Our current systems will eventually collapse under the weight of their own corruption, as is the nature of change. However waiting for it to happen is hard. Some of my personal solutions are to disengage as much as I can, shop locally, get off Amazon, Facebook (If anything happens, just call me!) read and learn the truth about our own history (OMG! It’s horrifying what people DON’T know). I like what Jila (previous commenter) said about going to the streets, which reminded me of the “Mother’s of the Plaza de Mayo” who marched every Week for their children who had disappeared in Argentina during the 70’s because of the military dictatorship. However as our systems have become so infiltrated (also previously mentioned above) and manipulated, how Do we know who is really behind any planned march and what their real agenda might be? Finally at the risk of being too spiritual and woo-woo, I believe the empowerment of our own human consciousness will lead to the change we are looking for and this can happen with a small amount of people holding space for a positive future.

    • Avery, well said. Your example of Argentina is a good one. Here in Turkey there is a large Group Of Kurdish mothers who’ve been doing this (a sit in) for almost three decades- in Istanbul.

      With that said, when I see the reports on civilian casualties of war, on daily basis, when I read the reports on war refugees (mostly kids) being abducted and harvested for their organs, when I listen to Iranian people telling me about how the sanctions been starving innocent people there … I feel the pressing urgency- how long can we sit and wait while all this happening right before our eyes? Also, looking at the rise of pseudo nationalism in the West, shows me the “wrong” kind of coming change: the reaction and resistance need translating and diverting into a wrong kind of direction- a direction that spells more polarization, hate, Divide, violence and cruelty …

      Speaking of connecting with each other via other methods: I wish we could find a way to organize actual conferences in different part of the world…

  14. Theo Iskra says:

    Sibel, thank you so much for the hard work, activism, and one of a kind analysis brought forth by you for the past 20 years. I know you feel it hasn’t made a difference, but rest assured, your pact has been made on all of us who follow you. I know you will be updating us on the Iran front, but is it possible do you think that NATO could possibly be involved in the coming Target Iran operation? President Trump said in his statement regarding Iran NATO must do more in the Middle East, and Jens Stoltenberg said NATO is right to do more. Any legitimacy to this possibility?

    • Hi Theo, I think I also know you through Twitter.

      NATO: That’s a good question. I think it boils down to timing- currently they have too many fronts in its hand. Libya, East Med, Iraq, Turkey Tensions, … I don’t see it coming soon. I believe they will continue building up a cooked Up dossier on Iran, but right out war won’t happen any time soon.

      My next segment (already recorded, having a hard time uploading it to our multiple servers but should be up before the end of the day here) delves into some of these issues.

      Thank you for all your support- including your help in disseminating our posts.

  15. hello sibel… (i’m Tony from west virginia) you called the “wall flowers” out in your latest video for just listening and not interacting , good for you!…you are correct, no one likes to go through the process of doing a thing and just get back a few cricket noises as feed I apologize >> I am one of those wall flowers >>, but a wall flower that loves you and your work and have supported you almost a decade now I think. ( I am a proud owner of a signed copy your great book ” The Lone Gladio”)
    And have seen the ironically titled ” kill the messenger” documentary about you from 2006…only to see Hollywood make a pseudo documentary about Gary Webb in 2014 and chose to title it ..(.wait for it…)…you guessed correctly folks… also.”Kill the messenger”……actually I do not believe that was an “ironic”coincidence..nowdays with all the search engine formulas a search of that title rarely will bring up your movie unless your name is added to the search request but just ” kill the messenger” in a search will produce pages of stuff on the holywood flick …or a 2004 book…but pretty hard now to get a hit on your movie…..anyway…sorry off the topic…also for anyone who has not done so a viewing of your deposition video is quite informative….not to mention the thousands of other things you’ve shared and enlightened us with.

    You have taught me so much on politics and geo political things I can not express enough appreciation…I have never been involved in social media in any manner but do read all your twitter posts now that I can find, and have since, the newsbud site quit having “sibels picks” ..I find it a suitably similar source of info by reading the articles you obviously find interesting for whatever reason, be it “look at this dis- info” or “this seems important but obscure.”
    I remember it being late night when I came home a few years back and just happened to click on some mainstream news .. which I rarely do..and got to witness the attempted Turkish coup real time under eastern standard time…and I think I went as quickly as I could to find your input..(not sure if I had been getting twitter stuff then)..but you certainly were ahead as usual..concerning Gluen etc….and back when the Ukraine was an issue and Biden was vp and Hillary sec of state…something involving you or those in your circle at the time or something referenced mentioned bidens son and Ukraine gas company position…talk about being….

    it looks like your messege and appeal for input struck home with more folks than just me, from number of posts already…so please do not get discouraged, you have one of the great brains of our time for these things, and are using it wisely to help many folks benefit from it…even if its a selfish listener only wall flower like me..i have no one really to share geo political/political stuff with much…but I do love the feeling you leave me with… that I am informed in a good, no bs, intelligent way whenever I read or watch or listen to things you discuss.
    so stay encouraged you are loved by many …many are in awe of your abilities…and many benefit from your spread of knowledge.
    keep up the good work best wishes “T”

    ps in response to another post..for my part frankly newsbud info was / is Sibel Edmonds… I”m paying to keep you “ON THE AIR” so to speak..i do not really miss other entities although something may be said for the fellowship it brought you…and I would will gladly pay more than I have in the past to continue to support your efforts.

  16. Amber Dudevoir says:

    Sibel and Newsbud,
    I want to say, again, thank you for the work you’re doing to bring clarity and precision to our understanding of world events.
    I am grateful to be a member of this community, and privileged to have stumbled upon your work when I did. At this time, I don’t even remember what I was researching when I found BFP/Newsbud.
    I just finished a book, The Google Archipelago. It describes, in a palatable way, the complex “divide and conquer” tactics that digital gatekeepers are using in service to profiteers and oligarchs. It stresses the privatized nature of this abuse by non-state (corporate/globalist) actors. I don’t like to communicate using the “puppet master” framework. I also don’t appreciate the Atlanticist/Eurasianist dichotomy. I think it’s also limiting – it oversimplifies and marginalizes in a way I find unacceptable. It is still vital to learn these, because they are historical. (I have been using Authoritarian/Libertarian, Collectivist/Individualist, Nationalist/Globalist spectrum successfully in my conversations. )
    I say all of this, because we are limited in our reach/expression/representation by the terms we use to communicate online. I’ve noticed that there are “officially unacceptable” and “unofficially unacceptable” language/topics/persons on the net. I believe the “officially unacceptable” (and more publicly scary) is a natural outgrowth of companies having to enforce “unofficially unacceptable” … It seems natural that measures developed by a nation to protect itself eventually leak into the private sector by social proxy. So, the unsavory/unspeakable things our private industry does to protect its interests can serve as a latent mirror to what our own government has done to protect its sovereignty (or interests).
    What information gatekeepers are doing openly, obscured only by our own indifference, our national security professionals were doing secretly, obscured by their (justified, but ethically questionable) deception.
    For this reason, I strongly recommend The Google Archipelago.
    This “digital gulag” may explain the sense of loneliness we can sometimes feel engaging online. Those with unacceptable ideas may have their freedom to traverse the marketplace, but they are excommunicated from the “church” of acceptable discourse because their ideas are affiliated with “sins” of the dedicated narrative “churches”.
    I assure you, I feel just lonely as well – and I am just as grateful for meaningful conversation. I will note that I tend to engage less when I’m afraid I’ll say something careless or out of my element, because I would just break into a thousand pieces if you ever yelled at me, Sibel.
    Stay well. You’re a powerful hero, even if the bards are afraid to sing about you.
    Amber S.

    • Amber, thank you for this amazing (and sincere) comment, and all you’ve been doing to help disseminate our “sinful” Info out there.

      I must read that book. “Digital Gulag” So aptly describes it! I’m going to use this term quite often.

  17. Apples33d says:

    Thanks for this outburst. I am member, follower of you since the Boiling Frog Post days. I drop off the radar periodically as a busy life leads me elsewhere but I always come back. I will try to be more consistent with commenting on your amazing content.

  18. We are coming into a busy time in the global psyop. The ‘red team’ fresh from its Christchurch success, will be gearing up for their next play-act horror show : where in the west, will that be? While the approaches made last year on SDNY bastions by Architects and Engineers and Lawyers for 911 truth all seemingly absorbed by the colossus. So too, two papers on demolition physics; Hulsey and Schneider into the shredder of truth by Myth and lie. Spat back out by the Wurlitzer. Not far from where EPSTEIN was murdered. Southern District, NewYork.
    The infowar goes on. ROVE was right.
    Your reporting on LeMesurier was stellar. So too Molavi. why were they killed? the WhiteHelmets.con as franchise could still work in Libya. Erdogan now deploying mercenary terrorists pushed out of Syria under ‘Turkish’ flag, into Libya..has to indicate NATO protecting it’s smash-up of Libya. while the alliance do their most effective assassination in….how long..?? Nothing stops. Kurt Nimmo changed direction, so there is no reason you can’t. Nobody can say anything about it. You have to gauge your effectiveness and move on it. Your work stands for itself.

    • Reno, right on. I am not sure if you realize but your email prompted this video/ it became a catalyst. It was something I’d wanted to do for months, but kept double-guessing myself. Then came your email … well, here came thus video. I’m so glad I did it- finally, and thanks to you.

      Turkey has been retraining and sending 1000s Of multi-national fighters to Libya. Frankly, I don’t think anyone distinguish these guys from ISIS. Also, in the last 2-3 days the Gov newspapers here been advertising ‘how Turkey-US relations warming up behind the scene due to Libya.’ As you know Russia is supporting Haftar’s side. Everything on this and Syria stinks, and the center of stench is currently here where I am

    • Oh, let’s take a guess: how long before we start seeing ISIS beheading videos popping up in Libya? “The New ISIS Battle Front: Libya, Ey!” A topic on its own worthy of a video for after I come back.

  19. Then I feel happy and effective ! Thank you. It had been worrying me for awhile too. So I am very glad. My two cents worth is I think ‘double guessing’ a ‘part’ of the learned helplessness algorithm set by the IIO/PSYOPs going on daily around us, disturbing our ability to judge, to ‘know.’ To critically think. I am sure the trolls help keep us doubting ourselves and stopping the talk.
    I appreciated Amber.S saying “I will note that I tend to engage less when I’m afraid I’ll say something careless or out of my element, because I would just break into a thousand pieces if you ever yelled at me, ”
    There is a great and humble truth to that. Many – probably most – who appreciate your work, are not spooks. Are shy of that world but care deeply. Are only awakening to the extent professional liars of Govt/Intelligence/Military/Industrial/Oligarchy and their secret society networks and Media control the narratives of HISTORY. So are aware of own lack of knowledge. That silences me often. Since it is a very serious world you report.
    Onto Libya becoming next after Syria and Turkey central to that play. It is a declaration of WAR. The Captagon ravaged ‘doomsday cult mercenaries’, under Turkish flag (is he just getting rid of a problem?) , are about to get their desserts served on HOT plates because those Tribes of Libya are coming for them no matter how loud the Erdogan cock crows. reports “The GNA (usurper NATO/USAMO regime) holds less than 2% of Libya and is held in place by the support of terrorist militia mercenaries.” So they better hurry. [Libya, 8 January 2020]– Dr Aref Ali Nayed confirmed in an interview with Sputnik yesterday that the city of Sirte and all the surrounding areas were now under the full control of the Libyan National Army (LNA), which is led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar and is affiliated to the Libyan Parliament in Benghazi. He said the swift liberation of Sirte was incredible and “was the result of combined land, sea and air operations by the army.” ]

    The orange suited beheading videos were a ‘Katz out of SITE,’ type productions….the real ones were done on cell phone camera and are desperately unpleasant.

  20. Julien Teyteau says:

    Hi Sibel.
    As I still have a LOT to learn from you, I leave a comment only rarely. Maybe one video out of twenty.
    That doesn’t mean you work is uninteresting. Quite the contrary.
    Thank you for not blindly following the News agenda.
    Keep up the good work.

  21. Julien Teyteau says:

    By the way, here’s a few things you could do :
    – contact independent ‘journalists’ with like-minded understanding on 9/11 (Corbett Report, Jason Bermas, We are Change etc) all across the political field (and apolitical).
    – Introduce a new format, one that doesn’t need so much research, where you could talk about things you know but that will not be the subject of a deep investigation/research like you usually do.
    – I would really like to talk with you, although I’m not sure I could tell you anything you don’t already know. You could host a show where any member of the community could join ? Or maybe they would be selected by you ?

  22. Selam Sibel. I can understand your frustration. It looks like nobody is ‘there’, but we are here and I find your take on the world close to the truth, that you won’t hear in MSM. I think most people don’t respond because your analysis are of high quality and if I speak for myself, I don’t have the knowledge about alot of subjects you bring, so I can’t comment on those subjects. But much appreciated!

    It cost alot of time and energy to bring ‘truth’ to the ‘normal’ people, with little to no response. I used to share alot also on my timelines but I stopped doing it (mostly), because like you said, are people even listening? It’s hard, but that comes with being a truth seeker. So I choose my battles and make people aware on some subjects. I think it is also that a lot people think they can’t do anything about changing the situation, so they go on with their lives in the ‘matrix’.

    What might help is having short (easy to digest) videos on subjects and share them on social media. And the community should reshare, use tags etc. That might increase your exposure more. You have to use the ‘system’ in your advantage 😉

    Anyways keep on doing. It takes time to help people to wake up.

    • H BA- Happy to have you comment here. I think for the coming few videos I’ll further this discussion by maybe breaking this macro topic into smaller ones, and then with our community’s input, we’ll go about the following steps and the best approach to disseminate. I love what I see here, in our forum, uniting objectives without all the dividing and hate-based nonsense. Which makes me ask myself: ‘Okay, how can we try to replicate what we see here on a larger scale out there.” Because out there, the topic goes from … let’s say, war-peace to Hillary, Trump, Biden, Obama … Or it goes from broken healthcare to Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians … or from civil liberties to Right Wing, Left Wing, Liberals …

      I know, I really do, that there are millions out there who would be on the same page with us, completely, on these issues/topics. Many of them, rightfully, frightened/spooked by the hate-ridden visible public forums (be it social media, or media) have been voiceless; retreating into their shells, feeling alone/helpless. I truly believe this- and that together we might find a way to reach out to them.

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