From Iraq-Syria to Iran: The Neutering of the Anti-War Movement & Ways to Revive It

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  1. Theo Iskra says:

    Great video, Sibel. Your unwillingness to give up and fight for what’s right gives me and countless other viewers the much needed optimism that humanity needs to achieve a more peaceful and prosperous world. As to your comments about how you should structure your videos, I suggest a healthy balance between the unedited and edited videos, so that viewers can see a good amount of both your professional journalism, and your candid opinions and your attempt to reach out to us viewers and build genuine relationships with us, so that a real difference can be made in this world. Can’t wait for more of your great content, and good luck on your surgery!

  2. Sam Henderson says:

    OK. I would just like to start off by saying that you’ve convinced of the importance of being mobilized and active in this video. I would very much like to be involved. I think it’s important for us (the viewers) to reach out to each other as well to develop genuine relationships. I would like to build more relationships with people from all over and nearby me. I want to build more relationships with Americans close to me, and Turks, and Europeans, and Iranians. I also like seeing you talk unscripted. Thank you for convincing me that it’s a really good idea to go out and protest. I became very pessimistic after Occupy Wall Street to be honest with you. Although I have a confession to make that I don’t have money now and I’m unemployed and searching for work. So I will need the help of other members to assist me if it means going to an event/protest. I hope other people here would be willing to help me participate. And thank you Sibel for mentioning the homeless issue, as there are many homeless and displaced people that don’t have any substance abuse issues, but it’s just that their families turned bad. I really would like to participate, but I would need some help from others. It really upset me a lot when I had sought help from other members in the past but never got any responses. I hope that this can change, because I really want to participate. This has been all so important to me for many years. And I’m sorry for not commenting for years in the past. And thank you Sibel for talking about the importance of non-partisanship, as it just creates toxicity to have partisan squabbles. I really hope that you will read this comment, and I hope that Sibel will please reply to what I wrote.

  3. Lisa Schrant says:

    You are such an intelligent woman, Sibel! Many ideas! Hope your surgery goes well. Best wishes.

  4. Robert Diggins says:


  5. Robert Diggins says:

    My feedback on content is that I really like the unscripted, associative pieces you’ve been doing. This o e is good enough for handing out at annual POGAP/VIPAC meetings. Actually explains some backstory that’s probably hard to script in a way that comes across as smooty, sincere, and poignant. Fills in a look little backstory.

    VIPAC is almost more invidious than the formally funded ones, taken as individual groups. But the explanation is as clear as a bell and it must be rung. We need one of those big logs that you swing on ropes to ring the big bell at the temples in Japan. This point could be packaged and delivered as a Reset the Anti-war Movement (RAM Upgrade). Or the 5 headed hydra that people trusted too long, politicalcartoon/book series/documentary/none-generator.

    How much material can be created, just from one session?

    Maybe Storytime with Sibel is in order. I hope you find it helpful to let it out this way.

    And I hope all goes well with the trip.

    Thank you!

    • Robert Diggins says:

      look=[delete that]
      invidious = insidious
      none-generator = meme-generator

      OK, I’m done typing today. Thanks.

    • Sam Henderson says:

      I really think a video-conference would be very good idea. I don’t know how to do it though. Perhaps if it was also done regionally? And sorry, Robert, for the outburst and tone, I just wanted some recognition from you. And I can’t delete what I wrote. And I don’t want to be banned. I really want to be involved in this next project. I just am very pessimistic about being able to without support from others. I’ll stop writing now.

  6. Hi Sibel,
    The only type of protest I could see as being a “transformative movement” (as opposed to political theater where people usually get hurt) is one where there is a coordinated effort, bringing many smaller groups together who share the same general message. Although didn’t this happen with the Occupy movement? It also has to be a sustainable movement as opposed to a one time shot. But I have seen people’s minds change after being a part of a historic protest. How are the Yellow Vests doing it? I honestly don’t think Americans are angry enough to form any transformative movement right now like they were during the Vietnam era when our family members were being killed. If our government being complicit in murdering 3000 Americans on 911 hasn’t created any kind of protest, what will. They have figured out how to boil frogs…Sorry had to…

    • All good points, Avery. I’ve heard “the need for anger” point from several people- including “the economic meltdown” as one possible future trigger point. With that said, and not wanting to sound like a hard-core hippie (!!), why not consider a uniting movement, a sustainable one, not based on anger/rage? Is that a viable possibility? Let’s say on issues that truly transcends partisanship- whether abuses of civil liberties or homelessness, or private for profit prisons …

      I should be back by Feb 1. We may ant to have a discussion video on this- that is if others are interested.

  7. mostafa mizoji says:

    Hi Sibel, I hope you and people such as yourself will be able to continue doing the great work you have been doing. Truth is mostly out there but needs trained eyes that can pick it out of the see of misinformation.
    I had seen some of your interviews on Corbett report and very glad that you have your own program specially because of your specific topics on Iran and that region. I must say I’m amazed by the amount of info you and Ian have compiled on that subject. I deeply hope that very soon you can have some positive news or predictions for that part of the world.
    I will support your program as long as I can and am willing to participate in any collaboration effort with other members in order to make these movements more effective and meaningful.
    It certainly helps to build a better society if we spread the truth and off course sharing our experience can make us more powerful elements.

    see you back soon!

    • Hi Mostafa. Thank you for this positive feedback. I know with the last video I was way too broad/macro. You know how when we look at a big project we initially get overwhelmed, but then when we go about breaking it into parts, and phases and smaller benchmarks, we get to view it far less overwhelming and more doable? Maybe we explore it from this angle: rather than seeing it as taking on the whole deep state and interests, in pursuit of the world peace, we break it down to smaller components and steps, and the realistic phases? I’m just thinking out loud here …

  8. Dear Sibel, I am very grateful that you are doing this work. I have looked most of the media in the United States and Newsbud seems to be the only news that is impartial, funded by individuals (not corporations) and has a vested interest in providing accurate and clear information.
    As far as your presentations, both you’re prepared/ scripted presentations and your add Lib presentations are very good. I don’t think you should worry about coming across as unprofessional. I hope that you can figure out a way to prepare and present your information so that you don’t have to spend 50 hours per week. I think that will just lead to burn out.
    As far as the antiwar movement, I am quite worried about the situation we are in right now in the world because of the US War Hawks of and the deep state. I am happy to be a part of anti-war (peace movement) and help in anyway I can. I do not have any experience in this arena and I suppose we all need to learn so that we prevent these crazy, endless wars. Looking forward to hear from you when you get back I hope all goes well with your health.

    • Mark Ribbit says:

      I hope everything goes well with your surgery Sibel and you have a speedy recovery!
      I think anti-war protests in the U.S. and abroad are long overdue.

      Anyone organizing protests needs to have a team with experience in this area. The team would have Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and more to deal with ‘professional protesters’ whose only purpose is to disrupt the event and cause division/fights from within and become violent at the protest.

      These ‘professional protesters’ need not even infiltrate the groups, attending their meetings. They can simply slip in with the groups as their numbers build on the streets.

      The quickest way to kill a protest is to have a few bad apples become violent, allowing authorities to crack down on and end the protest.
      So a lot of homework and preparation needs to be done by all involved in organizing one, with multiple contingency plans, especially those to deal with ‘professional protesters’ whose only job is to make a mess of things.

    • David, thank You! You see, just the fact that we have you and I, Dennis, Robert, Avery, Mostafa, and … here, sharing this common desire, without a single person mentioning a party, a political figure, a nationality, race, gender … says that it is possible. Take a look at all the other co-opted forums/visible outlets dealing with this general topic, and we immediately see the “grouping-subgrouping” and team-taking, Which turns into dividing, sub-dividing. What I am trying to say, if we, from different walks of life/background can do this here, it means it is doable, and can be done in a larger scale. And this is what “they” fear, and are preventing out there via “their” narrative, “Their” Media, “Their” NGOs, “Their” social media …

  9. Steven Hobbs says:

    Hey Sibel,

    You are on a roll! Hit it out of the park previously, and now this excellent piece in the personal. Love the story, so glad you have street smarts on 300K handcuffs. Thank you for some political history w/ a wonderful narrative.
    Appropriation, co-option, subterfuge and sabotage, redirection, confusion, and misdirection of binary mindsets, is one-way funders de-mobilize anti-war surgency, as you imply.

    We may find our agency and voice as you suggest. If, we can break down our privatized and solitary momnets.

    Stay Safe,

  10. Jan Rosbäck says:

    You are a winner. Always your nogladio.

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