Turkey-Russia: Is the Marriage of Convenience Nearing the End?

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  1. Hayrullah Mehmeti says:

    Sibel, are Turkey and Russia perhaps playing a game to deliver Idlib to Assad? I mean were not the plans for Syria decided behind doors around 2 years ago? And it is very interesting to me how in Libya Russia is bolstering a CIA man by Saudi (meaning US must also gave green light) paid mercenaries.

    • Hayrullah: A valid point re: double-game. It is so very convoluted. US has been supporting both sides of conflict; it backs Haftar but when Haftar gets ahead, it switches to the other side, and then back and forth. This points to: The intention being “chaos” and maintaining chaos. Same applies to Syria. Chaos for Middle East.

  2. Robert Diggins says:

    It seems like anything published for public consumption is just that, for public consumption, opinion, and manipulation, to keep the public compliant and complacent.

    The real deals being made between the US, Turkey, and Russia, involve cigars, caviar, secret accounts, yachts, strippers, cocaine, cameras, and a combination of invisible ink and erasable markers.

    The realities of the public and the oligarchs have almost nothing to do with each other. Except the public is used as pawns and assassins on the oligarchy’s 3D Monopoly Board.

    It’s especially entertaining for them to watch the people act as if they have any authority, while they attack themselves in the name of the various factions that were created by the oligarchy, to ruin any and all public institutions.

    Like a dog chasing its tail, while acting like a cat, clawing its own feet, with the controlled panic and base desires of a mouse, scurrying through a maze, with dreams of feasting on the moon.

    You’re absolutely right, Sibel, about the convoluted chaos and deals done under the cover of the maze, without any fear of the Public Chimera, who only needs to be treated like a mushroom by the media.

    Fortunately, integrity, like the thin layer of mycelium in the soil, is very large and resilient. Thank you for keeping the soil healthy. It’s highly underestimated.

  3. Julien Teyteau says:

    keep up the good work.
    Thanks for the info, it represents so much work.
    What’s happening with China Watch ? No episodes in such a looong time…

  4. Sibel, I have a question for you to ponder. Looking at your latest post, and all that is going on everywhere around the world, none of it has any apparent logical rhyme or reason except to create chaos. So my question is this: Who benefits from keeping humanity in a constant state of chaos – and thus under control?
    Thanks for all you continue to do!

  5. Jan Rosbäck says:

    Thanks Sibel, it seems to me that a new phase of the puppet game is on. The system of geopolitics is not managed by political leaders but the military industrial complex. When US-troops from Syria and Iraq get shipped out from ME they will end up in Europe fighting their own patsies, the IS. Their machinery is anyway surplus now, destroyed of the desert sand. The steel is not worth scrapping due to the alloys. I am in the TRNC now, noting that president Erdogan’s boys are locating drones with machine guns at the Famagusta airport. Quite close to any coastal area around. When one puppet gets too weak, another one has to take over and Libya is the market for the moment. IMHO.

  6. Fascinating. Thank you!

  7. He – Erdogan – is now officially more Dangerous to world health than the 2019-nCoVirus. His fascist declarations, that sovereign Syrian armed force is ‘not allowed’ to approach Turkish Army on Syrian land; A Syria ridding itself of the mercenary terrorist gangs supplied and protected by the Turkish Army ON Syrian land, is provocation few Nations in history would not militarily respond to. NOT good. Any way you look at it.

  8. Jeff Anderson says:

    Sibel, Can you help me find the rest of your crew online? I’m asking about Spero, Peter Lee, Pye Ian, Dr. Filip K. please and thank you.

  9. https://twitter.com/i/status/1236305722767532035
    Abdullah Bozkurt @abdbozkurt “Refugees who cross to Europe will soon top to a million, European governments will fall, their economies will be destabilized and their stock exchanges will tumble and they can’t do anything about it, says #Turkey’s Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu.”

    It’s the ” and they can’t do anything about it” bit that worries me.

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