Goldman Gives CEO 20% Raise- While Forecasting Major CoronaVirus-Caused Financial Crash for Americans

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  1. Hi Sibel,
    I fully agree. Could you go into more details about what you mean with representing our interests ourselves? I think I see the basic points, like being an active member in society, participating in public debate, associations, etc. but there are probably many more, and more concise, ideas out there, including here in the Newsbud community.
    Best regards

    • Fritz,
      Things I’ve been doing to represent our interests ourselves include paying attention to local elections especially referendums, attending community association meetings, buying/shopping/ eating at small locally owned businesses, turning off MSM and spending less time on social media and TV so as not to be turned into a babbling zombie. I’m also on the mailing list of my local rep/congressman/senator to keep up with their shenanigans. (And I’m in Chicago, so there are plenty) I also NEVER donate to either major political party…why pay for our own enslavement!

  2. This corruption, which I see now in many nations will only end, I fear, in revolt.

  3. Rich Winkel says:

    Look at the sequence of events. Just after their economists forecast a crash, he gets the raise, for setting up their 3 year plan, which he probably started working on when he became CEO in october 2018, one year before the wuhan games, the johns hopkins/bill gates simulation, and the release of the genetically engineered bioweapon.

    The implication is that he positioned GS’s investments to take advantage of the crash.

    HE KNEW.

    GS’s insiders aren’t going to need a bailout at all. They’re doing quite well for themselves.

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