CoronaVirus- A Call to Action!

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  1. Steven Hobbs says:

    Yes. On the ground, it may be a dark and stormy night when an attack comes. Metaphorically, it is a virus storm of pandemic distraction. War by other means.

    Thank you, Sibel

  2. Stanley Kitt says:

    Sibel, A much needed call to action, and I would add to your appeal for calm and vigilance, that of passion. This is a time for anger also, for it seems to me that the general public is being robbed blind under the guise of being helped. I do have one question for you which I would like to see you address if you are so inclined, namely the impact of this particular crisis (coupled with the financial crisis) upon the European Union. Do you see the EU as it is currently configured surviving the stress of this current crisis, or collapsing and re-configuring itself? And how will this crisis affect Europe’s relationship with Russia, China, Turkey, and Iran? Europe has always been the center of financial power, I fear the emergence of a new Europe flexing its own muscles that will not bode well for anyone. Would be interested in your thoughts.

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