Know Your Enemy! Not China…Xi Jinping!

America’s confrontation with the People’s Republic of China is heating up.  Not just the trade war and the 25% tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods announced by Donald Trump.  Not just the release and promotion of an ultrahawk Pentagon assessment of China’s military capabilities. The real sign we’re getting serious about China is the […]

China Plays Defense…and Offense Against America

China held its annual Belt and Road bash in Beijing.   Xi Jinping carefully and effectively parried Western attacks on China’s signature strategic initiative. It also looks like the PRC will dodge US efforts to push it into a corner on Iran sanctions by throwing Iran under the bus once again. Both the Belt and Road […]

Goodbye, Russiagate! Hello Chinagate!

There’s a new kid in town: The Committee on the Present Danger: CHINA!  It is the creature of cryptofascist strategist Steve Bannon and it is a signal that Republicans, conservatives, populists, whatever you want to call them, expect to ride the China threat wave over the carcasses of the Democrats and into the White House […]

Who Is Running the China War?

It’s becoming increasingly easy to answer that question.  It’s the Pentagon.  And a big player at the Pentagon’s China War is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Marine Corps Commandant Joseph Dunford, nicknamed Fighting Joe. In addition to fighting China, General Dunford is also fighting Silicon Valley for insufficient enthusiasm in working for […]

“Yellow Peril” at the Gates of Europe! And the Mystery of Masood Azhar

Italy has become the battlefield over Chinese influence in Europe; and the strange case of a Pakistani terrorist creates a dilemma for China at the UN and its relations with India and Pakistan. There are two ways of looking at the US-led confrontation with the People’s Republic of China now playing out in Europe and […]

Finagling in the Philippines and Baloney in Barcelona: America’s War on China Grinds On

When US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in Manila last week, he made the statement: “As the South China Sea is part of the Pacific, any armed attack on Philippine forces, aircraft or public vessels in the South China Sea will trigger mutual defense obligations under Article 4 of our mutual defense treaty.” Was […]

5000 Ways to Die: America Tightens the Noose Around China’s Neck

America is locked in an escalating military and security confrontation with China.  The famous trade war is just a distraction.  While Trump and China talked tariffs, the US turned up the heat on Huawei, and also took another step in its plans for a showdown in the South China Sea. Back in April of last […]

‘China Must Be Destroyed’

There’s an old story from Roman history about Cato the Elder trolling the peaceniks in the Roman Senate by dropping figs on the floor. The hook was that the figs were from Carthage, Rome’s rival for supremacy in the Mediterranean. And the figs were fresh, because Carthage was only three days’ sail from Rome.  And […]

The China War. It’s Real. It’s Here.

The China War is real. China is figuring out how to fight it.  America is figuring out how to sell it. Our General Petraeus was at the Raisina Dialogue in India.  According to a tweet from an attendee, he told the assembly: Petraeus: US declaration of a new Cold War on China is defining issue, […]

America Says: It’s My Way…or the Huawei!

America is radically expanding its unilateral global reach and coercive tools in order to punish governments that don’t toe the anti-China line. In this episode, we’ll look at the extension of the anti-Huawei campaign beyond the Five Eyes core intelligence sharing partners and ask the question:  What is the factual basis for demanding a ban […]

America’s Anti-Huawei Op: The Inside Story of the Meng Wanzhou Arrest

The hot story in China watching is the arrest in Vancouver on December 1st of Meng Wanzhou, the Chief Financial Officer of China telecom giant Huawei, on charges relating to violation of US sanctions against Iran. Even though there is no recorded precedent for arresting a corporate executive for fraud on a sanctions beef with […]

China Witch Hunt: It’s Here!

The China Witch Hunt is here. A joint project of the Asia Society and the Hoover Institute produced a study on China influence operations and how to counter them. It’s titled Chinese Influence and American Interests: Promoting Constructive Vigilance It touts “transparency, integrity, and reciprocity” as the magic bullets to combat Chinese influence. Unfortunately, past […]

China Fishes in Muddy Waters

Humans have a passion for order.  But somehow much of what they produce is chaos.  Chaos creates confusion, danger, which, if properly exploited, a source of opportunity and advantage. The Chinese idiom for this is “fishing in muddy waters”.  The fish don’t see you, so you can sneak up on them and scoop them up. […]

China Cold War 2018: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We look at recent developments in the burgeoning US campaign against the PRC, and find grounds for optimism, reasons to order that leadlined anti-radiation suit off Amazon, and some trainwreck stuff you simply can’t look away from.  In Australia.  Of course. As usual, China is trying to dodge polarization and confrontation.  And, as has been […]

China: Living in the Bipolar World

U.S.Vice President Mike Pence gave a speech at the Hudson Institute on October 4.  Exactly one month before the midterms, it looks like the Trump administration is looking to close the books on “How Donald Trump betrayed America to Russia” and move on “How Donald Trump Saved America from China.” Pence’s speech attracted a lot […]