Is China Getting a North Korea Bullseye on its Back?

Is China Getting a North Korea Bullseye on Its Back?.  T. Rex roars—and maybe snores—in Asia; carrier madness in the South China Sea; and gators! *Follow us here at Newsbud Twitter **Subscribe here at BFP-Newsbud YouTube Channel Show Notes Transcript: Independent Journal Review’s Sit-Down Interview with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Rex Tillerson Rejects Talks […]

Peace by China? In Korea? Unthinkable!

America turns from China and turns toward war on the Korean peninsula.  ISIS makes its move in Afghanistan and the heat gets turned up on Duterte.  Also: Trump trademarks.  And the future of poultry-powered transportation. *Follow us here at Newsbud Twitter **Subscribe here at BFP-Newsbud YouTube Channel Show Notes China Tried to get the U.S. […]

Peace: America’s Unacceptable Option in Asia

Peace: America’s Unacceptable Option for Korea..and Blood: The ISIS Promise for China.  And the world’s ultimate WMD.  First, The United States is publicly and painfully grappling with its North Korea policy options: war or negotiations – when you get down to it, peace is the enemy of US influence in Asia. Then, ISIS vowed a […]

While America Freaks Out, Asia Quietly Goes Crazy

This week, China has its hands full dealing with dangerous and rapidly evolving security situations in South Asia, Xinjiang, North Korea, and the South China Sea. *Follow us here at Newsbud Twitter **Subscribe here at BFP-Newsbud YouTube Channel Show Notes: U.S., West, not conspiring against CPEC: Nawaz Army wants joint anti-terror fight with Afghanistan Enemy […]

Asian States Play the Murder Card; Is the War Card Next?

The assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jung Il’s brother in Malaysia, and a wave of terror in Pakistan possibly instigated by India indicate that murder is very much part of the state toolkit in Asia.  And where murder goes, war is often not far behind.  This week: Murder, Mayhem, and Monsters on the Loose! […]

The ‘ISIS’ Myth & Terrorist Reality in Afghanistan (Newsbud Community Exclusive)

In Afghanistan, terror trumps diplomacy. Every time. As Russia and China try to broker a peace process in Afghanistan, a bloody wave of attacks sweeps through Pakistan. The likely culprit: India. Newsbud Community Members click HERE to view complete article.

On China Beat, Media Out-Bungles Trump

In this week’s episode of China Watch Peter Lee covers the anti-Trump narratives that dominated the coverage of Trump’s call with China’s Xi Jinping and meeting with Japan’s Shinzo Abe.  But it looks like the media missed…and messed up some of the big stories. *Follow us here at Newsbud Twitter **Subscribe here at BFP-Newsbud YouTube […]

The Sword of Sanctions Knows No Scabbard: America’s Endless War on Iran

Any U.S. shooting war with Iran will probably be escalation of the sanctions war, a war the US kicked off with the fall of the Shah in 1979, escalated to the United Nations in 2006, and will probably never bring to a conclusion. The Obama administration tried a sanctions limited cease-fire with the Iran nuclear […]

The Four-War Problem: The Trump Administration Tips Its Hand in Asia

Secretary of Defense James Mattis made an inaugural swing through Asia to reassure allies and inform the world about the intentions of the Trump administration—and offer some clarity to anxious America-watchers in Beijing.  This week China Watch looks at major East Asian flashpoints—the South China Sea, East China Sea, North Korea–and the big cloud on […]

The Dance of the Five Powers on the Korean Peninsula

Arguably no Asian nation has suffered more in the modern era, or resisted more fiercely, than Korea.  Today it is still the battleground of empires, divided and beset by powerful outside forces. Five competing agendas intersect on the Korean peninsula: those of South Korea, North Korea, China, Japan, and the United States.  The United States, […]

China Watch- Lunar New Year Special Edition

It’s Chinese New Year, ushering in the Year of the Rooster.  This week China Watch takes viewers through highlights of the Chinese New Year’s Gala and explains the political and social messaging the People’s Republic of China packs into this extravaganza.  Also, of course, Trump and TPP. *Follow us here at Newsbud Twitter **Subscribe here […]

TPP is Now Even Deader Than Ever Thanks to Trump

Donald Trump issued an executive order withdrawing the United States from the TPP on January 23.  He was predictably roasted by the libosphere, but not because Trump was cruelly dashing the cup of globalized prosperity from the lips of the thirsty American worker. Matt O’Brien, who styles himself the economic wonk at the Washington Post, […]

Globalization Blues: Trump, China, and the Women’s March on Washington

In this week’s episode, China Watch looks at radically divergent US and PRC positions on globalization in the Trump era, and the Chinese roots of the massive Women’s March on Washington.  *Follow us here at Newsbud Twitter **Subscribe here at BFP-Newsbud YouTube Channel Show Notes How to salvage US-Russia relations Become a Newsbud Community Member […]

Trump Plays the Taiwan Card

In this week’s episode, Donald Trump places Taiwan at the center of his China strategy.  China Watch explains why the Taiwan issue is a growing strategic vulnerability for the People’s Republic of China and how Donald Trump plans to exploit it.  Also, the furor over Rex Tillerson’s statement on the South China Sea receives a […]

Newsbud Exclusive- Rex Tillerson Moves Up Date for China War!

Intentionally or Not Tillerson Has Put Down a Marker Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, stirred up the South China Sea, along with China, Asia, and the entire globe with this statement: We have to send China a clear signal that the island building stops and second your access to those islands […]