Asia Brief with Peter Lee

The Dark Heart of Asia: George Kennan and America’s Pivot to Japan in 1948

In this week’s episode Newsbud’s Asia Brief with Peter Lee: The Dark Heart of Asia: George Kennan and America’s Pivot to Japan in 1948 looks at a crucial decision made by US planners:  To close the books on World War II and place America’s Asian bets on Japan as the keystone of an anti-Communist security […]

Shame in San Francisco: America’s Betrayal of Korea

This week on Newsbud’s Asia Brief with Peter Lee: Shame in San Francisco: American Betrayal at the 1951 San Francisco Peace Conference and the Roots of Korean-Japanese Conflict. Do not miss this in depth presentation of almost forgotten historical events that helped to shape the current geopolitical climate of conflict. Newsbud is 100% people funded, […]

How a US Fiasco in Macau Birthed North Korea’s Atomic Bomb

Newsbud Presents the Community Member Exclusive Series Asia Brief with Peter Lee. This week: The inside story of how the Treasury Department botched its sanctions game against North Korea and China and directly led to the first North Korean atomic bomb test. Do not miss this in depth presentation of historical facts that directly led […]

Annals of Insubordination: The Lasting Legacy of MacArthur’s Attempt to Start a War with China

This week on Asia Brief with Peter Lee: How close did we come to World War III in 1951?  A lot closer than you think.  The untold story of Douglas MacArthur’s last ditch attempt to start a war with China. *Follow us here at Newsbud Twitter **Subscribe here at BFP-Newsbud YouTube Channel Watch Episode Preview […]

America in Korea: Blood, Bombs & Blunders

Introducing a new feature for the Newsbud Community- A special segment titled Newsbud’s Asia Brief with Peter Lee. Peter Lee, who is considered one of the world’s top experts on Asia, provides in-depth coverage, vital context and background on important Asian issues. This week: America in Korea: Blood, Bombs, and Blunders.  The forgotten history of […]


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