China Watch with Peter Lee

China Cold War: The Age of Anxiety and Collateral Damage

The U.S. cold war against China has been around longer than the general public realizes.  It actually started in the closing years of the Obama administration, when Chuck Hagel was pushed out as Secretary of Defense and Admiral Harry Harris, a diehard China hawk, took the reins at PACOM in 2014. Now Cold War 2.0 […]

Mythbusting China Cold War 2.0: Debt Traps and Bird Flu

This week was Xi Jinping’s big Africa moment, the Forum on China Africa Cooperation or FOCAC.   Maybe you didn’t hear about it a lot because the PRC was counterprogramming against the West’s debt trap diplomacy talking point with some success. And maybe you did hear about China’s plot to kill us all with bird flu. […]

Korean Peace Derailed; Taiwan War on Track

This week on China Watch: Korean peace in limbo, the Pentagon’s Taiwan Project Independence 2020 on track…and Trump goes off the rails. It’s not easy for America, which drove the world into a ditch…twice…in this century to rally its allies and assets for another self-serving campaign, this time to preserve US hegemony in Asia…but the […]

21st Century Ethnocide: China’s Plan for the Uyghurs of Xinjiang

This week on China Watch: the Chinese Communist Party’s Plan to de-Uyghurize and Sinicize Xinjiang In this special edition of China Watch we look at perhaps the most extreme exercise in ethnic assimilation ever attempted: the People’s Republic of China’s campaign to Sinicize its far west holding, the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, through bleeding edge […]

America Sets Its Taiwan Trap for China

Prepping for a conflict with China has become an all of government effort and China Watch has a good idea of how and when it’s going to play out.  And it involves the vigorous island democracy and Pentagon asset known as Taiwan!  Circle your calendar for 2020 and stock up on canned goods and lead […]

Friendly Fire: Cold War 2.0 Claims First American Casualties

Donald Trump’s trade war with China kicks off and the Pentagon’s dream of refighting and rewinning the Cold War, this time with the People’s Republic of China instead of the USSR, is one step closer to reality.  But be careful what you dream for.  This might be the war we don’t win. The collateral damage […]

The Deep State Plan to Sabotage Korean Peace

Recently the Asia punditsphere was abuzz with excited comments on an ABC news report “North Korea has increased nuclear production at secret sites, say U.S. officials” As to the assertion that North Korea is cranking out fissile material at one or two secret processing facilities, so what?  Kim Jong un said he’s stop missile and nuclear tests but never […]

Rebels, Thieves, and Virgins Wrench Asia from America’s Grasp

To paraphrase that Bob Dylan song, Something is happening here and you don’t know what it is…Do you, Uncle Sam? Asia is following its own path.  And before America can catch up, it has to understand what’s going on.  That’s going to be tough for a superpower laser focused on denying its decline and obsessed […]

North Korea – Sabotage & the US-China Conspiracy to Rule the World

The race is on between Donald Trump and the Democrats.  Who can screw up Asia quicker? Can the Democrats sabotage Trump’s North Korea deal first?  Or will Trump win the race to burn China, the rest of Asia, and the world economy to the ground with his $100 billion trade war trash fire? Meanwhile, there’s […]

A Tale of Four Summits…and America’s Age of Anxiety and Bewilderment

June 2018. It was the best of times…it was the worst of times… It was the time Xi Jinping orchestrated a grand spectacle of Eurasian power at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Qingdao, China… …as the Western powers presided over an omnishambles of acrimony and dysfunction at the G7 Summit in Ottawa, Canada. And […]

U.S. – China: Winds of War Sweep into Shangri La

The U.S. made its case at the Shangri La security conference in Singapore for continued America strategic leadership in 21st century Asia.  It the case solid?  Or is it what Shakespeare called “sound and fury signifying nothing”? America is clearly losing control of the master narrative for North Korean engagement.  Korean affairs at present are […]

Trump Stumbles to His Summit…and China Hawks Roll Out Operation Marco Rubio and Operation Taiwan

It was another busy week for BS in pundit land as the West’s Korea experts scrambled to make sense (or nonsense) out of Donald Trump’s latest episode in diplomacy via abusive correspondence: the Trump letter canceling the June 12 Singapore summit with Kim Jong Un. Experts, pundits, and media types scrambled to explain the titanic […]

Stampede of Expert Asses Tramples Trump on China and Korea

US pundits and the media outlets that listen to them are aghast at what Donald Trump is doing on China trade and the North Korea deal. He’s a moron!  He’s getting played!  More importantly, he’s not listening to us! One of the most surprising developments in the Trump administration is that after a year of […]

The Fire This Time: Trump’s Scorched Earth Diplomacy Burns Asia

Boom!  Trump’s China techwar takes out ZTE, as the major Chinese telecom equipment supplier is crushed by US penalties and closes its doors.  Boom boom!  Wut?  Trump dumbfounds the US punditocracy by offering to walk those ZTE penalties back. The good news is there’s an explanation for the craziness. The bad news is that Trump’s […]

China War Triple Play: Trade War, Tech War, and Boom!

America’s got a three-war solution to the problem of U.S. decline in Asia: a trade war, a tech war, and maybe a shooting war. Now we’ve got trade war jaw jaw as the United States and the People’s Republic of China exchange demands.  It’s a phony war for now: threats, posturing, media ops and, for […]