China Watch with Peter Lee

Screeching MSM Zombies Devour Trump Asia Trip

The Trump trip to Asia is a major inflection point for China hawks eager to put transactional diplomacy in the rearview mirror, pivot to an overtly adversarial China policy, and ignore and deny the fundamental changes in Asia that go hand in hand with both China’s rise and America’s relative decline. Trump and China bashing […]

Trump in Asia: China Looks to Make the Communist Party Great Again…Or Else!

Xi Jinping is going to Make the CCP Great Again…or else.  And there is a universe of dumb remarks surrounding Donald Trump as he heads into Asia…and some of them didn’t come from Donald Trump.  New product alert: time to roll out the Democracy Quadrilateral: this year’s hottest fashion in China containment.  Finally, “lawfare” didn’t […]

America Preps for another Decade of Failure in Asia

We’re inching toward another war in central Asia.  And it’s going to start in the place America has been failing for 15 years: Afghanistan!  Sorry Afghanistan!  But we’ll always have Wagah.  And China hawks have to wrestle with the failures of the pivot, and Donald Trump’s disinterest in fixing it.  Angry times in Asialand with […]

America Dashes for Its China Dead End…Will the World Follow?

Hot takes on the 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party.  Takes so hot they’re probably melting through…to China…as we speak.  Also the maybe most important and consequential story of not just of the week but of the year: the United States officially climbs into bed with India as a key strategic partner.  And China […]

The War with China Comes Home to America

China hawks have announced that the campaign against Chinese influence developed in Australia is just about ready to export, not just to Asia, but to America and the world.  The recipe is simple: security service dossiers carefully cooked by national security journalists, and seasoned with fear and denial. It’s not just an antidote to China’s […]

It’s Here! The Rathunt for Chinese Spies and American Traitors Has Begun!

This week, gadfly billionaire Miles Kwok returned to center stage in the China drama with accusations of Chinese agents in the United States…and of a Chinese intelligence asset at the heart of the US government media operation, the Voice of America. It wasn’t just an accusation.  It was an orchestrated call for a rat hunt, […]

Trump Tweets Towards War with North Korea…and China Moves On Bitcoin

Donald Trump escalated America’s protracted, tweet-heavy standoff with North Korea.  But that wasn’t the only story out of Asia this week.There were also big new developments in the emerging anti-China alliance of two Asian superheavyweights, Japan and India; a major upheaval in US Pacific Command, the US military operation in Asia, whose annual budget is […]

North Korea Goes Nuclear on Trump at UN! Will the Real Nukes Follow?

The public rhetoric heated up as Trump and North Korea had at it at the United Nations.  But DPRK Foreign Minister Ri Young Hou, in addition to delivering some of the best anti-Trump insults on the planet, offered some real insights in his United Nations speech.  North Korea has its own road map for resolution […]

Last Off Ramp for Korean Peace Ahead! Will the Deep State Let Trump Take It?

You want to worry about North Korea?  Go ahead!  But worry more about the emerging Indo-Japanese axis and the implications for anti-China adventurism in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  And we’ve got a sneak peak at my documentary on a US conspiracy to bring the PRC to heel via an Asian war…in 1951! *Follow us here at […]

Is Trump Planning a Korean Peace Surprise? And Can the Deep State Stop Him?

North Korea’s got nukes.  And it’s got ICBMs.  Even so, US hawks have pushed the Korean peace process into a dead end.  But can they keep it there?  Not just Russia and China want negotiations.  Maybe Donald Trump wants to negotiate too!  Is the deep state going to push back?  What do you think?  It […]

Kim Jong Un’s Nuclear Target: China

North Korea has taken a lot of crap from China over the decades.  Now it looks ready to dish it back.  Let’s welcome the world’s ninth bona fide nuclear power: North Korea!  North Korea’s nuclear weapons aren’t just a deterrent; they’re leverage for North Korea to push away from China and push the United States […]

Welcome to the China War

The War Against China Kicked Off Last Week…Did Anybody Notice?  Well, China did.  So did North Korea, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan… As American media and public opinion continue their obsession with Trump, Trump’s generals have cleared the decks to confront China across Asia, and China hawks are cranking up the witch hunt against China doves.  More […]

Bannon’s Gone…But China War Is On!

This week on Newsbud’s China Watch with Peter Lee: Bannon’s gone…but China War is on!  Goodbye ethno-nationalism, hello economic nationalism.  And it looks like lawfare is out– and warfare is in–as the uniformed military looks to apply its gray zone conflict toolkit to China.   And look out Australia!  There’s a new threat from China and […]

US Rejects China-Russia’s Demand! Massive Military Drill on North Korea Coming!

This week on Newsbud’s China Watch with Peter Lee: If there’s a war on the Korean peninsula don’t forget to thank PACOM and its stubborn refusal to accept dual suspension.  And there’s an interesting explanation for the Doklam Plateau confrontation that’s making the rounds.  It’s one that explains Bhutan’s silence on the issue but doesn’t […]

Here Is The Reason The U.S. Does NOT Want Peace with North Korea!

This week on Newsbud’s China Watch with Peter Lee: All of a sudden, the best-laid plans for denuclearizing Korea, confronting China on the Doklam Plateau, and pushing around Singapore all go sideways at once!  Uncertainty in Asia!  Get used to it! *Follow us here at Newsbud Twitter **Subscribe here at BFP-Newsbud YouTube Channel Watch Episode […]