China Watch with Peter Lee

Full Force Tyranny: China To Become The Most Powerful Dictatorship Ever?

This week on China Watch, the world cries “tyranny” as PRC moves to abolish term limits for Xi Jinping.  China Watch says, Hmm.  Term limits.  Interesting.  We look at how succession issues are handled in China.  And point out that term limits have brought the United States to the brink of disaster.  How ‘bout that? […]

Complicit Western Media Primps for Its China Witch Hunt Close-up

It’s Chinese New Year and time for our special entertainment edition of China Watch.  We document the atrocities at the CCTV New Year’s Gala!  Racism! Outrage!  And the back story on why China went blackface to show its love for Africa! Then we look at witch hunts against foreign influence.  Do you know why witch […]

America’s Quest for Geopolitical Olympic Gold in Asia Comes Up…Tin

American diplomacy wipes out at the 2018 Winter Olympics! The Korean unified team is on parade as Mike Pence sits and stews. And American ignorance on parade as so-called experts struggle with the baffling hostility between Japan and South Korea! China Watch offers an exclusive look at the injustice at the heart of the Japan-South […]

At the Olympics, South Korea Says “Enough” to a Century of Japanese and U.S. Betrayal

The split between the Republic of Korea on one side, and the United States and Japan on the other, has become glaringly apparent at the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. ROK President Moon Jae in has broken with Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe in pursuing direct outreach to the DPRK—the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, […]

The Road to Nuclear War with China Runs Through Taiwan

Nukes are coming back to Asia! America’s Nuclear Posture Review is out, and it offers a blueprint for a nuclear war with China.  China’s not gonna like it, you’re not gonna like it, but it’s the Pentagon’s miracle cure for declining US conventional strength in Asia. It’s another sign that the uniformed military, its anxieties, […]

The CIA, Wormwood, and Gall: The Facts, the Accusations & the Cover-up

In this special episode, China Watch tells the story that Errol Morris missed in his acclaimed documentary Wormwood. The film has focused attention on the mysteries surrounding the death of government scientist Frank Olson.  Olson fell 13 stories to his death from a New York hotel window in 1953.  He died after—but possibly not because—he […]

Pentagon Schedules Its China War for 2018

This week on China Watch, America  aches for its manhood measuring moment in Asia; but will China oblige?  Pacific Command’s Admiral Harry Harris is promising big doings in the Indo-Pacific—you know, that region that isn’t supposed to have China in it—in 2018.  Will the Chinese rise to Admiral Harris’s bait prematurely…or will the PRC continues […]

America’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like China

This week on China Watch, from managed trade and market access to media and propaganda to oligarch-inflected national policy, America’s beginning to look a lot like China.  We look at that weird and revealing Jeff Bezos/Jack Ma doppelganger phenomenon.  Two rich guys.  Two e-commerce giants.  They both own newspapers.  They both do a lot of […]

Changing Tides: The Post American Era in Asia

This week on China Watch:  South Korea isn’t behaving like a docile American ally.  There’s a reason for that and you’ll only learn the backstory here.  And weird doings in Taiwan! Taiwan security services accuse a pro-mainlander public figure of getting half a million dollars from the PRC for a media influence operation.  We apply […]

Welcome to 2018: America’s Trumpster Fire Burns Into Asia

Happy New Year!  ‘Tis the season for flapdoodle!  Team Trump keeps the North Korea pot boiling over the holidays with a PRC oil sale accusation!  Taiwan tiptoes into the Quad!  Maybe we’ll be calling it the Quint or the Quad and a Half soon!  Japan’s Okinotoroshima Island, the secret shame of lawfare, creeps back into […]

Trump’s Cold War 2.0 with China Stumbles Out of the Gate

Happy holidays!  It’s time to say Goodbye! To 2017 and Hello! To a decade of cold war with China. They say war is too important to be left to the generals.  Well, I’m getting the feeling cold war is too complicated to be left to the think tanks. After months of diligent spadework in the […]

Welcome to Cold War 2.0: the China Version

Donald Trump is ready to introduce Cold War 2.0 to the world, with a bigger, better adversary:  China!  It’s going to start with an expansion of the Australian war against Chinese influence to the US of A.  Before we put on that welcoming parade, let’s look at the truly ugly Deep State gains the Australian […]

Donald Trump’s China Hawk Clown College Now in Session!

Donald Trump’s China Hawk clown college is officially in session!  The China hawks are getting their way on Korea, Australia, and Taiwan.  But look for US China policy to overpromise, underdeliver, and screw up in what we now love to call the Indo-Pacific Region. It’s hard to push around the People’s Republic of China.  Maybe […]

Sellout in Oz: Local Collaborators Betray Australia to Team Trump and the Deep State

This week on China Watch: Rocket Man! Big Rocket Man!  A big launch by North Korea elicits big posturing but no solutions from US pundits concerning North Korea’s nuclear weapons capabilities.  Nobody asks what Kim Jong Un wants…except China Watch.  I’ll tell you in this week’s episode.  Spoiler: The answer is a peace treaty plus […]

Trump Climbs aboard the China Lobby’s Hellbound Train

Great news for March of Folly fans!  Donald J. Trump has made his peace with the Beltway Asianist establishment so the China Containment Reign of Error can resume!  Bad news for the rest of us, though. Expect plenty of chaos as the US struggles to come to terms with China’s rise and America’s relative decline…and […]