Chris Melidis

Newsbud Exclusive – US Cooperates with Albania-Based Terrorist Group to Topple the Iranian Government.

Amid the latest turmoil in Iran, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called French President Emmanuel Macron on January 2th to urge him to take immediate action against an exiled Iranian terrorist organization with a branch in Paris, which as he said, incites violent demonstrations in the country. This news didn’t’ see the light of mainstream media, […]

Newsbud Exclusive – Macedonia ‘Name Dispute’: Another NATO Excuse to Expand Operations in Europe.

The recent restart of negotiations from Macedonia (FYROM) about the long-standing name dispute with Greece, and given the US and UN’s urging for a definitive solution during 2018 as well as the close ties between Macedonia and NATO, shows that NATO is in a rush to expand its operational tools in the Balkans and Europe. […]