Money and Fear with Pye Ian

Maduro Should Protect Guaidó Against Desperate Atlanticist Provocations

The coup attempt obviously failed against the Maduro government in Venezuela last week, but you knew that.  What’s worth knowing further is that the regime change agent Juan Guaidó, who was touted for months as the future leader of Venezuela, is now potentially rendered as “expendable”.  I.E. He may be more valuable to his foreign […]

Unveiling Hidden Inflation as Finance’s Achilles Heel

The inflation rate is much higher than the US government is willing to admit.  Why isn’t it listed & discussed truthfully, then?  Because by publishing & using true data, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Labor Department & Federal Reserve would wreak havoc across financial markets and the wider economy – something that’s inevitable anyway, but […]

Hat Trick: Cryptocurrency Price Pumping Manipulation While Economy Slows

After reaching $20,000 back in December of 2017, bitcoin’s price collapsed over 80% in a year & traded in a range suppressed under $10,000 for many months.  Yet, despite no apparent fundamental or technical trading justifications, Bitcoin’s price shot up over 23% out of the blue on April 2nd due to algorithmic trading & a […]

The Cult of Over-Working: Diminishing Returns and Inflation

Whether you’re a short order cook, a trial attorney, a plumber, Starbucks barista, car mechanic, ER nurse, high school teacher or a Hollywood producer, and whether you’re infatuated with your career & ‘in the zone’ daily, or absolutely hating life while slavin’ away at a meaningless desk job while pleading for the boss to return […]

Revolution by Esoteric Design: The French Gilets Jaunes Protests

Since they kicked off over the weekend of November 17th, 2018, the French Gilets Jaunes – or Yellow Vests – protests have swept across not only France, but are showing inspiration and momentum in other nations, both in Europe and abroad.  Mimicking crowds, motivated by the courage & resilience of the French lower & middle […]

The Rockefeller/Chase-Coordinated US Hostage Crisis In Iran

History tends to be written by the victors, yet their narrative preferences need not monopolize knowledge about events past & present.  Especially if their versions are purposefully, tactically false, misleading or limited in depth, scope or context.  The more politically sensitive historical events tend to be, the more the likelihood that their “official” historical accounts […]

The True Economic Stakes Over Venezuela: Oil, Gold, Currency, Sovereignty

It’s not enough to emphasize that the West wants regime change in Venezuela because of its oil!  That’s a given.  What’s not discussed is what the oil is wanted for.  What Maduro’s Venezuela and its allies Russia, China, Turkey & others are doing is inventing new means for pricing, trading & investing oil, along with […]

Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain & the Coming Global Financial Crisis!

Major financial news outlets, past heads of the US Fed & Treasury and central banks are warning about not just an approaching recession, but quite possibly another global financial crisis. Financial institutions and central banks are putting their capital and efforts into adapting cryptocurrency and blockchain protocols. The accelerated rollouts of crypto-blockchain covenants is meant […]

Brexit, Tax Havens, Money Laundering & That Missing $21 Trillion

$21 trillion in federal funds went outright missing between 1998 and 2015, with no one the wiser on where it went and more importantly, how.  A few keen minds have alerted alarm bells through their forensic research, yet government, its bought-off press & the checked-out public continue to simply walk past it.  “Nothing to see […]

Lehman and Bear Stearns-styled Repo Market Risks Remain In Banking

The more eye rollingly obscure and outright boring the financial concept or instrument, the faster most people tune out from its discussions anywhere.  ‘Just leave it to those trained to deal with that stuff’, right?  Yeah, ok, but that’s how we all get into continuous trouble, and possibly how big banks, hedge funds & so-called […]

Market Volatility Designed from the Top Down

A stock market roller coaster on par with that of a decade ago is back, and essentially for the same reasons.  No, not just economic fundamentals involving back-breaking debt, corporate profligacies and geopolitical risks, but because said volatility and the asset destruction-slash-consolidation that results are in part due to much longer-term design.  This latest design […]

China and Japan: Former Foes, Building Alliance

Wait…how is it that Japan retains the third strongest national economy on earth, yet is still more or less stuck in the same deflationary tepid growth and runaway debt which it sank into starting from the tactical implementation of the Plaza and Louvre Accords back in 1985 and 1987, respectively?  How is Japan’s historical foe […]

The US Treasury’s Hammer: The Exchange Stabilization Fund

Think back to when you saw that first Star Wars movie from 1977, and how the Death Star – this massive, cold, metal, ruthless, demonic Imperial battle station the size of a moon – was armed, mobilized & brutal enough to outright zap entire planets to bits from open space with its harnessed, martialized, concentrated, […]

The Oil Price as Rope in A Tug-of-War

Remember when the oil price shot up to an unprecedented level of nearly $150 a barrel a decade ago, right in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis?  Odd timing, huh?  How, during that general fiscal fear & mayhem, this manic run-up in price of the most important industrial commodity on earth forced you to […]

Risks to Petrodollar Growing: Circumventing Iran Sanctions & The Khashoggi False Flag Hit

The dollar is under threat as the continuing global reserve currency, as is its critical function in pricing & trading the most important commodities & other assets on earth, be they oil, natural gas, gold, silver, copper, Treasury bonds as key sovereign-held-reserves, or foreign exchange benchmarks, amongst others.  As is the increasingly indebted western banking […]